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Your guide to gaining a PRINCE2® certification
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Your guide to gaining a PRINCE2® certification

Are you aspiring to become a proficient and certified project manager, leading and managing successful projects with finesse and expertise? Look no further than PRINCE2®– an internationally recognised project management methodology that equips professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of project management.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need about PRINCE2® project management, from understanding the methodology to exam preparation strategies.

Whether you're new to project management or an experienced professional, a PRINCE2® certification is an asset that can enhance your ability to deliver projects and improve project performance successfully.

What is PRINCE2® certification?

PRINCE2®, an acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments, is a revered methodology in project management, adored for its process-oriented approach. It was developed by the UK government in the 1980s and widely adopted worldwide.

AXELOS holds the ownership of PRINCE and establishes the criteria for the examinations and any modifications to the methodology. PeopleCert acts on behalf of AXELOS by administering the exams and issuing the certificates. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under the permission of AXELOS Limited.

What is PRINCE2® certification?

The methodology provides unambiguous guidelines regarding a project's structure, roles, and responsibilities, ensuring each task is well-organised and controlled. The journey towards acquiring a PRINCE2® certification comprises two tiers - the PRINCE2® Foundation and the PRINCE2® Practitioner.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation

    As the name suggests, this foundation-level course introduces the various aspects of the PRINCE2® approach. It's an ideal starting point for those new to the method, paving the way to understand the principles, themes, and processes underpinning PRINCE2®.

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner

    This level is a step ahead, aimed at imparting a more nuanced understanding or knowledge of the method, not just project initiating and controlling but also project directing. This course or training enables you to practically apply the theoretical concepts learned in the foundation course, enhancing your project management proficiency and practical skills.

    So, if you want to add a globally recognised certification to your professional portfolio, PRINCE2® could be your ideal pick for training. The two-tiered structure ensures a comprehensive grasp of the methodology, equipping you with the tools to lead and manage projects effectively.

Benefits of PRINCE2® certification

Benefits of PRINCE2® certification

PRINCE2® courses and certifications hold immense value in the corporate world's best practices, especially for a project management team. It's universally recognised and highly sought after by businesses across different sectors. For project managers, it provides a clear, detailed framework for steering projects, ultimately driving efficient and effective project management.

  • Career advancement opportunities

    PRINCE2® certification is highly regarded by employers globally, opening doors to new career opportunities and advancement within your field.

  • Managing successful projects

    By mastering the PRINCE2® methodology, you'll understand project management principles, themes, and processes, allowing you to lead and manage projects from inception to completion effectively.

  • Increased marketability

    With PRINCE2® certification on your CV, you'll stand out in a competitive job market, demonstrating your commitment to professional development and excellence in a project management role to potential employers.

  • Recognition and credibility

    PRINCE2® certification is recognised and respected by organisations across industries, providing you with instant credibility as a skilled and knowledgeable project manager.

Roadmap to gain PRINCE2® certification

Roadmap to gain PRINCE2® certification

Understand PRINCE2® certification requirements and prerequisites

  • PRINCE2® Foundation certification

    The PRINCE2® Foundation certification is ideal for students seeking to enhance their project management skills and boost their job opportunities. It's suitable for those aiming to progress to the PRINCE2® Practitioner level. Although familiarity with project management would be advantageous, there are no specific requirements to enrol in the PRINCE2® foundation certification.

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner certification

    The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is designed for students who have successfully finished the PRINCE2® foundation certification and aspire to take on higher-level roles in project management, such as becoming project managers.

To begin your journey toward obtaining the PRINCE2® practitioner qualification, you must have completed either the PRINCE2® Foundation certification or have certifications such as,

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

International Project Management Association (IPMA) Level A, B, C, or D

  • Level A: Certified Projects Director
  • Level B: Certified Senior Project Manager
  • Level C: Certified Project Manager
  • Level D: Certified Project Management Associate

Choose a PRINCE2® course and training provider

Selecting the right training provider is crucial in your journey toward PRINCE2® certification. Choosing a reputable and accredited provider that offers high-quality training courses aligned with your certification goals is essential. Consider course content, delivery method, instructor expertise, and cost when evaluating training providers.

Hence, at e-Careers, we stand out as a trusted provider of PRINCE2® courses, fully accredited by PeopleCert for AXELOS. We offer flexible and comprehensive PRINCE2® training options to help you succeed in your certification journey.

With us, you can access training resources, expert guidance, and support to achieve your PRINCE2® certification goals efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, with the exam pass guarantee we offer with PRINCE2® virtual classroom courses, you will surely earn PRINCE2® certificates. The exam pass guarantee ensures that if you don't pass your exam after participating in our virtual classroom training, you can retake the same course at no extra charge.

To qualify, we require that you attend every class session, complete all assigned work, take your exam within 30 days of finishing the training, and apply for a course re-enrollment within 30 days if you fail to pass your initial exam attempt.

It's important to note that students who retake the course must use the materials and books provided during their original session. If these materials are not presented, the student will be responsible for the cost of replacements. Note that it does not cover the cost of the resit exam; an extra fee will be required for this.

Read further to learn our courses and choose what best suits you.

Online Learning

Online Learning:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation course

    Embarking on the journey to PRINCE2® certification through online learning offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With PRINCE2® (6th edition) Foundation, you'll enjoy a generous 6 months of access to course materials, allowing you to learn at your place and fit study sessions into your busy schedule.

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner course

    PRINCE2® (6th edition) Practitioner course grants you 6 months of access, providing ample time to delve deep into the intricacies of the PRINCE2® methodology. This online learning approach empowers you to take control of your learning journey, ensuring thorough comprehension and mastery of PRINCE2® principles before sitting the practitioner exam.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course

    If you want to avail yourself of the foundation and practitioner courses, we offer the PRINCE2® (6th edition) Foundation & Practitioner, which you can access for 6 months. This is ideal for ensuring that you will have PRINCE2® certificates despite being busy with their personal and personal lives.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation course

    Instructor-led virtual classroom courses offer an immersive and engaging option for those seeking a more structured learning experience with real-time guidance and interaction. PRINCE2® (7th edition) Foundation - Virtual Classroom spans 3 full days, during which the experienced instructors will lead you through comprehensive lessons, practical exercises, and exam preparation strategies. By the end of the course, you'll feel fully equipped to tackle the exam head-on.

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner course

    Similarly, the PRINCE2® (7th edition) Practitioner - Virtual Classroom, conducted over 2 intensive days, provides focused instruction and hands-on exercises to prepare you for success. Seasoned professionals lead these virtual classroom sessions and offer lively discussions, peer collaboration, and immediate instructor feedback. Upon completing the course, you'll be primed and ready to confidently achieve your Practitioner certification, armed with a solid understanding of PRINCE2® methodology and its practical applications.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course

    Likewise, for those seeking to pursue foundation and practitioner courses, we provide the PRINCE2® (7th edition) Foundation & Practitioner - Virtual Classroom. This course grants access for 5 days, ensuring the attainment of foundation and practitioner certificates.

Know the factors influencing PRINCE2® certification costs

To maximise your Return on Investment (ROI), assessing the significance of the PRINCE2® training and theexpenses associated with PRINCE2® certification is crucial. Here are the various elements contributing to determining the overall cost of PRINCE2® certification:

  • PRINCE2® training fee
  • Mock exams
  • PRINCE2® study guide or manual cost
  • Examination fee for PRINCE2® Foundation/Practitioner
  • Membership fees

AT e-Careers we offer comprehensive course packages encompassing PRINCE2® training, mock exams, and certification exams. As for membership, once you attain your PRINCE2® certification, it remains valid indefinitely. Nevertheless, it's crucial to acknowledge that the methodology undergoes updates, potentially diminishing the relevance of older certification versions.

Identify a PRINCE2® study guide

A study guide is a guiding light to navigate your PRINCE2® training and certification examination. Selecting the appropriate study guide is pivotal to success as a project manager, from initiating to directing. We offer a PRINCE2® (7th edition) manual and a PRINCE2® (6th edition) Manual - Hard Copy essential to your training journey.

Components of a PRINCE2® Study Guide

To smoothly navigate the PRINCE2® certification exam, it's essential to thoroughly discuss and understand the 7 Principles, Processes, and Themes.

7 Principles of PRINCE2®

  • Business justification
  • Learn from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Manage by stages
  • Manage by exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to suit the environment.

7 Processes of PRINCE2®

  • Starting up a Project (SU)
  • Initiating a Project (IP)
  • Directing a Project (DP)
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP)
  • Controlling a Stage (CS)
  • Managing Stage Boundaries (SB)
  • Closing a Project (CP)

7 Themes of PRINCE2®

  • Business case
  • Organisation
  • Quality
  • Plans
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress

Practice tests and quizzes

Another best practice and essential feature that your PRINCE2® study guide should include is practice tests and quizzes after each section. These serve as checkpoints to gauge your level of preparation. Taking these tests allows you to evaluate your advancement and performance.

Case Studies

These questions at the end of each section are designed to test your comprehension of the concepts and to provide a challenge to prepare you for the exam.


These questions at the end of each section are designed to test your comprehension of the concepts and to provide a challenge to prepare you for the exam.

Create a project plan to achieve a PRINCE2® certificate

Assess the scope of the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Exam

Foundation Course learning outcome

  • Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2®.
  • Understand how the PRINCE2® principles underpin the PRINCE2® method.
  • Understand the PRINCE2® themes and how they are applied throughout the project.
  • Understand the PRINCE2® processes and how they are carried out throughout the project.

Practitioner Course learning outcome

  • Apply the PRINCE2® principles in context.
  • Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINCE2® themes in context.
  • Apply (and tailor) relevant aspects of PRINCE2® processes in context.

Estimate time for the PRINCE2® certification exams

When planning your study schedule for the PRINCE2® certification exams, allocating an appropriate amount of time to cover the exam syllabus thoroughly is crucial. While the exact time needed may vary depending on factors such as your prior knowledge and experience in project management, here's a general guideline to help you estimate the time required:

Foundation Exam Format

  • Multiple-choice (Classic, Missing word & List style questions).
  • Number of questions - 60.
  • Duration - 1 hour.
  • Pass Mark - 36/60 (60%).
  • Closed book.

Practitioner Exam Format

  • Scenario (Classic & Matching style questions).
  • Duration – 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Number of questions – 70.
  • Pass mark – 42/70 (60%).
  • Open book - Aside from the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, no other material is allowed. Remember, you can make notes inside the book.

Know the challenges in the PRINCE2® certification exam

To mitigate this risk, ensure thorough practice beforehand. A backup plan for the dedicated study hours is required to master the PRINCE2® courses.

Be prepared for an initial learning curve since the subject matter may not initially capture your interest. However, you'll become more accustomed as you delve deeper.

Consider taking both exams consecutively. This approach ensures that the foundational knowledge from the foundation exam remains fresh in your mind, facilitating its application in the practitioner exam. Additionally, being in exam preparation mode will help maintain momentum, eliminating the need for another learning curve and ensuring to pass the exams.

Implement your strategy for PRINCE2® certification

Commence your study journey:Initiate the execution of your plan for PRINCE2® certification by delving into the PRINCE2® manual, tailored to your specific requirements.

Engage in practice assessments:Doing practice assessments or sample exams is a valuable tool to gauge your readiness for the official PRINCE2® certification exam. These assessments provide insights into your strengths and areas requiring further improvement.

Leverage feedback for enhancement:Utilise the feedback from practice assessments to refine your preparation strategy

Achieve PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification:Upon thorough preparation, undertake the exam to attain certification as a PRINCE2® Foundation professional. After, pursue the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam with heightened diligence and dedication.


Gaining a PRINCE2® certification accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS is a significant milestone in your project management career, opening doors to new opportunities and enhancing your professional credibility. Equipped with this renowned certification, you can effectively lead projects and manage a team, instilling high stakeholder confidence.

Elevate your project management skills and open the door to new career opportunities with e-Careers' PRINCE2® Certificate training courses. Whether you're looking to enhance your CV, increase your job prospects, or gain a competitive edge in the project management field, our PRINCE2® course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and certifications you need to succeed.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you achieve your career goals with our industry-recognised qualifications. Let us be your partner in success, guiding you every step of your project management journey.

If you want more information about PRINCE2® , you can contact us at +44 (0) 20 3198 7700 or visit our Agile Project Management courses page.

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