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Where can an MSP® qualification take you?

Where can an MSP® qualification take you?

With project management becoming an increasingly popular career choice, individuals are looking to gain the official qualifications that will enable them to apply for entry-level project management job roles.

While project management qualifications are useful across a wide range of industries, it is often useful to know what kind of methodologies will be particularly useful for the industry you plan on working in.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is a project management methodology used for high-level change management throughout a variety of sectors. MSP® is especially useful for implementing change while maintaining alignment with the company’s strategic values.

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What is MSP®?

Managing Successful Programmes is a project management methodology that is particularly suitable for those implementing change within their organisation in the form of large projects, such as digital transformation. MSP® is highly versatile and there are many potential career options for a professional with qualifications in MSP®, making it a great option for those looking for a broad understanding of project management, or to compliment other training qualifications in this filed.  

MSP® is used in a wide variety of sectors including the public sector, and many professionals who earn their MSP® qualifications often go on to become Programme Managers, Delivery Programme Managers or Project Transformation Managers. These job roles often allow you to work as a full-time employee, or as a Contractor, taking on temporary positions.

Other job roles you can explore as a holder of MSP® qualifications include:

  • Senior Responsible Owner
  • Sponsoring Group
  • Business Change Managers
  • Programme Office

Implementing large-scale projects without the necessary skilled professionals to manage the process is a highly risky move for organisations, so businesses attempting to implement change are keen to recruit talented candidates to make things as smooth as possible. To mitigate the risk of failure (which can be extremely costly) a system like MSP® is employed.

MSP® revolves around several key themes including:

  • Organisation
  • Justification
  • Design
  • Structure
  • Assurance
  • Knowledge
  • Decisions

Learn the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) basics.  

Benefits of MSP® qualifications                  

Successfully completing an MSP® qualification comes with a huge range of benefits.

These include:

Learning best practice for implementing change - MSP® is ideal for anyone responsible for managing and implementing change within their organisation. By learning a good practice roadmap for implementing change, you can be sure that your organisation is working towards the highest standards in project and change management.

Boosting your salary - Gaining qualifications in MSP® is a great way to learn new skills that will enable you to climb the career ladder in your organisation and access highly paid roles. Furthermore, MSP® could help you to show your worth to recruiters if you decide to move on to other organisations.

Breaking down large projects into manageable chunks - When you gain your MSP® Foundation & Practitioner qualification, you will find it easier to implement large-scale projects, as MSP® makes it clear who is responsible for different aspects of the project and how success will be measured.

Retaining flexibility - MSP® allows for a high level of flexibility and incorporates learning from experience. This means that MSP® is easy to work with and enables organisations to work towards achievable goals. The focus on learning means that companies can use past experiences to work towards a positive future.

Becoming part of the MSP® family - When you attain an MSP® qualification you become part of a family of skilled professionals who are keen to attain best practice knowledge in change and project management. Being part of such a network is helpful in terms of interpersonal networking and accessing new opportunities.

MSP® training courses

We offer a wide range of MSP® training courses, so you are sure to find something that works best for your situation.

Virtual Classroom


The latest version of Managing Successful Programmes is the MSP® 5th Edition, and it will be beneficial for you to ensure you’re studying the latest edition.  

The MSP® Foundation training course is ideal for those new to the industry and looking to gain a general overview of MSP®. There are options for those who want to gain in-depth knowledge that will enable them to progress to high-level roles, such as studying the MSP® Practitioner level training course.  

Our MSP® training programmes allow you to study either Online or via our Virtual Classroom training courses, offering you greater flexibility to study around work and family commitments.  

By choosing to study via a Virtual Classroom, you will access all the benefits of learning in a real-life classroom without the hassle of commuting to your nearest study centre.

MSP® training courses are just one of the courses we currently offer, which can help you to gain new skills and potentially even start an exciting new career. Explore our range of Project & Lean Management training courses today.

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