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Another update, this time, it's ITIL®

In 2018, I wrote about Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution where, thanks to digital and technological advancements, artificial intelligence and cyber physical systems are leading the way to a digital transformation: most assets (data, information, systems etc) being entirely online.

The ITIL® qualification is the world’s most recognisable service management credential, and AXELOS have caught up to ride the Industry 4.0 wave. Service management is basically anything to do with IT services. It’s the entire set of activities performed by an organisation to design, plan, deliver and operate IT services offered to customers, or for use within an organisation.

In laymen’s terms, it’s anything to do with IT – and because IT is always expanding, so has the specification for things that need to be operated. This is why, in January 2019, AXELOS released an update to the ITIL® syllabus – called ITIL®4 to reflect the digital transformation and everchanging landscape of the IT world, and workplace, is going through.

So, what’s changed?

Firstly, the ITIL® Foundation has been updated to include the Guiding Principles of ITIL® Practitioner – which have now become a key part of the ITIL® methodology – they now help you to adopt and adapt the ITIL® framework to your IT environment.

The ITIL® Intermediate modules have been replaced by two different designation streams; ITIL® Managing Professional (ITIL® MP) and ITIL® Strategic Leader (ITIL® SL). The streams are designed to give you greater clarity about how and where you can improve your skills.

ITIL® Managing Professional (ITIL® MP)

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support
  • ITIL® Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value
  • ITIL® Specialist: High Velocity IT
  • ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve

ITIL® Strategic Leader (ITIL SL)

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve
  • ITIL® Leader: Digital & IT Strategy

If you are reading this before mid-2019, the Specialist, Leader and Strategist modules are not ready yet, if you are reading this after mid-2019, ignore this statement.

If you hold a current ITIL® Foundation certification, you will need to renew it as this will provide you with a vital grounding in the updates to the framework. 

What does the syllabus for Foundation look like?

  • How ITIL® builds upon and support Lean, Agile, DevOps, and other project and process management practices
  • The seven guiding principles of ITIL®4
  • ITIL® service value system
  • The four dimensions of service management
  • The ITIL® practices; understanding the purpose and key terms of all 15, with an in-depth understand of seven

AXELOS have suggested that anyone who is doing the Intermediate and even Managing Across the Lifecycle of ITIL®V3 to carry on as this will provide crucial credits towards your ITIL®4 studying.

There you have it, your guide on the updates to the ITIL® syllabus, why they’ve done it, and what it means for you.

To undertake some training in this area, we offer an ITIL 4® Foundation Classroom course