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What's in your digital marketing strategy?

Have you ever heard of Superconnectors? Or the saying “It’s not about what you know — it’s about who you know.” Social media and technology tools make it easier than ever for us to connect with just about anyone. But connecting doesn’t always translate into true connection and I’m going to tell you why using a Superconnector in your marketing strategy is vital!

Well, Superconnectors are definitely a new social media phenomenon. They are a group of people who not only have a strong social media following with millions of people, they are people who have mastered the art of cultivating mutually beneficial relationships through social media. It’s all about using social media platforms differently compared to the average consumer. Whilst most of us are engaging on platforms for pleasure, news or content; they are using it to build relationships and network with people. They have used platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to create and connect with groups of people and engage in conversations!

Although it may seem that interaction on social media has become dehumanising with people questioning the authenticity of social media engagement. Superconnectors are seeking to bring back the humanity of social media. They are not only focused to get “likes” on posts they share; Superconnectors are those people who have access to diverse groups of people. They have amazing interconnected knowledge and use it to bring others together towards shared goals. When you need help in your business, it’s the superconnector who will know the perfect person you can connect with to help you. They know a business' net worth is based on it’s network and so they are constantly interacting and engaging with people to build their connections. This type of engagement adds value to lives, not the superficial "likes" that get thrown around regularly.

Now we can really see the importance and the value superconnectors have and the way they do business. Networking has always been about individualism, free enterprise, and the pursuit of profit but superconnectors have the power to set aside the differences of social, economical and corporate platforms; they are able to bring the right people together and the ability to change people’s lives. So, if you want to connect and build your business or have aspirations, ambition or just want to change the world it is important to know a superconnector, or even someone who knows someone who is a superconnector!