4.8 out of 5 based on 14076 reviews

4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

Training for a New Career

It can be tough to take the leap, but most of the things stopping us are over-inflated fears. Logically, starting a new career won’t lead to any terrible outcome for you and your family (and that’s the reality of it too!)

So, if you’re feeling like the grass is greener, the pay is higher, and the opportunities are vaster – it’s probably time to start taking action.

First Steps:

Your first port of call is finding out what you want. Gahh. Terrifying, right? Wrong. Chances are, you’re already pretty darn good at a bunch of things. It’s just working out which of those things you are (more or less) happy to do daily.

Enjoy posting pictures of your precious bubba on the gram? Maybe Social Media Marketing is for you.

Great at minimising food waste by planning meals out? Have you considered project management?

Coordinate coffee meets with local mums and dads? You might be a great HR rep!

The fact is whatever you’re good at day-to-day can usually be translated into a career.

What’s next?

Once you’ve got your sights set on that sparkly new career, have a look on a job site to find out your potential salary. Keep in mind that you will start at entry-level pay, but due to your maturity (from being a mum) and your experience (even if limited, it’s more than a school-leaver) you’ll soon rocket to your goal salary. It’s also a great motivator to have in mind!


Talk to a training provider. There are many out there but be sure to choose one who understands your journey and is well versed in providing training in your desired sector. You can set up calls with them to discuss your ideas without committing to anything.

You can speak about the flexibility you need the course to offer, payment plans and whatever else you need to ask. Note down some questions before your calls, and have a pen to jot down the answers so you can make an informed decision about the right course and provider for you.

Once you’ve done your research and come to a decision, you can book in for a course and begin the journey to your new career!

To get started, why not have a look at what makes us a great training provider to study with. Book in for a call with one of our career advisors and find out more about the courses we offer. Here is a list of our top courses for professional parents:

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