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Cyber Security - Certification Programme with Job Placement

Cyber Security Overview

With a growing skills-gap in Cyber Security globally, there are more job vacancy’s than there are certified candidates to fill them.

This is a frustrating problem for employers, who are struggling to find the right talent for their organisations, which is why we have developed this Cyber Security Certification Programme with Job Placement. Train to become certified and skilled to undertake a range of roles withing the Cyber Security industry. 

High salaries, excellent career progression, and a high demand for the right talent, makes this one of the most lucrative and rewarding sectors to move into, with UK average salaries peaking around £60,000 for Ethical Hackers in London. This course is eligible for a TOTUM PRO Card.

Training is delivered via eLearning and Virtual Classrooms. Start your Cyber Security journey today 

Discover the route to a career as a Certified Ethical Hacker

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online & Virtual Classroom
  • Accredited & Experienced Trainers
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Join a community of over 575,000 learners
  • Interest Free Payments
  • Unlimited Tutor Support
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online & Virtual Classroom
  • Accredited & Experienced Trainers
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Join a community of over 575,000 learners
  • Interest Free Payments
  • Unlimited Tutor Support
Course Details

What is the Certification Job Placement Programme?

To become a Certified Ethical Hacker and work within the Cyber Security industry, you need to undertake specialist training from an international recognised awarding body, like EC-Council and CompTIA, through an award-winning provider like e-Careers.

This programme includes all the certificates you will need to complete to work towards a career in Cyber Security, including: CompTIA Fundamentals+, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA CySA+, APMG/ GCHQ Certified Data Breach & How to manage it, and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker

You will attend your graduation at a prestigious location.  

This Cyber Security Certification Programme has been developed to include three essential training elements, to help you work towards a career in Cyber Security:

  • Certified Training – Study IT and Cyber Security certifications, including: CompTIA Fundamentals+, CompTIA A+ , CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA CySA+, APMG/ GCHQ Certified Data Breach & How to manage it, and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Examinations – CompTIA Fundamentals+ Exam, CompTIA A+ Exam, CompTIA Network+ Exam, CompTIA Server+ Exam, CompTIA CySA+ Official Exam, APMG/ GCHQ Certified Data Breach & How to manage it Official Exam, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Official Exam (Please note that unless stated Official, the exams will be internal) 
  • A Job Placement – We help you land a job! Participate in ‘Challenge Labs’, one-to-one sessions, recruitment workshops, CV reviews and mock interviews, before the real thing. We won’t stop until you get a job. 

This course is eligible for a TOTUM PRO Card.

Who is the Cyber Certification Programme suitable for?

With no prerequisites anyone can enrol onto this Cyber Security Certification Programme with Job Placement. If you have a passion for IT, are a quick learner and can think in a structured manner, let our trainers help prepare you for employment. They have over 15 years-experience in the industry helping candidates to get job ready and prepared to meet the requirements of hungry employers.

Considering a career change into IT or specifically Cyber Security but lack the understanding or certifications? This course is ideal for you, and we're be there to support you throughout. 

If you are looking to upskill into Cyber Security, then our classroom-based courses with practical labs and access to our industry leading trainers will not only ensure you pass your exams but will also prepare you to fast-track into a career in Cyber Security.

Career Opportunities

The Cyber Security industry offers higher than average salaries and excellent career progression opportunities, making it an excellent career choice. 

Our candidates from this Cyber Security Programme typically progress into the following job roles.

Average salaries have also been outlined:

  •    Incident Handler (£30k)
  •    Web Application Tester (£42k)
  •    Network Administrator (£44k)
  •    Cyber Security Analyst (£55k)
  •    Penetration Tester (£60k)   
  •    Ethical Hacker (£67k)   

(Source: ITJobswatch – Jan 2020) 

While the above salaries showcase the UK average, there is the opportunity for you to work your way up the career ladder and into jobs exceeding £100-£150k. Alternatively, you may decide to work for yourself as a freelance Ethical Hacker or consultant, where you will have the chance to earn millions of pounds a year, like Scottish Ethical Hacker, Mark Litchfield.

Enrolment, Studying and the Job Placement Process

We have made the whole process as simple as possible.

To start with, you will go through an onboarding process. Here we will meet for a no obligation face-to-face consultation, which will enable us both to have the chance to ask questions we may have and then make decisions accordingly.    

You will then undertake our induction process. This is where we have the chance to go through the training schedules with you and discuss the locations, while preparing you to start your training.

Once you have finished your training programme in full (including practical labs, assessments and vendor exams (which will take around 6 months)), you will start to work through the recruitment element of the programme, where you will prepare to receive a job placement offer.

This process includes: 

  •    Attending our recruitment workshops
  •    Participating in our technical mock interviews
  •    Attending the ‘meet employer’ days
  •    Accept any invitations to interview with employers
  •    Receive your job placement offer and prepare to start in your new career

Working through this programme in full, you will be ready to attend interviews within 6 months. Our candidates typically start working in their new jobs within 6 to 9 months.

As this is a combination of training and hands-on practical work, you will have the certifications needed in this industry, but you’ll also gain the confidence required to succeed.

Job Placement

After you have completed the training side of your programme, you will then move into the job preparation section. Here you will need to attend a series of our ‘meet an employer’ events, which are part of our recruitment process. As we have an excellent pool of employer connections, covering a wide range of different sized organisations, we are able to introduce you to the employers that we feel you will not only merge well with but also have the most success with. These employers are looking for trained, talented individuals, like you and we will not stop until you have secured a job. 

Throughout this process you have an excellent, unique, opportunities to have your own CV placed in front of the right employers at the right time, helping you to gain a work experience placement or full-time job. If not, the recruitment team will continue to present you to our pool of employers and support you through interviews until you are successful.

*To qualify for this Job Placement, you must attend our classes, pass your exam(s) and our internal practical assessments, work through our Challenge Labs and participate in our recruitment workshops.

Why Choose e-Careers?

With over 16 years-experience and over 4,000 candidates placed into a variety of IT and Cyber Security roles during this period, we have a developed a tried and tested programme, comprising of training, practical experience, challenge labs, certifications and recruitment workshops. We hold your hand right from the beginning all the way through to you getting a job offer.

From those 4,000 candidates, many have gone on to forge successful careers in the industry, either working freelance and many have started their careers with some of the world’s largest companies!

Companies who our candidates are now working for include:

  •    Apple
  •    Rackspace
  •    AT&T
  •    John Lewis
  •    Ministry of Defence
  •    HMRC
  •    Swiss Quote
  •    Exponential-E

Case Studies - What our students are saying

  •    Name – Christina Alexandrescu
  •    Course - IT Job Placement Programme
  •    Previous Job – Admin Assistant
  •    Current Job – Junior Identity Access Management Analysis at Condé Nast International 

Why Christina recommends e-Careers - "I have already recommended e-Careers as my time with them has been a pleasure. I completed my programme without any issues and the trainers are amazing."

View Christina's LinkedIn Profile

  •    Name – Eronpal Dhillon
  •    Previous Job – Unemployed 
  •    Current Job – Handover Engineer at QD Tech Ltd 

Why Eronpal recommends e-Careers"I would definitely recommend e-Careers. They supported me through every stage of my programme, be it whether I was stuck with technical skills or needed help updating my CV. As soon as I passed my first exam, the recruitment team were always sending my CV out to different employers in order to help me find a job." 

View Eronpal's LinkedIn Profile

Cyber Security Course Package Includes:

Course Overview & Learning Outcomes

CompTIA Fundamentals+ Certificate

  •    IT Concepts & Terminology - Illustrate basic computing, data and troubleshooting
  •    Applications & Software - Understand the components of an OS and manage applications software
  •    Database Fundamentals - Understand and explain database purpose, structures and concepts
  •    Infrastructure - Set up and install devices to PC or laptops and secure basic wireless networks
  •    Software Development - Interpret logic, know the purpose of programming concepts   
  •    Security - Comprehend confidentiality, integrity and availability concerns of secure devices   

CompTIA A+ Certificate

  •    Hardware – Identify, use and connect devices and hardware components
  •    Networking – Be able to explain the different types of connections and networks, such as SOHO, WIFI and TCP/IP
  •    Mobile Devices – Learn how to install and configure mobile devices and laptops
  •    Operating Systems – Understand how to install and support Windows OS, Mac OS, Linus and Mobile OS
  •    Hardware & Networking Troubleshooting – Troubleshoot network and device issues
  •    Virtualization & Cloud Computing – Be able to compare Cloud Computing concepts and setup client-side virtualization
  •    Software Troubleshooting – Understand how to troubleshoot mobile and PC device issues, such as application security support
  •    Security – Protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and network connections
  •    Operational Procedures – Follow best practice in the areas of communication, professionalism, safety and environmental impacts

CompTIA Network+ Certificate

  •    Networking Concepts – Be able to explain the purpose of networking concepts and implement them accordingly
  •    Infrastructure – Explain and determine the most appropriate cabling, device and storage technologies
  •    Network Operations – Understand how to use best practice to manage a network and ensure business continuity
  •    Network Security – Summarise common attacks and physical security issues while securing a wired and wireless network
  •    Network Troubleshooting and Tools – Be able to explain the network troubleshooting methodology and list appropriate tools to help support performance and connectivity

CompTIA Server+ Certificate

  •    Server Architecture – Learn how to configure and support server components
  •    Networking – Be able to configure systems for network connectivity, which includes logical and physical elements
  •    Troubleshooting – Successfully diagnose and resolve system software, hardware, storage, security and connectivity issues
  •    Server Administration – Maintain and manage servers (including OS configuration), virtualization and access control
  •    Security – Be able to apply physical and network data security techniques
  •    Storage – Support storage devices technologies, including capacity and growth planning
  •    Disaster Recovery – Fully understand disaster recovery and be able to run backup techniques

CompTIA CySA+ Certificate 

  •    Threat & Vulnerability Management - Use proactive threat intelligence to support organisational security
  •    Software & Systems Security - Apply security solutions and explain best practices for software and hardware assurance
  •    Compliance & Assessment - Use security concepts in support of organisational risk mitigation
  •    Security Operations & Monitoring - Analyse data throughout continuous security monitoring activities and improve overall security
  •    Incident Response - Apply the correct incident response procedures, analyse indicators of compromise and use digital forensics techniques

APMG/ GCHQ Certified Data Breach & How to manage it 

  •    Identify a breach and understand what's required in the event of a breach
  •    Understand how to contain a breach and be able to decide if there's a need to report
  •    Learn which factors to consider and how to assess risk, and mitigate it
  •    Understand how to deal with data breaches and avoid/eradicate them
  •    Learn how to recover from a data breach

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 

  •    Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  •    Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  •    Scanning Networks
  •    Enumeration
  •    Vulnerability Analysis
  •    System Hacking
  •    Malware Threats
  •    Sniffing
  •    Social Engineering
  •    Denial-of-Service
  •    Session Hijacking
  •    Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  •    Hacking Web Servers
  •    Hacking Web Applications
  •    SQL Injection
  •    Hacking Wireless Networks
  •    Hacking Mobile Platforms
  •    IoT Hacking
  •    Cloud Computing
  •    Cryptography

Unlimited Tutor Support 

This Job Placement programme includes Unlimited Tutor Support, for 12 months, to help you throughout your training with us. You can ask any question related to your course, irrespective of how simple or technical it may be. To help make things even easier, a mentor can share screens with you (with your permission), to help clarify concepts, demonstrate features, perform detailed walk-throughs and help to reinforce what you have learnt.

You will benefit from:

  •    Unlimited access to our mentors for 12 months from your enrolment
  •    Access to a mentor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  •    Access to a mentor is via live chat, reducing wait times to typically under a minute    
  •    Our mentors keep up to date with technology, continue to develop new skills and earn additional industry regulated certifications. They’re passionate about all things technical and have a desire to “teach” and help new students. They’re “handpicked” to support our students, based on the topics they are being taught or learning for the first time. 
  •    Being able to speak with a mentor to help reinforce what you’ve learnt, especially in the following scenarios:
    • When you cannot find the answer yourself
    • Learning a concept for the first time
    • Discovering more about a new concept learned
    • When you forget a concept or need help with applying them  
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