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CompTIA, founded in 1982, were responsible for establishing the IT channel used to create an open dialogue between IT vendors and partners. Since then, CompTIA became an expert leader and the leading voice for the technology ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the starting point in your IT career, or you’re an experienced professional, there will be a suitable course available from CompTIA for you and your knowledge base. Learn across a variety of devices and operating systems through the


What is CompTIA?

CompTIA (Wikipedia Link) are the world’s leading tech association and the voice of the world’s IT industry. CompTIA are a non-profit trade association providing leading vendor-neutral certification programmes that have been developed in connection with their membership community of IT professionals.

CompTIA have more than 2,000 members, 3,000 academic training partners and more than tens of thousands of registered users across the information communications and technology industry. CompTIA focus on supporting the successes of businesses across the IT channel, whether that be larger vendors or SMEs providing hardware, software and services.

Undertaking CompTIA training is made possible through a range of professional CompTIA courses and qualifications, well-suited to professionals in the IT industry looking to refresh their knowledge, or for individuals looking to kick-start their career in IT.

CompTIA Training courses include, but are not limited to:

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Why Complete a CompTIA Training Course?

CompTIA were founded in 1982 and were responsible for bringing together the IT channel to create an open dialogue between IT vendors and partners. CompTIA have become an expert leader and leading voice for the technology ecosystem, offering CompTIA training courses to help professionals. 

Whether you’re at the starting point of a career in IT or you’re an experienced professional, there is a range of courses available from CompTIA. Learn a foundation of IT skills across a variety of devices and operating systems with CompTIA A+, discover skills necessary to design, configure, manage and troubleshoot wired and wireless devices with a CompTIA Network+ certification, and gain skills in global best practices in IT network and operational security with CompTIA Security+.

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Key Benefits of CompTIA

Become career certified: With a CompTIA certification, you can guarantee to become career certified making it easier for you to find a variety of job opportunities upon completion of your CompTIA certification. Check out our 5 Reasons CompTIA will help a career in IT!

A course for all abilities: Whether you’re an experienced professional in the IT industry or you have a passion for all things information technology, there is a course for all stages of ability with CompTIA. Learn the essential fundamentals, or gain more advanced skills and knowledge required to help you succeed in your career.

Learn key IT skills for the industry: CompTIA course structures and assessments have been designed and developed to incorporate the skills you will need to strive in the industry. This means learners of CompTIA courses will gain their certification and be ready to immediately begin a career in the IT industry.

eLearning from anywhere at any time: The flexibility of CompTIA certifications is a real benefit for individuals looking to manage working full-time, family commitments, leisure time and/or social activities. You can access your CompTIA course from any devices, from any location and at any time – you are in control of your your own learning.

E-Careers uses the latest syllabus: As a provider of CompTIA courses and qualifications we ensure we are using the latest syllabus, which means you'll be learning the most up to date course materials and techniques. See full syllabus update details, here

Opportunities with CompTIA Training

CompTIA qualifications are respected among employers and can help you to build an exceptional career in IT. Not only do CompTIA make you stand out from the crowd, but technology trends are creating a huge demand for certified IT professionals.

CompTIA Course

Job Prospect*

*Included but not limited to

Salary Range


CompTIA Cloud Essentials

IT Assistant, Trainee Network Engineer

£18k - £25k

CompTIA Cloud+

Network Engineer, IT Lead

£60k - £70k

CompTIA A+

Support Specialist, Field Service Technician, Desktop Support

£30k - £40k

CompTIA Security+

Cyber Security Professional, Network Defender, IT Security Lead

£60k - £80k

CompTIA: A+, Network+ & Security+

IT Lead, Cyber Security, Network Engineer

£60k - £80k

CompTIA Network+

Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Technician

£60k - £80k

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