4.8 out of 5 based on 14151 reviews

4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

What is APMG?

APMG International is a globally recognised accreditation and examination institute, which enables organisations to deliver training courses for a wide variety of professional certification schemes.

APMG holds a diverse portfolio of certification schemes including certificates for Project Management, Business, and IT (including Cyber Security).

APMG’s certification schemes, exam, and accreditation services support their goal of enabling organisations and professionals to maximise their effectiveness using the latest methodologies and core competencies.

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Benefits of APMG

Establish excellence - As a global accreditation body and examination institute, APMG is committed to ensuring excellent standards of service delivered by those it accredits.

Become a distinguished professional - APMG membership and certification helps you to cultivate the skills and knowledge required to be recognised by employers as a highly competent professional. Upon completion of official exams, students will receive an eCertificate to demonstrate their APMG International accredited course success.

Flexible exams - Taking your APMG exam is straightforward. APMG’s online proctoring system allows you to take your exam anytime. If you are taking an exam online - APMG’s Technical Helpdesk is available to help 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Flexible options - If you prefer a classroom or paper exam you can schedule an exam at a public venue. You can also study many APMG certifications online in a way that suits your lifestyle whilst avoiding university debt.

Highly qualified trainers - Students completing an APMG International accredited course can expect to be taught by highly experienced and qualified trainers, like those working at e-Careers and receive pre & post-course support as well as continual guidance throughout the duration of your course.

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What courses do APMG offer?

APMG offers a wide range of training certifications, spanning many sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Business
  • Change, Risk & Benefits
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Governance & Service
  • Project, Programme & Portfolio

Here at e-Careers, we offer a series of Project Management and Business Analysis training courses, including:

Importance of Project Management

Working on a project at the initial stage requires management to oversee its progress and a team with varying skills to carry out different tasks surrounding the project. Together, this team is responsible for managing and executing the project goals on time and within budget, which is where effective project management comes in.

Project Management is so important because it ensures the following:

Leadership – Without project management, it’s easy for a team to feel lost without direction. Project management provides essential guidance to teams and brings initiative, so everyone is doing their best at managing projects. A Project Manager provides vision to inspire, mentor, and encourage the team to perform at their best.

Clear focus and goals – When solid project management is in place, people work with clearly defined briefs; have focus, have clear targets, and every team member is aware of what they need to do (or not do), to help complete the project.

Realistic project planning – Project management ensures project delivery timelines and spending appraisals are planned and considered appropriately, helping to deliver projects on time and within budget. Project management helps project teams plan with achievable deadlines.

Strategic alignment – Project management helps to guarantee everything being undertaken within a project is aligned with customer and organisational objectives. Effective project management guarantees to line up both the objectives of projects with the goals of the business.

Quality control – A Project Manager with the full support and backing of the executive management team, can ensure effective delivery of a project on time, and within budget, due to agreed times and resources from above. Project management is essential to quality assurance, as it considers a staged procedure, generating time for teams to test and analyse their outputs along the way.

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How to get certified

While there are many training courses that you can take with APMG, most people are interested in the Project Management training qualification – AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner, which helps delegates to manage projects more efficiently with Agile Project Management methodology. This APMG training course introduces you to Agile concepts, before taking you through basic and advanced principles, preparing you to sit both the Foundation and Practitioner level exams.

Agile Project Management framework takes an iterative and incremental approach to the management and build process. The course will show you the key concepts of the framework and how they are applied to real-world projects to boost success rates and increase efficiency.

To get a better idea about which course is right for you have a look at our range of APMG Qualifications.

Speak to one of our Course Consultants on +44(0) 20 3198 7700 who will be happy to provide some impartial advice on which APMG qualifications will be most suitable for you.

We look forward to welcoming you as you start your exciting career journey with APMG!

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