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4.8/5 from 14080 Reviews

CeRER Courses

​In today's ever-evolving financial landscape, more homeowners than ever before are turning to equity release options to access the equity tied up in their properties.

Discover how you can help others unlock the equity in their property by earning your CeRER certification, which has been specifically designed to provide you with all the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques to provide equity release advice, making it an essential qualification for Mortgage Advisers, or for those considering a career as a Mortgage Adviser or specialist Equity Release Adviser.

To make the equity release process as efficient and smooth as possible and to get the most out of their equity release potential, homeowners often seek help from an equity release professional.

As a holder of the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER), your qualification empowers you as a financial adviser to provide expert guidance on equity release solutions. At a time when financial security and stability are essential, CeRER training ensures that advisers possess the knowledge and expertise to offer safe and suitable advice.

Below, we explore the exciting and varying world CeRER training and highlight the benefits of our CeRER course.

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Career opportunities with a CeRER training certification

The CeRER training certification is ideal if you're looking to expand your career options in mortgage advice and equity release. With this certification, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise in equity release schemes and become equipped to offer sound equity release advice to your clients. Below, we explore some career opportunities you can look forward to after completing CeRER training.

Equity Release Advisers

Equity Release Advisers help homeowners access and release the equity in their homes and provide advice on the best ways to do this. They help their clients to make informed decisions, ensuring they understand the process and the potential implications. Becoming an Equity Release Adviser requires you to have first trained for and received your Certificate in Regulated Equity Release, so this is an essential stage of your career development if this is your desired specialism within mortgage advice.

Financial Advisers

Many Financial Advisers also provide equity release advice along with other services, and by obtaining a Certificate in Regulated Equity Release, they can offer their clients more comprehensive financial planning, including solutions for equity release.

Banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions often employ CeRER-certified professionals to provide suitable equity release solutions to their customers. CeRER certification can serve as a stepping stone to management roles within financial services organisations, where individuals oversee equity release market advisory teams and operations.

Compliance or Regulatory roles

Some individuals with CeRER certification choose to work in compliance or regulatory roles within financial institutions, ensuring that regulated equity release activities adhere to legal and ethical standards.

About the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

In the UK, the regulation of mortgages falls under the purview of the Financial Conduct Authority. To legally offer mortgage advice, obtaining a professional qualification such as the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is necessary.

CeMAP is the leading certification for Mortgage Advisers, and acquiring it is an excellent starting point for those looking to embark on a career in this field.

By enrolling in a CeMAP course, you can join the ranks of more than 115,000 certified Mortgage Advisers who have leveraged CeMAP training to advance or transition their careers.

CeRER course FAQs

What is CeRER?

CeRER stands for the "Certificate in Regulated Equity Release", a qualification for professionals who provide advice on equity release products. This certificate indicates that the adviser has completed specialised training and has the necessary skills to advise on equity release options unbiasedly. Choosing an adviser with a CeRER qualification can help consumers get quality advice and guidance on their equity release decisions.

Why should I consider the CeRER course?

If you're considering a career in mortgage advice, having the skill set to offer equity release advice often means being able to work in more senior job roles and help your organisation provide additional services, resulting in an increased earning potential for yourself and the business. You must first earn your Certificate in Regulated Equity Release to do this.

Our CeRER training course provides a comprehensive understanding of equity release arrangements, including the legalities surrounding them. After passing any assessments or exams, you can advise your clients on equity release plans. You'll also be regarded as a knowledgeable and trusted adviser that can help grow your business and lead to more referrals.

Who offers CeRER courses?

e-Careers is your number one resource for enhancing your knowledge and skills in regulated equity release. As one of the leading providers of CeRER courses, e-Careers offers a comprehensive equity release course that will equip you with the necessary tools to succeed in the industry.

By choosing e-Careers for your certificate in regulated equity release, you'll benefit from having industry expert Trainers who will provide valuable insight that will give you a competitive edge in the job market. These virtual classroom sessions are delivered online, making them accessible while reducing travel costs. 

What are the eligibility requirements for a CeRER course?

You must meet specific eligibility requirements to enrol in a CeRER certificate in regulated equity release course. The course is an equity release training programme designed for mortgage advisers seeking a regulated equity release CeRER qualification.

To be eligible, individuals must hold the appropriate qualifications and meet the criteria set by the relevant regulatory bodies. Completing the course provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to advise their clients on equity release products in compliance with current industry regulations.

What does a CeRER course cover?

If you're a Mortgage Adviser looking to expand your knowledge and expertise in the equity release sector, the CeRER course is essential to your career development. The equity release modules cover various topics, including product types, risk management, and legal and regulatory frameworks, that you will find beneficial in your career progression and expansion into equity release.

Completing this CeRER course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to advise clients looking to release equity from their homes, making you an invaluable asset to them and your company.

Is there an exam at the end of a CeRER course?

Yes, an exam at the end of the CeRER core equity release module tests your knowledge and understanding of equity release products and how they work. Passing this exam is essential to become a qualified mortgage adviser specialising in equity release.

Is CeRER recognised and regulated in the UK?

The CeRER equity release training course is recognised and regulated in the UK. This course is designed for financial advisers looking to specialise in equity release products. It is a rigorous and comprehensive training program that covers all the intricacies of equity release.

Once qualified, financial advisers can confidently advise their clients on the best equity release products available. The CeRER certification is highly respected in the UK's financial industry and is a mark of distinction for those who possess it.