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4.8/5 from 14007 Reviews

6 reasons why Teaching Assistants are so important

Teaching Assistants play a huge role in our education system, but often take a back seat compared to teachers. We’re going to give them the limelight they deserve and reveal the top ways they help kids reach their full potential.

1. They give much-needed support

Teaching Assistants often work with kids who need some extra support with skills such as reading or maths. As teachers are stretched to the maximum with large class sizes, they give these children the help and encouragement they need to reach their full potential.

2. They’re an extra pair of eyes

As much as they’d like to, no teacher has eyes in the back of their head. This is where the Teaching Assistants come in! They can help to keep an eye on pupils to make sure they’re not being disruptive.

3. They make learning more accessible

Some Teaching Assistants are trained to work with children who need specialist support and wouldn’t be able to get the most out of school without it. They can make a huge difference to pupils with Special Educational Needs, such as physical or learning disabilities and behavioural issues.

4. They help with preparation

Teaching Assistants work with teachers to plan and prepare learning resources and map out strategies for pupils who are struggling. They may also lend a hand with admin work and keeping the learning space clean and tidy. This ensures that lessons run as smoothly as possible and pupils have all the tools they need to get the most out of school.

5. They can teach too!

Sometimes teachers and Teaching Assistants may join forces to run a lesson together. This could involve splitting the class into groups, putting together a piece of drama or delivering an exciting presentation.

6. They’re more approachable

Although teachers can be lovely, caring people, being in a position of power can make them hard for some children to approach. A Teaching Assistant can be just the person a worried pupil needs to confide in when they’re going through a tough time.

Would you like to make a difference?

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