4.8 out of 5 based on 14151 reviews

4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

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Apprenticeships are an excellent way to build talent, improve retention and boost productivity in today’s ever-changing business environment.

An apprenticeship with e-Careers is a government-funded, structured development program that continues while your employees remain on the job, delivered virtually or on-site.

We are proud to have trained individuals who work for some of the world’s largest companies.

Royal Air Force
Bank of England

Key features of Skillsolve Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships offer a variety of features that make them a beneficial pathway for both individuals
looking to gain skills and organisations aiming to improve their workforce.

The UK government provides funding to cover up to 100% of the course value in a variety of subjects Read our blog to learn more

Skillsolve Apprenticeships

Accessible government- funded training

Apprenticeships provide a direct route to accessing government funds dedicated to training, ensuring that organisations can afford high-quality training programs without financial strain.

Apprenticeships present an ideal solution for companies aiming to cultivate a strong culture of ongoing learning and development but are constrained by tight budgets. They enable such organisations to invest in their employees’ growth without bearing the full cost.

Accessible government- funded training

Cultivation of job-relevant skills

Through apprenticeships, employees gain the opportunity to learn and develop the latest skills that are directly applicable to their current roles, ensuring they can contribute more effectively to their organisation’s success.

Cultivation of job-relevant skills

Real-life application

The training provided in apprenticeships is enriched with real-life examples, which play a crucial role in helping apprentices understand how to apply their newfound skills, knowledge, and behaviours within their specific work environments.

Real-life application

Structured onboarding process

e-Careers offers comprehensive inductions and pre-onboarding sessions conducted by expert trainers. These sessions are designed to prepare staff fully by setting clear expectations and outlining the commitments required before the commencement of their course.

Structured onboarding process

Continuous management support

Throughout the apprenticeship, line managers are consistently updated on the progress and development of their staff members, enabling them to support and guide their employees effectively.

Continuous management support

Competitive advantage

By investing in apprenticeships, organisations can stay ahead of the competition. This is achieved by attracting and retaining a workforce that is not only highly skilled but also highly motivated and productive, thereby enhancing the overall competency of the organisation.

Competitive advantage

Industry-recognised certifications

e-Careers collaborates with its clients to incorporate certifications that are recognised within the industry into their apprenticeship programs. This ensures the qualifications gained are valued and respected within the wider professional community.

Industry-recognised certifications

Complimentary recruitment services

e-Careers supports organisations by providing free recruitment services, further reducing the financial barriers to training and development and ensuring that companies can easily access the skilled individuals they need to grow and thrive.

Complimentary recruitment services

Did you know?

86 %

of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation.

78 %

of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity.

74 %

of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service.

Apprenticeships we deliver

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of apprenticeships. Browse the list below to discover the ideal program for your career path.

Don’t just take our word for it

We are proud to be an Ofsted ‘Good’ provider with the latest inspection at the end of 2023

Why work with e-Careers

The course content, materials and Shane's delivery was exceptional. Shane facilitated some excellent discussion and brought the subject to life for us. The course content is extremely relevantto the national portfolio we are trying to establish to transform Urgent & Emergency Care in Wales.lt was reassuring that some of the approaches, tools and methodologies already in play are the right ones. MoP has enabled as to bring a further sense of order, sequence and critical path to our framework and plans.”



Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training - As for the course itself I found Shaneto be very knowledgeable about the topic. The information provided was detailed to a good standard which was easy to follow. I think moving forward it has given me a good method for working through faults using the DMAIC frame work.I would recommend this course to my colleagues as it is a good bench mark for understanding Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies.”



In regard to the training, David was amazing! Great at adapting the content to suit the diverse range of subject staff and managers in the room. The examples used were relevant, content explained comprehensively, and I feel everybody is now able to look at how they can bring some elements of Agile or the whole PM solution into their practise. I too really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot over the past two days, it has been extremely useful.”



Having reorganised the project management function within our business, we decided to invest in training for our team. After reviewing a range of training providers, we decided that e-Careers provided as with the best option. The whole process of working with e-Careers was seamless and feedback regarding the quality of the training provided has been uniformly excellent. It has given our project managers the ideal preparation to go on and obtain professional accreditation. I would unhesitatingly recommend e-Careers to anyone looking to upskill their staff.”



The course content and material was good and applicable to the course. The break times away from the screen and content was required. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the course and other related aspects. I have gained valuable knowledge during the course and the taking some of these back to my place of work, noticeably SS and Kaizen. The course director was excellent in delivering the content and kept all participants involved. The account management side of this that I have been involved in have been well dealt with well.”



e-Careers came out top of our list of companies we looked at for having an efficient and cost effective delivery programme supported by their promise of a high pass rate. Their knowledgeable and calm approach during the discussions gave us confidence in their ability to take this training on. We have now put over 60 people through their Lean programme and their engagement, support and understanding of the subject has been unsurpassed. Feedback on the course content and their trainers has been excellent from participants and e-Careers continue to provide revision and exam support to our colleagues after the training.”



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