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How Lean Six Sigma can benefit your organisation

Contrary to popular belief, Lean Six Sigma is not just an improvement methodology used by Process Managers to reduce waste and increase profitability. It also teaches every team member in your organisation (irrespective of job title or position) the changes they can make to support the process improvement team and make incremental changes to improve your organisation overall.

In this article, we explore what Lean Six Sigma is and explore the individual and organisational benefits Lean Six Sigma offers.   

First, what is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma combines two process improvement methodologies, ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’. These methodologies can help reduce waste and eliminate defects and variation while preserving quality and improving customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma has the power to transform your business. Book an appointment with our Business Development Director to discuss how we can support your corporate training.

Lean teaches you how to maximise your customer value while minimising areas of waste in processes, creating higher customer satisfaction with fewer resources wasted.

Six Sigma teaches you how to continually reduce process and product variation with a defined project approach.

When you combine these two methodologies, you can benefit from a wide range of improvements to your business, including a reduction in spending, improved business retention, higher staff morale, and an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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How Lean Six Sigma can benefit your organisation

There’s no doubt that Lean Six Sigma tools will help your organisation in many ways.

Some of the main ways Lean Six Sigma can help your organisation include helping to eliminate inconsistencies, having processes performed uniformly, speeding up performance, and reaching KPIs sooner.

Other organisational benefits include:

  •    Reduced costs
  •    Increased revenue
  •    Increased staff productivity
  •    Mark of quality
  •    Improved communication
  •    Increased efficiency

Your organisation can also benefit from employee improvements gained through Lean Six Sigma training. Every team member trained to at least a Yellow Belt level can become more mindful of the changes they can make to help improve your organisation overall.

The main benefits Lean Six Sigma has on employees at an individual level include:

  •    Improved leadership
  •    Improved quality results and confidence
  •    Increased innovation

Is a Lean Six Sigma qualification worth it?

Training each of your employees in Lean Six Sigma is most definitely worthwhile. If you’re looking to make changes to the way your business thinks and operates, you will want to have employees who understand the value of the tools and knowledge gained through Lean Six Sigma training.

For most SMEs, we suggest having every staff member trained at Yellow Belt Level, with 3-5 Green Belt holders and 1 Black Belt to oversee the process improvement responsibility and manage the other Belts. You can discuss your requirements with our Business Development Director, Gemma Jones, via email - gemma.j@e-careers.com, or speak with her directly on 020 3198 7587.

Training with e-Careers is straightforward. We offer a range of options for corporate clients, including dedicated training sessions, online training via our eLearning platform, and open Virtual Classroom sessions, so there’s something for every business training style.

Our Lean Six Sigma training is awarded by CEPAS, a Bureau Veritas company. Our partnership with CEPAS relates to a market-leading Lean Six Sigma offering, allowing delegates to meet ISO 18404. Before the CEPAS and e-Careers partnership, meeting ISO 18404 was a long and complicated process.

Learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma

What are the Lean Six Sigma levels?

Lean Six Sigma training benefits every business and every employee.

No matter what industry you work in or what your job role is, there is a Lean Six Sigma certificate available to help you support your organisation’s growth and process improvement.

These levels include:

Yellow Belt – Every employee, irrespective of job title or industry, should study the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt to determine what their business can do better and how they can make positive improvements.

Green Belt – Suitable for those working in a project management job role.

Black Belt – Ideal for individuals working in a Continuous Improvement job role and Senior Leadership teams responsible for business strategy and process improvement.

Lean Six Sigma courses

We offer all three belts online via our eLearning platform or in a Virtual Classroom delivered by our Project and Process Management Trainer.

Explore our Lean Six Sigma training options below:

Virtual Classroom

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ISO 18404 - Virtual Classroom

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 - Virtual Classroom


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ISO 18404 Training Course

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 Training Course

Ready to get started? Whether you’re an individual looking to gain new skills or an employer looking to train your team, we have a solution for you.

For B2C inquiries and individual training options, speak with one of our Project and Lean Management Course Consultants on 020 3198 7700, and they will be happy to provide some impartial advice on which Lean Six Sigma certifications suit your career goals best.

For B2B inquiries or group sessions, speak with our Business Development Director, Gemma Jones on 020 3198 7587, or email gemma.j@e-careers.com, to discuss your corporate training requirements in more detail.

We look forward to welcoming you as you start your exciting Lean Six Sigma journey with one of our ISO 18404 CEPAS Certified Courses!

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