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4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

AWS Certification Courses

Discover the limitless possibilities of AWS certifications with e-Careers.

Our comprehensive courses are designed to provide industry-specific knowledge and propel your career in cloud computing to new heights. Prepare to explore your capabilities and unlock a world of diverse opportunities in this dynamic field.

With e-Careers, you can pursue your AWS certifications without the stress of a hectic schedule. Take control of your learning journey by creating a flexible routine that suits your needs. You have the freedom to choose your area of expertise within the various AWS certification exams and determine when and what you want to learn. This flexibility empowers you to align your studies with your career trajectory. 

From cloud practitioner to solutions architect, our AWS courses open doors to incredible opportunities. Gain practical, industry-specific skills that will provide an instant boost toward achieving your career goals. Our comprehensive training equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in this ever-evolving industry. 

Equip yourself with practical, industry-specific skills that offer an immediate advantage and accelerate your progress toward achieving your career goals.

Let e-Careers be your trusted partner on this transformative journey, enabling you to tap into the endless possibilities that AWS certifications bring. 

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Career opportunities after completing AWS certifications

cloud computing industry is expanding

The cloud computing industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and gaining an AWS certification gives up a plethora of fascinating job prospects. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in AWS, with the increasing acceptance of cloud technology and the demand for competent people in the industry.


Whether you're just starting or looking to advance your career, having AWS certifications on your CV will help you stand out in the employment market. Earning an AWS certification and presenting it on your CV can show companies your experience and dedication, making you a more appealing candidate for employment.

great demand

AWS certifications provide you with highly sought-after skills that are in great demand. AWS certifications provide you with transferrable abilities that will be important in today's employment market, whether you specialise in cloud architecture, development, operations, or data analytics. You will be able to work on cutting-edge cloud projects, create scalable solutions, and take advantage of powerful AWS capabilities.

advance to positions

If you are already in the IT sector, AWS certifications can help you advance to positions like Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, or DevOps Engineer. These positions provide more responsibility as well as the opportunity to build and implement cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Moreover, AWS certifications will lead to higher earning potential. According to industry data, 73% of AWS workers reported an average 27% income rise after passing their certification. Employers looking for qualified cloud specialists value the recognition and knowledge earned through AWS certifications.

AWS credentials create a solid basis for entrepreneurs. Understanding AWS can help you construct scalable and cost-effective cloud-based solutions if you want to establish your own business. You will be able to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure, security, and data management with AWS knowledge, providing you with a competitive advantage in the market.

AWS certifications provide access to a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Earning an AWS certification and displaying it on your CV can help you advance in the job market and secure better chances.

About AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely utilised cloud computing platform and is provided by Amazon.

It offers a comprehensive range of cloud-based services and solutions, empowering organisations and individuals to design, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure with flexibility and scalability.

AWS provides diverse services encompassing computation, storage, database, networking, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security, and more. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of organisations, from startups to major corporations. They can be easily customised and scaled to adapt to fluctuating demands.

Leading multinational companies such as Netflix, Uber, Instagram, Apple, and the UK's Office of National Statistics highly value AWS-certified professionals for their knowledge, expertise, and technical skills. AWS certifications are regarded as a testament to the highest standards of professionalism.

AWS has become the platform of choice for enterprises of all sizes due to its extensive range of services and continuous innovation. AWS equips businesses with essential tools and resources to address diverse computing needs and drive digital transformation.

AWS course FAQs

What is an AWS certification?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers certifications in cloud computing, which are highly esteemed credentials that demonstrate an individual's proficiency in leveraging AWS services and technology. These certifications encompass various levels, including foundational, associate, and specialty certifications. 

AWS certifications are designed to equip individuals with advanced knowledge of cloud concepts. The certification covers several core AWS services such as Amazon EC2 for scalable compute capacity, Amazon S3 for object storage, Amazon RDS for managed databases, Amazon VPC for isolated virtual networks, Amazon SNS for messaging, Amazon SQS for message queuing, and Amazon IAM for access management. 

To advance your career in cloud computing, AWS training and certifications are essential. They provide you with the necessary technical skills and enhance your expertise in cloud computing, enabling you to pursue a successful career within the AWS platform. For example, an AWS-certified database specialist possesses the capability to design and manage robust and scalable database solutions on the Amazon Web Services platform. 

AWS certifications are invaluable assets for individuals looking to progress in cloud computing careers. Obtaining an AWS certification not only brings recognition but also expands your skill set, opening doors to excellent job prospects in a fast-growing and high-demand profession. 

How much does AWS certification cost?

The price of AWS certification examinations in the UK varies according to the level and kind of certification.

  • Foundational-level tests (for example, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) cost between £100 and £150.
  • Exams at the associate level (for example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate) cost between £150 and £200.
  • Exams at the professional level (for example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional) cost between £200 and £250.
  • Specialty tests (for example, AWS Certified Security - Specialty and AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty) cost between £200 and £250.

Please keep in mind that these costs are estimates and subject to change. For the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information for certification examinations in the UK, check the official AWS Certification website.

Note that all e-Careers AWS courses include the cost of the relevant exams in the course cost, and you have the option to pay in interest-free installments.

What are the benefits of getting certified in AWS?

AWS certifications offer numerous benefits to professionals. They validate your skills and expertise in Amazon Web Services, making you a highly sought-after candidate for job opportunities and providing avenues for career advancement.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Enhanced job prospects: 

AWS certifications increase your chances of landing a job by verifying your Amazon Web Services abilities and competence.

Career advancement opportunities:   

AWS certifications open doors to higher-level jobs and responsibilities in the cloud computing sector, moving your career forward.

Industry recognition:  

AWS credentials are globally accepted and recognised, and they help to boost your professional profile and credibility in the area.

Expanded knowledge and skills:  

Preparing for AWS certifications expands your knowledge of AWS services and architectures, broadening your skill set and making you more adaptable in the business.

Access to exclusive resources and communities: 

AWS credentials grant you access to special resources and networks, enabling you to stay current, expand your knowledge, and connect with other qualified professionals.

Is AWS certification worth it? 

The AWS certification program is intended to provide a clear path for career advancement and growth within the AWS platform. Whether you are a developer, solutions architect, administrator, data analyst, or machine learning expert, there is an AWS certification customised to your role and aspirations.

The significance of AWS certifications extends beyond the certificates themselves. AWS training offers complete learning experiences that allow professionals to gain hands-on expertise with AWS services and understand how to apply them to fulfil specific business objectives.

By pursuing AWS training, individuals can acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in using the AWS Cloud. One of the core qualifications, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, provides a basic overview of AWS services and serves as a good starting point for newcomers. It covers fundamental AWS Cloud principles such as security, pricing, and architecture.

For those who want to specialise further, there are associate-level certifications available, such as the AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

Does AWS certification get you a job? 

Obtaining an AWS certification will significantly increase your job prospects in the cloud computing industry. It improves your CV and highlights your expertise with numerous AWS services and technologies, making you a more appealing candidate for job openings that demand AWS experience.

To choose the right path for AWS certification, consider the range of certifications available. AWS offers a variety of certifications, including foundational-level certifications and specialised certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03), AWS Certified Developer – Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional, AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty, AWS Certified Security – Specialty, and AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty.

Begin by selecting your professional objectives and determining the precise domain within AWS that best fits your needs. Each certification has its own set of qualifications, experience requirements, and skill levels. For example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate requires a solid understanding of AWS services, architectural best practices, and the ability to develop scalable, cost-effective AWS solutions.

After you've settled on a certification path, assess your current AWS knowledge and experience. If you're new to AWS, a foundational-level certification, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, is a good place to start. This certification verifies your knowledge of the AWS Cloud and lays the groundwork for future AWS certifications.

AWS certifications, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and specialised certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, can significantly boost your employability in the cloud computing area.

Select the certification path that best meets your objectives, analyse your current knowledge, organise your learning path, gain practical experience, and effectively prepare for the exam.

Can I get AWS certifications online? 

Beginning your AWS certification journey has never been easier or more rewarding, especially when you join e-Careers, a leading provider of online courses. With e-Careers, you have access to the most comprehensive and dynamic online learning experience, ensuring your success in AWS certifications.

Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated through our high pass rates and multiple award wins. We take pride in the high quality of our courses and the passion and experience of our instructors, who go above and beyond to guarantee that our students flourish rapidly and efficiently in their AWS certification endeavours.

AWS courses at e-Careers are designed to be flexible and convenient, allowing you to continue your educational journey without interruption. Our courses combine virtual classrooms and coaching sessions, allowing you to learn wherever you want, on any internet-enabled device.

In addition to our highly curated content, we provide a helpful learning environment through peer study groups. These scheduled collaborative meetings allow you to discuss difficulties, reinforce learning, and boost your confidence. Participating in active debates with your peers and keeping to study schedules will help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic and stay motivated throughout your journey.

We designate a study buddy - an experienced student - who will be available to answer students' questions, administer mock exams, and assist with your studies. This useful asset will assist you in better understanding complicated subjects and preparing for your exams.

We think that financial constraints should never be a hindrance to your AWS learning experience at e-Careers. We provide flexible payment plans and affordable training plans suited to your unique needs to make our courses accessible to everyone.

At e-Careers, our virtual classrooms provide expert-led, engaging courses in real time, allowing learners to join from any location with an internet connection. As you progress through the course, you will have access to a range of tools, including hands-on labs, and practical assignments, all of which are meant to help you apply your newly acquired knowledge in real-world situations.

What is the best certification for AWS? 

When it comes to choosing the best certification for AWS, the options are diverse and exciting, catering to a wide range of interests and career goals. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification is one of the most sought-after. This certification certifies your abilities in developing and delivering scalable systems on the AWS platform, making you a valuable asset to organisations seeking to effectively use cloud technology.  

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional level which focuses on deploying and operational applications on the AWS platform, is another popular option. The certification enables individuals to showcase their proficiency in infrastructure automation, application performance optimisation, and streamlining development procedures. It demonstrates your proficiency in utilising AWS services to provide dependable and effective solutions.

The best certification for AWS depends on your unique goals and interests. Take the time to investigate your options, analyse your talents and aspirations, and select the certification that best fits your career goals. Whichever certification you choose, it will surely provide you with the knowledge and skills required to flourish in the rapidly expanding world of cloud computing and AWS services. 

Is Microsoft Azure or AWS better?

When it comes to choosing a career between AWS and Microsoft Azure, the two leading cloud computing platforms, the decision can be challenging. The better choice between AWS and Microsoft Azure depends on various factors, including specific needs, requirements, and personal preferences.

Both AWS and Microsoft Azure offer certifications provided by different organisations, each with its unique focus and benefits.

Microsoft Azure, introduced by Microsoft, is a cloud computing platform and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that allows users to create, deploy, and manage applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres. Azure provides a wide range of services, including virtual machines, storage options, databases, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, analytics services, networking capabilities, and more. Its integration with Microsoft's platform makes it appealing to organisations already using Microsoft technology. 

On the other hand, AWS certification is offered by Amazon and is designed for individuals looking to explore and advance their careers in cloud computing. AWS provides a comprehensive suite of services, including scalable and adaptable cloud infrastructure, computing power, storage, databases, analytics tools, machine learning services, networking capabilities, and more.

Both Microsoft Azure and AWS are reputable certifications offered by notable organisations. Businesses of all sizes and across industries leverage AWS and Azure to harness the benefits of cloud computing. These platforms provide robust and secure architectures, scalability, and a wide range of services to meet diverse computing needs.

The decision between AWS and Azure is influenced by specific use cases, existing technological stack, regional considerations, pricing structures, and individual preferences.

However, AWS stands out as the market leader, making it a top choice for individuals pursuing a career in cloud computing. Many organisations, from startups to large corporations, rely on AWS for their cloud infrastructure. AWS offers a thriving community and a wealth of learning tools, providing unparalleled support for skill development. Its real-world applications and significant industry demand create excellent opportunities for lucrative work.

Furthermore, AWS's scalability, global reach, exceptional service offerings, market dominance, strong community support, and industry awareness differentiate it from Azure, making it a top alternative for individuals looking to thrive in the field of cloud computing.

How long does it take to get an AWS qualification? 

The highly regarded e-Careers AWS Career Academy Programme provides an ideal pathway for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in cloud computing. AWS certifications not only open numerous doors for career advancement but also validate an individual's knowledge of AWS services, making them highly sought-after in the job market.

The length of the courses vary based on the chosen qualification level, the training provider's quality, and the preferred study method.

e-Careers, the UK's leading online training provider for AWS courses, offers the most flexible and efficient study options, including tutor-led live classes, hard copy books, and exam preparation sessions.

Time taken by each certification exam:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This introductory course gives students a firm understanding of the ideas and services offered by AWS cloud computing. The 2-day course offers valuable insights and knowledge to jumpstart your cloud computing journey.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

This certification will empower you with the essential skills to architect and deploy highly available and cost-efficient distributed systems on AWS. Through a 4-day training course, you will learn more about AWS architecture and design concepts and develop your skills in developing safe, scalable solutions that adhere to industry best practices.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)

The certification enables individuals to create and deploy sophisticated, scalable, and highly available software and applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing infrastructure. The 4-day course aids in comprehending complicated architectural ideas and optimising AWS solutions for challenging business needs.

AWS Cloud Computing Career Academy Programme

The career academy programme offers a comprehensive blend of AWS courses, including AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Foundation, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, and AWS Fundamentals in DevOps, alongside study sessions, practical labs, recruitment services and other workshops. With this 6 month course, individuals can elevate their AWS careers with this all-encompassing training.

AWS certification exams play a crucial role in excelling in the field of cloud computing. The duration of these exams varies based on the certification level and the complexity of the subject matter. However, regardless of the duration, these exams provide an invaluable opportunity to validate your knowledge and expertise in AWS technologies.

By investing the necessary time and effort into exam preparation, you can enhance your professional credibility and unlock a multitude of career prospects in the rapidly expanding cloud computing industry.