4.8 out of 5 based on 14080 reviews

4.8/5 from 14080 Reviews

The PRINCE2® Apprentice Competition - The Story so Far...

About The PRINCE2® Apprentice 

This year marks the first ever season of the PPM Apprentice. An ambitious group of project managers have been selected and are keen to show they have what it takes to successfully run a series of projects. 

Each candidate will have to create project management plans, to show that they can manage challenging projects, using the internationally leading PRINCE2® project management methodologies. 

They have been divided into two teams, with clear roles and responsibilities outlined. 

After hearing each teams pitch, a panel of experts (two leading PM’s and a subject matter expert) - will decide which candidates make it into the next round. The final two candidates will face the judges to present their own project plans, with the winner being crowned the first ever PRINCE2® Apprentice. 

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Meet the candidates 

Tobias Wood (34) – Managing Partner

Tobias always knew what he wanted in life – success. Immediately after he left school, he started his career journey and hasn’t been disappointed yet. 

Madeleine Conteh (31) – Business Analyst

Madeleine studied Business Economics and then went on to get her first job through a Graduate scheme. She’s been slowly building her way up the career ladder and now feels that is it is the right time for a big step up.

Maxwell Lindo (38) – Estate Agent

Max has been building his Estate Agent career from the moment he left college. He describes himself as very tenacious, organized and honest. 

Elizabeth Seamore (35) – Chartered Accountant

Liz has taken her accounting career from strength to strength. She describes herself as competitive and resilient. Liz is in it to win it! 

Jennifer Steel (25) – PR & Marketing Consultant

Jen graduated from university 5 years ago unsure of which direction she wanted her career to take. After trying out several different roles, she’s finally settled on PR and Marketing. Her role enables her to bring out her more creative side as well as her business acumen 

Adebayo Numayo (25) – HR Manager

Adebayo has always had a passion for sales and combined this with his people skills to become a HR Manager. He’s known to be very self-motivated and is always looking for his next challenge. Adebayo is convinced he can become the very first PRINCE2® Apprentice. 

Amrita Fasano (27) – Food Truck Owner

Inspired by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit and her love of events, Amrita runs her own food truck. She’s a regular at many food markets and caters for various corporate events and weddings. 

Iain Costa (28) – Sales Manager

As a sales manager, Iain knows how to charm and persuade people and feels this is the main ingredient to success. 

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The journey so far 

Week 1 

Project 1 – Marketing campaign product launch

In the first episode, the candidates are tasked with developing a marketing campaign for the launch of a new skincare product, which is aimed at young men. 

Team 1 developed a marketing campaign, which focused on solely utilising traditional marketing, including outdoor advertising on public transport. 

Team 2 decided on a guerrilla marketing campaign, accompanied by social media marketing. 

Winners – Team 2 

Eliminated – Max

Project 2 – Staff relocation 

The project for the second episode was for the teams to relocate an office with 120 staff into a different property. The teams only have one-week turnaround time, due to a leak in the old office, which has caused a flood. 

With project managers nominated, it’s time to manage the project plan. Both teams presented their plans to the judges and a winner was announced. 

Winners – Team 2 

Eliminated – Jen 

Week 2 

Project 3 – National flu jabs campaign 

Episode three saw the two teams challenged with creating a campaign plan for flu jabs, with the goal of getting as many flu jab sign-ups as possible. The winner, of course, being the team with the most sign-ups. 

Team one focused on the dangers of not getting a flu jab, while team two looked to work alongside the stakeholders (Staff, GP’s, Hospitals, etc). 

Winners – Team 2 

Eliminate – Liz 

Project 4 – Smart meter rollout 

For the fourth episode in the series, the teams had to rollout a smart meter campaign.

Team 1 decided to focus on reaching as many people as possible and use an (expensive) advertising campaign to create awareness.

Team 2 look at this project in a little more detail and think about the stakeholders and communications behind the messaging, which pays off! 

Winners – Team 2 

Eliminated – Tobias  

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Week 3 

Project 5 – Award Show 

Week 3 starts with the two teams (now boys vs. girls), called in to plan an awards show, within the law industry. 

Team 1 send out invites before they’ve even confirmed with the supplier of a venue, which results in the venue being booked already and is unavailable. 

Team 2 gets straight to business, with a plan quickly prepared. Thanks to a clear plan, communication and great execution, things look good for the girls! 

Winners – Team 2 

Eliminated – Adebayo and Iain 

Week 4 – The Final 

Not long to wait now! 

The PRINCE2® Apprentice finalists have been whittled down from 8 candidates to just 2: Food Truck owner Amrita Fasano, and Business Analyst Madeleine Conteh

Keep an eye on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and this blogpost, to find out who is crowned the winner, shortly! 

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