How to become an IT Technician
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How to become an IT Technician

The role of an IT technician is one for which there is significant demand in the job market worldwide. Arguably, anyone who is skilled with computers would be an ideal fit for this role.

Experienced IT technicians are highly sought after in every industry imaginable so IT support and specialisations around IT support certainly a solid career choice. Although a career as an IT technician might be challenging at times, requiring you to develop expert knowledge of computers, it can also be a highly rewarding career choice. If you are passionate about computers, perhaps the role of an IT technician would be a great fit for you.

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If you are looking for more information about IT support as a career path you are in the right place. In this article, we aim to give you more details to enable you to decide whether IT technician is the right role for you. We will look at an overview of the day-to-day tasks of an IT technician and examine the best way to start your career in IT.

What does an IT Technician do?

As an IT technician, you'll usually work within an organisation, helping to monitor and maintain the computer systems and fix any issues that may arise.

Common tasks and day-to-day duties of IT technicians include:

  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, operating systems and applications.
  • Monitoring and managing the maintenance of computer systems and networks.
  • Communicating with colleagues to diagnose and fix IT issues.
  • Responding to colleagues or clients within agreed time limits for call-outs.
  • Prioritising and triaging multiple open cases at one time.
  • Conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment.

How much can an IT Technician earn?

In terms of salary for IT technicians, this depends on your level of experience and where you are located in the UK. The average starting salary of an IT technician in the UK is around £18,000 - £25,000 per annum. However, technical support managers may earn something in the region of £35,000 upwards.

As an IT support technician, you will be able to command a higher salary as your level of experience and knowledge increase.

Do you have the skills needed to become an IT Technician?

Arguably, an IT support technician’s number one quality will be a strong aptitude for computers. Other key skills and qualities include:

  • A logical, methodical approach to work.
  • An ability to work in high-pressure situations.
  • A strong understanding of how hardware, software and operating systems work.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to listen in order to diagnose and fix issues.
  • First-class problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • An ability to work effectively either alone or as part of a team.
  • Ability to keep up to date with changes in technology.

What are the career opportunities in Information Technology?

There is currently a very high demand for IT technicians in a variety of sectors including the public and private sectors, large multi-national firms, and smaller independent businesses. There is potential to work in a variety of industries as an IT technician. Many IT technicians go on to become self-employed or eventually work on a consultancy basis.  Becoming an IT technician also opens up many other career paths including cyber security, cloud computing, data engineering or web development

It is advisable for an inexperienced IT technician to take on work in a diverse range of companies in order to build up a decent amount of experience as well as exposure to other fields around IT. This is likely to lead to well paid IT manager roles.

Top tips for pursuing a career in IT and networking

How do I become an IT Technician?

Being an IT support technician is a popular job role for anyone who enjoys working with computers. Despite this, there remains a significant demand for skilled IT professionals in the UK. Many aspiring IT technicians will take relevant courses, such as those certified by Microsoft or CompTIA. IT is a sector where you do not require a university degree, or college, if you enjoy working with computers, irrespective of your age, then a professional qualifications alongside some work experience is a proven pathway to success.  e-Careers exclusively delivered an IT Support Certification Programme with Job Placement, where individuals will get the knowledge, certifications and a job placement upon successful completion of their programme.

Practical workplace experience is arguably the most influential requirement for becoming an IT technician, as many jobs will specify that you need experience of working with computers in order to apply. Most IT support technicians will continuously top up their skills with the latest technical certifications in order to ensure that their skillset remains highly sought after by employers.

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An online IT course from e-Careers will allow you to study part-time at a pace that suits you without having to give up your main employment and take on university debt.

Entry requirements

In terms of what you need to become an IT technician, there are no firm rules. There are many routes to this career, but for the majority of employers, workplace experience along with solid computer know-how and IT technical certifications are the most important requirements when it comes to how to become an IT technician.

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