How to: get into Accounting!

Why should you become an Accountant?

There are many reasons why someone would want to become an Accountant (if you know any, leave your suggestions in the comments section below)

All jokes aside, becoming an Accountant can open a wide variety of doors, and allow you to work almost anywhere in the world! There are many careers and industries that come in and out of ‘fashion’, with each generation having new careers to choose. Accounting is not one of them, having been a staple of the employment landscape for hundreds of years now.

Every business, in pretty much every country, (we’re looking at you, Tax Havens) needs Accountants! Without someone to count the beans, how will companies know how many beans they have?

As well as the opportunity to work wherever you want, being a qualified Accountant can also allow you to work for whomever you want, with many qualified Accountants going on to become self-employed or open up their own firms.

Another, and arguably the finest reason, to become an Accountant, is the money. Due to the fact that Accountants are vital to the running of a business, and that a good Accountant can often find loopholes and save organisations money, the financial compensation can reach staggering amounts.

The average UK salary is around the £27,000 mark. However, a fully qualified AAT Accountant can expect to earn on average £37,000 a year! This is 37% higher than the national average salary. The money doesn’t stop there, fully Chartered Accountants, a path you can take after completing AAT’s pathway, can expect to earn £60,000+! Of course, if you begin to work for yourself, there are no limits as to what you can earn!

How to fulfil your dream

So, after reading this blog, you’re set on becoming an Accountant, what next? The most common place to start is with AAT, as over 90% of all UK Accountants begin their career with a qualification from them! This will take you all the way from entry level accounts, right the way up to a level where you can pursue Chartered Accountancy status with one of the bodies that award it.

Alternatively, you could pursue a pathway in Management Accounts with CIMA. Management Accounts is often attributed to be the bridge between the inhuman numbers, and human decisions and factors in a business. Whatever pathway you decide to follow, e-Careers has the courses and support you need to follow your dream.

AAT Courses

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