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4.8/5 from 14008 Reviews

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Are you looking to start working towards a new career in IT or Cyber Security? Are you currently in an IT role and want to move into the exciting world of Cloud Computing? If so, why not sign up to our FREE AWS Job Assist Virtual Event to get started. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Firstly, for those who don’t know or are unsure what Cloud Computing is, it is:

Cloud computing is an on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet. Pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis, so rather than having to buy, own, store and maintain servers and physical data centres your organisation can just access tech services (including storage and databases) as required, from cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS career opportunities

What does a Cloud Computing Professional actually do?

A Cloud Developer designs and implements Cloud infrastructures. They are also responsible for ensuring effective and efficient design of business processes in the Cloud. In order to do this, they must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Cloud provider architectures and must have the ability to review security and usage across the organisation, as well as monitor cloud maintenance, security and planning.

Typical job requirements include:

  •    Scaling of application components
  •    Handle security issues related to encryption or access rights
  •    Management of performance and efficiency optimisation

Sign up to our FREE AWS Job Assist Virtual Event today! 

What are the benefits of a career in Cloud Computing?

There are two sides to the benefits of Cloud Computing: First, to your organisation and second, to yourself.

These benefits are outlined below.

Organisational Benefits

  •    Increased flexibility
  •    Elevated Scalability
  •    Reduced costs
  •    Easy accessibility
  •    Competitive Edge
  •    Enhanced security

Personal Benefits

  •    You will be in demand due to a skills-gap 
  •    Have a boosted CV, with skills, knowledge and tools (gained from both experience and official AWS qualifications)
  •    Higher than average salaries
  •    Excellent career growth opportunities
  •    A secure and growing job sector  

Why Choose AWS?

With over a million customers, AWS is the provider of choice when it comes to Public Cloud adoption. With that many customers, there will always be a requirement for highly trained and certified employees, who are able to support organisations with their AWS Cloud Services. 

AWS are also the best in the business when it comes to AWS training and it always pays to learn from the best!

  1.    Most in demand skills for 5 years running
  2.    Global shortage of skills (skills-gap)
  3.    AWS Professionals receive a significantly higher salary for similar job roles
  4.    Globally recognised & a platform for further certificates
  5.    The choice for career changers

This is why we have chosen to work with AWS and why you should choose to attend our AWS event.  

About our FREE AWS Job Assist Virtual Event

What to learn how to unlock a six-figure salary? This is the event for you! Sign up here.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the hottest sectors in tech right now, and as such, we've teamed up with the industries top cloud computing experts to host sessions, designed to give you everything you need to develop your cloud career.

  •    Learn how to unlock an earning potential up to £80,000
  •    Join us at our exclusive event to learn how you can launch a career in cloud computing
  •    We are offering 25 seats for FREE (normally £295). Secure yours now so you don’t miss out.

Who should attend?

  •    Those aspiring to work in IT - People aspiring to break into the IT sector whether to work in a technical capacity or sales
  •    University Graduates - Graduates who are looking to find out more about the benefits of working in IT
  •    IT Professionals - IT professionals looking to learn more about AWS and the future of IT

The Agenda

  •    Welcome - A run through of the full agenda for the afternoon
  •    Introduction to The Cloud - What the Cloud is, why everyone is talking about it, and the future of IT
  •    Introduction to AWS - What AWS is and why there is a huge market demand for it right now, plus how to capitalise from it
  •    1-on-1 Career Guidance - Expert career advice from out IT recruitment specialists who will tell you exactly what you need to get a lucrative job in AWS  
  •    Invitation Only Bonus Session - Hands-on Labs (scheduled the following Tuesday) - Labs for Amazon Web Services and you'll have the opportunity to learn some additional practical skills

Event Details

Sign up to our FREE AWS Job Assist Virtual Event today! 

What other courses are available for Cloud Computing with e-Careers?

We offer a range of qualifications for individuals to undertake to work towards becoming a Cloud Computing Professional.

These include:

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