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Training for a qualification in Project Management
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Training for a qualification in Project Management

What is Project Management?

In order to understand the importance of Project Management, we first need to gain a better understanding of what Project Management is.

By definition:

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.”

While Project Management is seen as an essential staple in most businesses today, this hasn’t always been the case. Early adopters and Team Leaders had to create their own tools and methodologies to provide more specific guidelines, based on their own skills and knowledge of project management. This has paved the way for project management to become a recognised and respected profession.

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Should I study for a Project Management qualification?

Every business, not matter how large or small, would benefit for having improved project management process, or a full-time Project Manager on the team! So, yes! Studying to become a certified Project Manager can really benefit you and your future career, especially if this is your first undertaking into the world of Project Management.

The knowledge you’ll gain on a project management course (either online or in a classroom), will provide you with the essential knowledge, skills, tools and tips to comfortably work within this industry and, depending on which course you choose, will prepare you to take any required examinations.  

With so many qualification options, which one is right for me and my organisation?

Realistically, there are three main Project Management qualifications that you should consider. These are based on the quality of the content provided, the course materials, study options and recognition within the industry. These are ITIL®, PRINCE2® and Lean Six Sigma.


e-Careers is proud to offer the world’s first 1-day ITIL® 4 Foundation Classroom Training Course!

This 1-day classroom training course is ideal for individuals looking to fast-track their learning and become certified faster than ever.

ITIL® 4 Foundation provides a practical, proven method for establishing a service management system. This course will provide you or your employees with the necessary understanding of essential ITIL® 4 concepts and terminology. Topics include stages of life cycle, IT Service Management Lifecycle and improving service delivery.

We offer ITIL® 4 Foundation qualifications in two formats: Online via our eLearning platform and through a 1-day classroom course.


PRINCE2® is a globally recognised project management method, with over one million examination taken each year. (Yes, that’s two exams every minute!).

PRINCE2® courses are available in three different levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional.

Foundation level has no prerequisites, but both the Practitioner and Professional require the previous course to be completed before you undertake the next.

Benefits of PRINCE2®

  •    This qualification utilises tried and tested methodologies and industry best practice
  •    Provides a uniformed language for project managers
  •    Globally recognised and accepted

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two ‘Process Improvement’ methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma. It is a method used to help improve overall performance through the process of removing waste and reducing variations.

Lean Six Sigma aims to improve time management and customer loyalty, while reducing cycle time.

Lean helps to Improve a business by preserving quality and value, with less work.

Six Sigma Helps to improve the quality of process outputs, by identifying waste and removing the cause of defects.

The eight types of waste are:

  •    Defects
  •    Over-Production
  •    Waiting
  •    Non-utilised talent
  •    Transportation
  •    Inventory
  •    Motion
  •    Extra-Processing

Lean Six Sigma is built upon five specific principles, with an easy to remember acronym – DMAIC. This stands for:  

  •    Define
  •    Measure
  •    Analyse
  •    Improve
  •    Control

To help identify what Lean Six Sigma level you’re trained to, qualifications are recognised by belt colours, like martial arts. The main belts awarded are:

Yellow Belt (Beginner) – Lean Six Sigma Awareness

Green Belt (Intermediate) – Focus on tool usage and lean principles application

Black Belt (Advance / Manager) – Full time project leader 

We have two options for study, Online through ISSAC and in a classroom, through CEPAS.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  •    Improved Customer satisfaction
  •    Reduction in costs
  •    Productivity improvements
  •    Increase in revenue

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What are the benefits of having a project management qualification?

There are many benefits of having a project management qualification, including:

  •    Improved job prospects and job security
  •    Higher earning potential
  •    Internationally recognised qualification and skills (ability to work anywhere in the world)
  •    You and your organisation can experience an increase in efficiency and productivity
  •    Successful delivery of key projects for your business
  •    You can work in a wide range of industries, across different sectors

Gain your Project Management qualification today, with e-Careers.

Why study Project Management with e-Careers?

Here at e-Careers we offer both online and classroom-based courses, depending on your requirements.

Our interactive online courses cover a detailed and in-depth range of knowledge and skills, with training videos led by industry experts. All course material contains visual presentations, quizzes and exam simulators. 

Besides this, we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer support. Don’t just take our word for it, see what one of our students had to say:  

Their PMI Project Management Professional course was easy to follow. It’s set out well, and I received a lot of help from the staff involved if I had any queries. It’s also very convenient to be able to do at my own pace. I would recommend e-Careers to anyone wishing to pursue a career in project management.”

(Liam Hackett, Project Manager)

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