Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme


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What is the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme?

There has never been a better time than the present to become involved in the cyber security industry. Threats and attacks are exponentially increasing in numbers on businesses and individuals alike as hackers and cybercriminals look to gain the upper-hand in the cops and robbers game of internet and network security. The recent changes in data protection laws have also contributed to the upscale in demand for professional protection in the digital realm.

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Group booking

Key features of the course

  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exams: Included
  • Mock Exams Included
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Practice Labs Included
Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme

This package has been put together by our experts to enable you to have all the knowledge to become the most well-rounded cyber security professional you can be.

Package includes

If bought separately
  • Mile2 Certified Professional Ethical Hacker C)PEH

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    £663 £646 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA (CySA+) - Training & Live Labs

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    £438 £417 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) - Training & Live Labs

    View More
    £400 £375 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) - Training & Live Labs

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    £400 £375 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001 & 220-1002) - Training & Live Labs

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    £375 £354 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001 & 220-1002) - Exams

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    £354 £333 ex. VAT
  • Data Breach and how to Manage it

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    £333 £313 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA (CySA+) - Exam

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    £313 £292 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) - Exam

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    £292 £271 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) - Exam

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    £271 £250 ex. VAT
  • ITIL® Foundation - Exam

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    £229 ex. VAT
  • Introduction to the Principles of GDPR

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    £83 £75 ex. VAT
  • ITIL® Foundation - Training

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    £67 £50 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA A+ Mentoring

    £63 £50 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Network+ Mentoring

    £63 £50 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA Security+ Mentoring

    £63 £50 ex. VAT
  • Ethical Hacker Mentoring

    £63 £50 ex. VAT
  • CompTIA (CySA+) - Mentoring

    £63 £50 ex. VAT
  • ITIL® Foundation Mentoring

    £42 £33 ex. VAT

Is the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme right for me?

The Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme is ideal for anyone who has a passion that lies in the IT industry. Whether you are new to the industry and need to build your knowledge and CV with globally recognised certifications, or if you’re looking to prove your skills with a range of professional qualifications, this package will ensure you have the tools needed to succeed in an in-demand, lucrative industry.

The Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme has been specifically tailored to put you at the forefront of protecting vital corporate systems, networks and information. The package contains CompTIA’s core qualifications; IT Fundamentals+, A+, Network+, and Security+, with all exams included where necessary, to build and validate your understanding of everything related to hardware, software, networking and security. You will also study Mile2's flagship Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH) qualification which will provide you with a solid foundation in ethical hacking techniques, so you can think like a hacker to nullify the threat of a hacker. These qualifications will be supported by the ITIL® Foundation certification, teaching you how to implement the world's foremost IT service management methodology.

How will the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme advance my career?

The Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme covers everything you will need to know to function as a cyber security professional. It includes four world-renowned IT qualifications which will be hugely beneficial on any CV, allowing you to fill any one of the predicted 3.5 million global shortfall in cyber security jobs by 2021. The skills you learn in this cyber security package will make highly sought-after to companies in every industry who are looking for vital staff members to protect their systems and network.

These certifications are also held in high regard by companies worldwide, including Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, and many government bodies.

Why study the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme with e-Careers?

  • e-Careers are a CompTIA Authorised Training Partner
  • e-Careers includeLive Chat Tutor Support with this package. You can benefit from round-the-clock, one-to-one guidance from any tutor that is in our network of IT experts who will respond to your questions within minutes
  • The Cyber Security ProfessionalPackage has been developed by our team of course experts who understand what skills and qualifications are needed to succeed in the IT and cyber security industry
  • Six qualifications in one cost-effective package
  • 24/7 access to the course content, so you can study anytime, anywhere
  • Live Labs included with each course, so you can learn how to implement your understanding using live equipment, but in a safe, risk-free environment
  • All course content is up-to-date meaning that you only learn using the latest and best course materials
  • All course materials and content map closely to the official exams, so you will be fully prepared with all the knowledge required to pass those all-important exams
  • Course resources are highly interactive to ensure you are engaged throughout your learning journey

What modules are included in the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme?

CompTIA A+ (220-1001 & 220-1002) Core Series

  • Laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, wearables, e-readers, GPS
  • Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome OS
  • Mobile device network connectivity, application support and device synchronization
  • Networking hardware devices (Routers, switches, access points, cloud-based network controller, PoE, etc.)
  • Networked hosts, server role, Internet appliances, legacy systems
  • PC hardware tools and components, BIOS/UEFI settings, solid state drives (M2, NVME, SATA 2.5), RAID 10, hot swappable storage configurations
  • Custom PC configurations including virtualization workstations and NAS devices
  • Sharing multifunction devices and printers via OS settings, wired and wireless connections, 3D printing
  • Logical security concepts, Active Directory security settings, software tokens, MDM policies, MAC address filtering, certificates, VPN, DLP, email filtering
  • Security protocols and encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES), authentication methods (single-factor, multifactor, RADIUS, TACACS), security threat identification and prevention
  • Privacy concerns and policies (PII, PCI, GDPR, PHI)

CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Networks
  • The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications
  • Networking Topologies, Connectors, and Wiring Standards
  • The Current Ethernet Specifications
  • Networking Devices
  • Introduction to the Internet Protocol
  • IP Addressing
  • IP Subnetting, Troubleshooting IP, and Introduction to NAT
  • Introduction to IP Routing
  • Routing Protocols
  • Switching and Virtual LANs
  • Wireless Networking
  • Authentication and Access Control
  • Network Threats and Mitigation
  • Physical Security and Risk
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Software and Hardware Tools
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Management, Monitoring, and Optimization

CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501)

  • Introduction
  • Managing Risk
  • Monitoring and Diagnosing Networks
  • Understanding Devices and Infrastructure
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Wireless Network Threats
  • Securing the Cloud
  • Host, Data, and Application Security
  • Cryptography
  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Social Engineering and Other Foes
  • Security Administration
  • Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH)

  • Course Introduction 
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Protocols
  • Cryptography
  • Password Cracking
  • Malware
  • Security Devices
  • Information Gathering - Passive Reconnaissance
  • Social Engineering
  • Active Reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Attacks
  • Hacking Servers
  • Hacking Web Technologies
  • Hacking Wireless Technologies
  • Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks


  • Assessing Information Security Risk
  • Analyzing the Threat Landscape
  • Analyzing Reconnaissance Threats to Computing and Network Environments
  • Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments
  • Analyzing Post-Attack Techniques
  • Managing Vulnerabilities in the Organization
  • Implementing Penetration Testing to Evaluate Security
  • Collecting Cybersecurity Intelligence
  • Analyzing Log Data
  • Performing Active Asset and Network Analysis
  • Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents
  • Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents
  • Addressing Security Architecture Issues
  • Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to CyberSec First Responder (Exam CFR-210)
  • Appendix B: Mapping Course Content to CompTIA® CyberSecurity Analyst+ (Exam CS0-001)
  • Appendix C: Security Resources
  • Appendix D: U.S. Department of Defence Operational Security

ITIL® Foundation

  • Course Focus
  • The Service Lifecycle
  • Key Concepts and Definitions
  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Operation
  • Functions
  • Roles
  • Technology and Architecture

What does the Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme cover?

The Cyber Security Professional Certification Programme will cover everything you need to have a good grounding of hardware, software, networking, security and ethical hacking.


All examinations included in this package are as follows:

  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001 & 220-1002)
  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)
  • CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501)
  • CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst+
  • Certified Professional Ethical Hacker
  • ITIL® Foundation

You will need to book your exam with a Pearson Vue test centre. When you are ready to book any exam in this package, get in touch with us and we can guide you through the process if you need any help.

CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Exam

  • Maximum of 90 questions
  • Multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based formats
  • 90-minute duration
  • 675 out of 900 needed to pass (75%)

CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Exam

  • Maximum of 90 questions
  • Multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based formats
  • 90-minute duration
  • 700 out of 900 needed to pass (77.78%)

CompTIA Network+ Exam (N10-007)

  • Maximum of 90 questions
  • Multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based formats
  • 90-minute duration
  • 720 out of 900 needed to pass (80%)

CompTIA Security+ Exam (SY0-501)

  • Maximum of 90 questions
  • Multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based formats
  • 90-minute duration
  • 750 out of 900 needed to pass (83.33%)

ITIL® Foundation

  • Multiple choice examination questions
  • 40 questions
  • 26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 65%
  • 60 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

  • Multiple choice questions
  • 100 questions
  • Two-hour duration
  • One free re-take included

CompTIA CySA+ Exam

  • 85 questions
  • Multiple-choice and performance-based questions
  • 165 minutes' duration
  • 750 out of 900 maximum needed to pass

The ITIL® courses on this page are offered by iTSM Solutions ATO of AXELOS Limited. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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