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4.8/5 from 14007 Reviews

5 reasons CompTIA will help a career in IT

5 reasons CompTIA will help a career in IT

In all honesty, before I worked in the training industry, I had never heard of CompTIA. But, back then I didn’t really have much interest or knowledge in computers past the typical names of Microsoft and Apple.

However, my ignorance soon faded and I discovered that CompTIA were one of the biggest names in the IT industry, especially when it comes to qualifications and empowering IT professionals.

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If you are in the same position as I was, e-Careers are here to list five reasons why CompTIA will help a career in IT:

1. Certifications

We’ve touched on this already, but CompTIA offer qualifications in every area of IT and for any level of experience. From the basics, which could appeal to professionals in IT sales, of IT Fundamentals, to providing the benchmark for best practices in IT network and professional security with the Security+ (which is a bit more technical), there’s a qualification for everyone.

Their qualifications are updated every three years to represent the ever-changing IT industry and technological advancements that employers require knowledge in.

2. Global Recognition

Their qualifications are recognised globally.

This advantage is two-fold.

Due to their qualifications being vendor-neutral, which means it doesn’t matter whether you are configuring a Cisco or a Huawei network; fixing a Hewlett Packard or a Samsung laptop, the process is not tied to a particular manufacturer. Universal, if you like.

So, your qualification is just as relevant in London, where Transport for London utilise Cisco routers in the London Underground, as it is in China where Huawei holds its place as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

3. Clear Progression

The CompTIA qualifications follow a clear path for the holders to follow, which makes setting goals and working towards them much easier, no matter which path you wish to go down.

This path has a consistent experience and difficulty curve which is ideal for any professional looking to carve a successful career in the IT industry.

4. Professional Input

CompTIA is a technology association. They’re an organisation which is made up of IT experts who input into the development of IT as a profession, which the certifications benefit from.

Their qualifications utilise this input by setting industry standards through the constant, daily development of knowledge and skills.

5. Membership

As a professional, you can become a member of CompTIA and understand the full extent of their commitment to providing you with learning, growth and success.

They also appreciate the contributions of all their members, making membership a two-way street. You can contribute to CompTIA, other members and the entire IT industry through their membership programs.

e-Careers is a CompTIA Authorised Training Partner, so we are able to provide official CompTIA qualifications to boost your IT career. 

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