CeRER Level-3 Training Course (Virtual Classroom)

CeRER® Overview

In today’s economic climate the mortgage market is growing rapidly, and individuals and organisations need to keep ahead of the market trends.

It’s important that advisors and companies can provide a wide range of offerings to their clients, including mortgage and equity release advice. 

This course has been developed to help you understand the equity release market and enable you to legally provide advice in this field.  

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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Join a community of over 555,000 learners
  • Interest Free Payments

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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Join a community of over 555,000 learners
  • Interest Free Payments
Course Details

What is the CeRER® Level 3 course?

There is a wide range of equity release products available, and this qualification will enable you to examine your customer’s needs and provide the right advice on the different products at your disposal, as well as all the associate risks.

During this course you’ll cover:

  •    The impact of equity release schemes on customers’ future options
  •    The FCA regulatory explanation of a lifetime mortgage and a home reversion plan
  •    How to match different types of equity release schemes to your customers’ needs
  •    The suitability and affordability of the different types of equity release schemes
  •    The relative advantages and disadvantages of the different types of equity release arrangements and alternatives
  •    How to assess the risks to customers who take out equity release schemes and when these might arise
  •    The rules relating to state benefits as well as taxation

Is this course suitable for me?

This course is suitable for anyone who currently holds a CeMAP®, or Level 3 Mortgage Qualification and who wants to advise on equity release products. It would also be beneficial for companies who are looking to add an extra product range to their rapidly growing portfolio. If you’re currently studying for your CeMAP® certification, this would make an excellent additional qualification to undertake.


Anyone may register to study a CeRER® qualification but in order to complete the qualification you must either hold a Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP®), or an equivalent qualification to CeMAP®. 

If you do not hold either qualification, we advise that you to first register for the CeMAP® Module 1, 2, & 3.

Why study your CeRER® qualification with e-Careers?

We are a leading provider of CeMAP® and CeRER® training, with a high pass success rate. Our course prices are highly competitive, high quality, and we have 0% APR finance options. 

You will also benefit from:  

  • An updated Syllabus – We keep all materials up to date to reflect the most recent financial regulations  
  • Career Flexibility – With your CeMAP and CeRER qualifications, you will be able to work for a Mortgage Advice organisation, Bank, or even start your own business
  • Unlimited Tutor Support – From the moment you get started on this course, our expert tutors will be on hand to help support you through your journey

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Where could this qualification take me next?

If you’re a Mortgage Advisor looking to offer a wider range of products and service, such as Equity Release, this qualification is ideal for you. Once you have completed the full CeRER® qualification and exam, you can start to advise clients on a range of Equity Release options, which will open up new customers for you and your business. There are many people in the UK looking for solutions on how to release equity from their homes, and you will be able to advise them on their best options available. This in turn opens an additional revenue stream for both yourself and your organisation. 

If you would like to offer advice on Equity Release, but are currently not working as a Mortgage Advisor, or you have not year earned your CeMAP qualifications, it's best to start with a CeMAP® Module 1,2 &3 certification.

Typical Salaries

With an average salary of £30k* and OTE in excess of £50k per annum, Mortgage Advisors have an excellent earning potential, and with more products and services available, the opportunity for an increased commission rises also. 

Other job roles in this field: 

  •    Private Banking Assistant – £33k
  •    Relationship Support Assistant – £33k
  •    Protection Advisor – £50k
  •    Business Owner – Mortgage Advisor – £30-£55k+

*Source: Indeed

Essential Skills

  •    Be an excellent communicator
  •    Explain complex information to clients
  •    Have confidence in your abilities
  •    Always deliver excellent customer service
  •    Drive and ambition to reach sales targets
  •    IT skills and good time-management skills

CeRER® Syllabus

This is a two-day immersive course, focussing on the two units required to take the examination for the Level 3- Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER®) designation.

  •    Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Equity Release (FOER)
    • The principles of equity release
    • Types of schemes available and the circumstances in which equity release may be appropriate
    • The advantages, disadvantages and potential risks to consumers
  •    Unit 2 – Equity Release Solutions (EQRS)
    • Selecting suitable equity release solutions to meet circumstances of different types of consumers

CeRER® Exam Details

The core Equity Release module is assessed through a single 2-hour objective exam, split into two units. Unit 1 is 50 multiple-choice questions, and Unit 2 is 3 case studies with 10 linked multiple-choice questions.

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