SAP CO - Controlling Internal Order Accounting

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What is the SAP CO - Controlling Internal Order Accounting course?

SAP CO functions cover many different aspects of accounting, cost flows, purchase orders, and more. At some point, you will come across internal order accounting in SAP Controlling.

Internal orders are often described as mini projects, that run for a given period and have costs assigned to them during that time. During this course, you will become familiar with internal order creation, assigning and settling costs, and various stats and reporting tasks, so it’s a smart investment for anyone working with SAP systems on a daily basis.

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SAP CO - Controlling Internal Order Accounting

Become familiar with internal orders so you can maximise your use of SAP CO on a daily basis in any project.

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Who is it for

Is the SAP CO – Controlling Internal Order Accounting online course right for me?

This course is perfect for you if you’re working with Controlling in SAP on a regular basis, through either an accounting or managerial role. You will have responsibility for Controlling accounting tasks, or have to perform a variety of operations using the system and this course will help you to master everything from basic up to an advanced level.


How can I advance my career with the SAP CO – Controlling Internal Order Accounting online course?

This course is a must-have investment for both controlling accounting and performing tasks on the system, and will ensure you refresh or gain the knowledge needed to perform a range of internal order tasks and progress in your position in the future.

Why study with us

Why study the SAP CO – Controlling Internal Order Accounting online course with e-Careers?

  • Hands-on practical tasks covering all the fundamental topics
  • Comprehensive basic to advanced level course
  • Entry level to advanced activities all in one great value course
  • Log-on and study wherever you have internet access and a suitable device
  • 24-hour customer support available
  • One year unlimited access to course material so you can learn at your own pace
  • Continue your SAP training and progress in the workplace
  • Once you complete the course you will gain an internationally valid SAP certificate
  • Full, 24/7, online based SAP support available

Course Details

What are the SAP CO – Controlling Internal Order Accounting online course modules?

  • Creating internal orders
  • Release an internal order
  • Post a vendor invoice to internal order
  • Posting stock materials to internal orders
  • Produce actual line item report for internal order
  • Settlement of internal orders to cost centre
  • Produce a settlement report
  • Statistic internal order
  • Posting to a statistic internal order
  • Actual line item reports for statistic orders
  • Cost centre report with statistic order posting
  • Create an internal order original budget
  • Account assign purchase order to internal order
  • Internal order commitment reports
  • Good receipt of purchase
  • Material document report
  • Purchase reports
  • Internal order report after goods receipt
  • Direct work activity allocation
  • Warning mail to budget responsible
  • Budget vs actual report

What does the SAP CO - Controlling Internal Order Accounting online course cover?

This comprehensive course features 21 lessons covering entry level to advanced tasks in the SAP Controlling environment. Introductions are included to internal order creation, posting of costs to internal orders and settlement of costs to a cost centre, along with statistical internal orders and internal order reports. You can also expect to cover purchase reports, budget vs actual report, and actual line item reports for internal or statistic orders.

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