4.8 out of 5 based on 14076 reviews

4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

Why knowledge of Sage may be a career goldmine

In today’s fast evolving workplace, professionals are under pressure to keep pace - with advancing technology and growing digital skills gaps representing consistent threats to secure employment. Right now, employers are looking for transferable skill sets that combine knowledge and expertise, with invaluable experience in using the right online resources.

A key example is cloud-based services, which represents one of the biggest game changers to the business sector to date, transforming IT security, operational inefficiencies and remote working - just to name a few.

Under this cloud umbrella comes accountancy, where cloud accounting giant, Sage, owns a high percentage of the market share – reporting last year that more than half of UK businesses now use its technology.

In reviewing job descriptions, knowledge of Sage is a common denominator, proving that experience in using this cloud-based technology adds enormous value to anyone’s CV, whether looking for roles in Administration or Business Operations.

What’s more, Sage software packages are rapidly evolving in response to business appetite, with the recent launch of fresh accounting solutions which aims to take businesses a step closer to ‘Invisible Accounting’, deemed a ‘revolution for micro business’.

With evolving software capabilities, and increasing demand for transferable skills in the business sector, what are the real benefits to understanding Sage, and how can you use this for landing the job of your dreams?

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Commercial Awareness

Experience with Sage helps to develop commercial awareness, by enabling you to understand what makes an organisation successful. From analysing profit and loss reports, to taking charge of operations with the purchase and sell of products or the supply of services to market.

Up-to-date with Digital

Cloud Accounting is a growing business trend that is constantly changing and developing. In expanding your skills with Sage, you will remain ahead of the game - demonstrating your understanding of digital technologies, whilst allowing you to inform business owners on current cloud accounting processes.

Transferable Skills

In gaining an advanced understanding of Sage you will acquire skills that can easily be transferred to future employment settings. From learning how to overcome more complex areas of payroll, including the tax month end processing, to supporting financial strategy and aiding business growth.

Handle HMRC

In 2013 HMRC introduced Real Time Information (RTI) which changed the way companies processed and reported their payroll. Through acquiring an understanding of Sage you will develop knowledge and experience in working with HMRC, both quickly and efficiently – which in business, is a clear positive.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Sage Accounting and how it can enhance your career, e-Careers boasts a number of engaging courses to benefit aspiring professionals and business owners alike. These include our CIMA Sage 50 Certificate & Higher Certificate Package. For further information please contact one of our Training Experts today on 0203 198 7656.

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