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Top personality traits for Teachers

Have you always toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher, but aren’t sure if you would make the grade? If you think you might be interested in a career in teaching but are unsure where to start, we have a range of online teaching courses, aimed at getting you skilled in key areas of teaching, leadership and management.

Are you planning on a career change? Here’s some Career Advice articles to help you get started:

With around 24,500 schools in the UK and a growing shortage of leaders in Education, qualified Teachers are becoming increasingly in-demand – particularly as more schools are fighting for Academy status.

So, whether you’ve always liked the idea of helping Reception children start on the right track, or if you’ve always boasted a passion for History and want to teach Secondary School children about Hitler’s deadly reign and World War 2, why not start today?

To aid a little persuasion, e-Careers has done some research and found the top five personality traits successful teachers share:

Passionate about Education

Successful teachers are passionate about education. They’re passionate about learning, and about engaging students in learning - and more to the point, many teachers are passionate about one subject; and love nothing more than sharing their specialist subject knowledge with their pupils.

As Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all.”


Google Teaching, and many articles will tell you that it’s one of the hardest jobs in the World.

Despite the fact it isn’t easy, teaching is also one of the most rewarding occupations, where those who succeed are those most dedicated to their careers. Teachers who are hardworking, and put in extra time to develop excellent lessons plans, or to provide additional support to students who need a helping hand are those who are more likely to shine, succeed and most importantly, enjoy their careers.


How many of us remember the teacher at school who could never control the class? The common denominator here, is that the teacher had no discipline, fuelled by a lack of respect.

The capability to control a class with excellent management skills and good discipline are key traits of every successful teacher. This confirmed with a recent article written by award-winning educator, Professor Joe Martin, who explains how the modern day teacher has to earn respect, by teaching with passion and genuine personality, in order to build credibility.

Engaging personality

Having an engaging personality is key for teaching success. Aside from gauging student interest, it enables teachers to connect with their pupils, and think of innovative ways in which to explain different subject matters, and ensure students really understand what is being taught.

With a bright personality comes enthusiasm and creativity, which are both key for captivating student interest and respect.

Good listener

Ever heard of the Turkish proverb “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold”?

A great teacher is not only good at speaking and presenting, but also excels in listening – representing an approachable and empathetic figure, that students can speak to or confide in with any concerns they may have.

What’s more, active listening skills are vital in ensuring Students understand lesson material and controlling any class conflicts.

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