Business Analysis Foundation Training

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What is the Business Analysis Foundation Training course?

All businesses need to implement business analysis in their organisation, with the buzz word being big data, businesses need to ensure they are keeping on top of trends and anomalies.

If you would like to develop your understanding of business analysis for the benefit of your own business, or as a stepping stone towards becoming a professional business analyst yourself, you need to take the lead and sign up to this exciting and innovative course that can allow you to gain insight and expertise, from the comfort of your own home!

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Business Analysis Foundation Training

Get to grips with the fundamental concepts that can help you to master business analysis in the workplace. 

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Who is it for

Is the Business Analysis Foundation Training online course right for me?

The Business Analysis Foundation certification is for anyone who requires an understanding of Business Analysis. This includes business analysts, business managers and their staff, business change managers and project managers.

This course is also suitable for those who are considering a career change to become a business analyst and who would like to understand more about the role.


What job could I get with a Business Analysis Foundation Training?

  • Project Worker
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Improvement Manager

Why study with us

Why study Business Analysis Foundation Training Online Course with e-Careers?

  • Work through the course whenever it is convenient to do so. Online courseware is available throughout the day, so there is no need to worry about existing work and home commitments.
  • Compatible with a number of devices and platforms, so students can work at home or on the go.
  • Accessible for a full 6 months after signup, so don’t worry about trying to cram all the study in to reach unachievable deadlines.
  • Prepare yourself for the final exam by working through all of this essential course material. By working through this course, you will have a better chance of achieving a higher score in the Foundation examination
  • Build your confidence in the field and progress further with your business analysis career!

Course Details

What are the Business Analysis Foundation Training online course modules?

  • Introduction/What is Business Analysis
  • The Competencies of a Business Analyst
  • Strategy Analysis
  • The Business Analysis Process Model
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Modelling Business Systems
  • Modelling Business Processes
  • Gathering the Requirements
  • Documenting and Managing Requirements
  • Modelling Requirements
  • Delivering the Requirements
  • Making a Business and Financial Case
  • Implementing Business Change

Business Analysis Foundation Training Exams

There are no exams included in this course.

What does the Business Analysis Foundation Training course cover?

  • Define business analysis, and learn more about what it entails.
  • Understand more about the competencies of a business analyst.
  • Get to grips with strategy analysis.
  • Work your way through the business analysis process model and the various investigative techniques that are used.
  • Take a look at strategy analysis and management.
  • Learn how to model business systems and processes.
  • Demonstrate how to gather, document, manage, model and deliver the various requirements that have been established.
  • Learn how to make a business and financial case and appreciate how changes in a business can be implemented in order to see a successful improvement.
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