Three cool things you need to know about the Code Institute

It promises to change your life in 12 weeks, and boasts many new sign-ups per day, eager to learn the World’s latest language - code. That’s right, we’re talking about The Code Institute.

According to the latest stats, 14 million jobs will be available in computer science over the next decade alone – with just 40,000 graduates likely to be qualified to fulfill these roles. This isn't accounting for jobs that aren’t directly linked to computer science, such as banking and medicine, which too will need staff who understand coding above the basic skillset.

Let’s face it, coding has become the literacy of the 21st Century, a fundamental layer of our lives, with children as young as five now learning it as part of the new National Curriculum. With opportunity, however, comes challenges, where code has introduced a growing digital skills gap, forcing professionals to try and keep pace with their advancing job roles.

Enter The Code Institute. In just two years, The Code Institute has helped thousands of learners establish a new technological skill set, opening doors to new, innovative career opportunities – and we at e-Careers couldn’t be more excited to be a partnered Training Provider.

Interested in finding out more? Here are three cool things you should know about The Code Institute, and what job roles are ready and waiting for you on graduation day:

Coding can be creative.

Many people perceive code as a monotonous string of numbers, when in reality writing code is about expression, creativity and practical application. Once knowledgeable, coders have the ability to bend, join, break and combine code in a way that surpasses its original design criteria.

What’s more, with processing (a programming framework for artistic expression) and algorithm, coders are able to design prints, clothing and data visualisations, opening a whole host of exciting and creative career opportunities - think gaming, animation, app development and digital product design.

Coding as an artistic tool isn’t openly discussed, however, Zach Lieberman has achieved success in the art he’s created through code.

Coding leads to careers. Fact.

The demand for coders far exceeds the supply. Our world is increasingly defined by programs and there’s never been a better time to develop specialist skills. In fact, learning code will future-proof your ability to find work in the modern economy, across a wide range of industry sectors.

Another plus? With all Code Institute courses you can rock up to any interview with a ready-made portfolio to showcase your skillset – impressing your potential employer with your coding capabilities, demonstrated by the click of a link. In fact, The Code Institute is one of few training bodies focused specifically on employability, and filling the growing digital skills gap.

“Employers don’t care where you went to college, they just want to see a link. So we teach people full-stack coding, starting from scratch…” - Anthony Quigley, CEO of The Code Institute.

Are there any coders out there?

Another benefit of training with The Code Institute? Not only are their graduates in increasing demand, but they are also provided with a whole host of career opportunities, ready and waiting to pursue – with the top five as follows:

  • Junior Web Developer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • RPA Developer
  • e-Commerce

Ultimately, coding is a language without limits – a language responsible for today’s advances in technology, and a language that has introduced the growing digital skills gap. The solution? Take the time to learn and understand coding – and where possible develop in accordance with its advances - as this is one industry sector that's here to stay.

To find out more about The Code Institute and current courses offered through e-Careers, please visit our Code Institute page or contact one of our Training Experts today on 0203 198 7657.