Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing - Online

What is the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course about?

This 30-hour course teaches you everything you need to know about digital marketing to add value to any business. The syllabus has been carefully developed by the DMI and is regularly updated to reflect current standards.

If you want to get a broad understanding of digital marketing but don't have the time to sit in a classroom, this is the course for you. It's purely online and comes with tutorials, quizzes & case studies to verify you're making progress as well as top-notch tutor support to answer any questions you may have.

Gain a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, with the Digital Marketing Institute. Enrol today! 

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Included
  • Mock Exams Included
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Accredited by the DMI
  • Incl. 12 Months DMI Membership
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Included
  • Mock Exams Included
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Accredited by the DMI
  • Incl. 12 Months DMI Membership
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Who is this Digital Marketing Course for?

When doing an online course in digital marketing, it's important to consider your goals and ambitions before spending money.
This is the right course for you if you recognise yourself in any of these:

  1. You're a complete beginner, looking for your first job or looking for a career change. This course will be helpful for you because it doesn't assume any prior knowledge - the first module teaches you everything about the concepts in digital marketing and serves as an introduction, while the other 9 modules go into detail for different areas. After completing the course, you'll be an all-rounder and ready to add value to any business.
  2. You already work in digital marketing, but you're focused on one particular area. Maybe your first job was to run social media for a company who didn't do anything, and you've developed from that into a social media manager, but now you'd like to lay the foundations for a broader career in digital marketing and expand your knowledge & skills.
  3. You're a team leader/manager or owner at a local or SME business. You're specialised to work with people but sometimes those people deal with complex subjects such as PPC, SEO or Email Marketing. You're looking to gain an overview of all digital marketing disciplines to better manage your people as well as understand where there are gaps in your activities.

Do you feel like you're already too advanced for a general course?

Have a look at our specialized courses in Social Media, Search Marketing or Digital Strategy & Planning.

What is included in this Digital Marketing Course?

  • 6 months access to the online course
  • 30+ hours of dynamic video presentations, tutorials, mock exams, practical exercises & quizzes
  • 6 months of excellent tutor support
  • 12 months DMI membership
  • 2 hour multi-choice exam

Why take this Digital Marketing Course with e-Careers?

Since 2011, e-Careers has helped over 500,000 learners from over 50 countries improve their education.

Now, we have a heavy focus on closing the digital skills gap, in particular, Digital Marketing & Cyber Security.

We want to equip you to tackle the Digital Marketing problems of tomorrow, which is why we provide:

  • DMI accredited course material
  • Free membership
  • Tutor support
  • Online & Classroom course, because we know people learn in different ways

Our Trustpilot rating right now is excellent with 5 stars. 

What is the syllabus for this Digital Marketing Course?

It's important for you to know what you're signing up to.
The syllabus for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is fully up to date and has been revised by the DMI for 2019.

Did you know they work with leading digital companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn on its Syllabus Advisory Council to keep course content fresh, relevant & up to date?

Module 1 - Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 2 - Content Marketing

Module 3 - Social Media Marketing

Module 4 - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 5 - Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads

Module 6 - Display and Video Advertising

Module 7 - Email Marketing

Module 8 - Website Optimization

Module 9 - Analytics with Google Analytics

Module 10 - Digital Marketing Strategy

What is included in the DMI Membership?

Membership provides an ongoing relationship that delivers just-in-time training and continuous professional development, and an evolving content library that you can use in your daily work.

Membership is about staying connected. Connected to trends in the industry. Connected to experts who can bring unique insights to your work. Connected to thousands of fellow digital alumni around the globe. Connected to opportunities within this network.

Your digital career is evolving every day. 
So will your membership of the Digital Marketing Institute. 
You define your career path.

We’ll support the journey.

Exam details 

From May 29th, 2020 delegates will be able to book and complete their DMI exams online. This means it is now possible to complete your exams from the comfort and security of your own home. This is referred to as ’Online Proctoring’.

What to do next

If you have not booked your Exam:

If you’re ready to book your exam now and would like to take it online, you can schedule your exam here - (Please note it takes 3 - 4 weeks to get an appointment date and time for your exam).

If you have booked your exam, but would like to take the exam remotely instead of at a Test Centre:

That’s fine. First, you need to cancel your scheduled exam and then re-book following the instructions for the online proctoring options. You can cancel your exam up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled date and time.

If you have booked your exam at a test centre and prefer to take the exam there.

Leave it as planned. You don’t need to do anything.

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