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5 Key Benefits of CIPD Membership to Boost Your HR Salary and Career

The world of HR is a dynamic landscape, demanding professionals who can navigate complex challenges with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If you envision yourself as a leader in the people profession, consider the power of getting a CIPD qualification and becoming a member of the CIPD.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( CIPD ) is the leading professional body for HR practitioners recognised in the UK and worldwide. Holding a CIPD membership isn't just a badge of honour – it's a strategic investment in your career. Here's how CIPD membership can propel your HR journey:

Boost your credibility and recognition

Boost your credibility and recognition

CIPD qualifications are universally recognised. Completing a Foundation Certificate or a CIPD Diploma program strengthens your professional standing. To gain the prestigious CIPD status on your name and access to the full benefits of Professional membership, you'll need to apply separately after successfully finishing your course.

For example, after completing a CIPD Level 3 course, you have to apply for a Foundation member and then gain the "CIPD Foundation" status after your name. For Level 5 course completion, you can then apply for Associate member and achieve the "CIPD Associate" status.

As you can see, achieving membership CIPD qualifications signifies your commitment to excellence and continuous professional development. So, in return, it boosts your credibility and earning potential.

The CIPD designation, like "Assoc CIPD" or "Chartered Member," would greatly attract your portfolio. This makes your profile stand out among employers, clients, and even peers within the people profession. Overall, it underscores your dedication to enhancing working lives and improving yourself to establish professional credibility.

Unlock Exclusive Resources and Support

Unlock Exclusive Resources and Support

Imagine brainstorming solutions to an HR challenge with a network of experienced professionals. These connections can be instrumental in career development, providing mentorship opportunities, and potentially opening doors to new job prospects and career paths.The CIPD community offers unparalleled exclusive access to extensive development tools and resources. These were meticulously designed so you can continuously excel and develop your people management skills.

If you complete your CIPD qualification with us at e-Careers, you can also enjoy the following member benefits to achieve your full potential as you complete your CIPD qualifications:

  • Industry trends & updates

    Each member enjoys exclusive access to many HR and L&D resources. This includes pioneering research, detailed guides covering the intricacies of employment law, factsheets, strategies, surveys and policy reports.
  • Exclusive discounts

    Get 20% off on your CIPD textbooks when you purchase through Kogan Page.
  • TOTUM PRO Student Discount Card

    Access various discounts and deals across dining, fashion, tech, travel, and essentials.
  • Industry-Leading Tutors

    We have some of the most acclaimed tutors who will provide extensive support to guarantee the successful completion of your CIPD course.
  • Connect with like-minded people

    You can network and connect to other CIPD students and professionals in the community.
  • Growth Masterclasses

    Get access to our team's career coaching and guidance to help you market your qualifications and skills effectively.

These development tools are instrumental in ensuring that HR and L&D professionals not only maintain their relevance within their respective fields but also secure a competitive edge.

Network with Industry Leaders

Network with Industry Leaders

CIPD membership connects you to a vibrant network of HR professionals from across the UK.

Connect with peers, attend member events, and gain valuable insights from seasoned practitioners. This network provides invaluable support, offering a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship with industry leaders.

Imagine brainstorming solutions to an HR challenge with a network of experienced professionals. These connections can be instrumental in career development, providing mentorship opportunities, and potentially opening doors to new job prospects and career paths.

Access to Tailored Career Guidance & CPD

Access to Tailored Career Guidance & CPD

As a member of the CIPD, you gain access to personalised career guidance resources. The CIPD offers a profession map outlining career pathways within HR and the qualifications needed for each stage.

In addition, CIPD membership encourages and facilitates ongoing professional development through a range of courses, workshops, and online learning modules. Benefit from expert advice on crafting your resume, preparing for interviews, and charting your ideal career trajectory.

These development tools are designed to keep your skills sharp and knowledge current. Completing a CIPD qualification or continuously engaging in CPD activities can accelerate your career progression and make you more eligible for higher-paying roles.

Salary Potential and Career Advancement

Salary Potential and Career Advancement

Studies consistently show a strong correlation between CIPD membership and earning potential. Many employers recognise the value of a CIPD-qualified professional, leading to higher salaries and better career prospects.

In fact, a staggering 75% of HR professionals who pursued CIPD qualifications reported significant career advancement and an increase in their earning potential. CIPD membership equips you with the knowledge, expertise, and network to secure senior HR roles and continuously advance your HR career.

Investing in CIPD membership is an investment in your HR future. If you want to learn more about the potential HR and L&D roles for each CIPD level membership and their average salary, check them out in the next section.

Guide to CIPD Membership Levels & Requirements 

Guide to CIPD Membership Levels & Requirements

After looking at the 5 key benefits of becoming a CIPD member, let's familiarise ourselves with the various membership levels and the benefits of CIPD registration. The CIPD offers a tiered membership structure aligned with your experience and expertise in the HR and people development field.

Each grade signifies a distinct level of capability and unlocks a specific set of benefits to empower your career journey. For comprehensive information and each membership's current joining fee rates, visit the CIPD website. Let's explore the CIPD membership grades:

1. Student Member

While you're working towards your CIPD qualification, consider applying for Student Membership. This allows you to connect with the HR community and access resources to support your studies.

Key Benefits:A student membership ensures your studies and assessments are formally processed and recognised by the CIPD as you take your courses.

Typical Positions:Internships or entry-level HR roles

Estimated Salary:£18,000 - £30,000 per year

2. Foundation Member

Upon successful completion of the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate, you'll be eligible to apply for Foundation Membership. This demonstrates your foundational knowledge in HR or L&D and opens doors to further development opportunities within the CIPD community.

Key Benefits:Acknowledges your foundational knowledge and skills in the profession. Achieve the 'CIPD Foundation' status in your name after applying for professional membership.

Typical Positions: HR Administrator, L&D Assistant

Estimated Salary:£25,000 - £45,000 per year

Career Path:Earning your CIPD Level 3 opens doors to two main paths:

  • Launching your HR or L&D career in an entry-level role, or
  • Continuing your education with the CIPD Associate Diploma further enhances your skillset and marketability. You can choose to focus on either People Management or Organisational L&D course.

3. Associate Member

If you pursue either of the Level 5 qualifications, you'll become an Associate Member CIPD.

Key Benefits:Recognises your commitment and ability to apply HR or L&D knowledge in real-world settings, significantly boosting your professional standing. Gain the CIPD Associate membership or 'Assoc CIPD' designation once you apply for this membership.

Typical Positions

  • ForLevel 5 People Management:HR Business Partner or Manager, People Analyst, Employee Relations Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, or Talent Manager
  • ForLevel 5 Organisational L&D:L&D Business Partner or Manager, L&D Consultant, Organisation Design Specialist, Organisational Development Business Partner, L&D Designer

Estimated Salary:£30,000 - £55,000 per year

Career Path:With your Level 5 CIPD qualification, you're well-positioned for mid-level HR or L&D roles. Just like after the Level 3 qualification, completing the CIPD Level 5 opens two main doors.

  • You can leverage your newfound expertise to launch your HR or L&D career in a more established role.
  • Consider pursuing the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma for further career advancement towards Chartered Membership.

4. Chartered Member

Attaining the Level 7 Advanced Diploma or an equivalent qualification qualifies you for Chartered Membership, granting exclusive access to resources, events, and industry recognition.

Key Benefits:As a Chartered Member, you're a recognised leader within the HR profession. You'll also achieve the 'Chartered MCIPD' status in your name.

Typical Positions:Head of HR or L&D, HR or L&D Director

Estimated Salary:£50,000 - £150,000 per year

Career Path:Leverage your expertise to secure senior HR or L&D positions and contribute strategically to organisational success. You can also consider pursuing a Chartered Fellowship, which is the highest level of recognition within the CIPD.

5. Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD)

Chartered Fellowship is reserved for senior leaders who have significantly contributed to the profession. It requires a minimum of one year's experience operating at this level.

Key Benefits:The pinnacle of professional recognition, it celebrates your extensive contributions and leadership in shaping the HR profession. Achieve the 'Chartered FCIPD' designation.

Typical Positions:Senior HR Director, Head of L&D

Estimated Salary:£55,000+ per year

Career Path:The common next steps are opportunities to influence policy, consult on high-level projects, or lead organisational change. You may also consider roles in academia, sharing your knowledge with the next generation of HR professionals.

Beyond HR CIPD Membership

The CIPD also caters memberships to professionals outside the core HR and L&D fields:

  • Academic Membership:If you're involved in teaching or researching HRM or related areas, this membership is for you. However, achieving this requires a formal assessment from the organisation.
  • Affiliate Membership:Designed for non-HR professionals seeking access to CIPD resources and support for developing effective people practices within their organisations.
  • Chartered Companion:This CIPD membership is the highest level of recognition bestowed upon exceptional leaders in the field through nomination and selection by the CIPD Board.

Finding your fit among these Membership Levels

If you want to join or advance within the CIPD membership ranks, it's essential to consider where you currently stand in terms of qualifications and experience. Remember, each membership grade has specific eligibility criteria and application processes.


CIPD membership unlocks a powerful toolkit to propel your HR career forward. From enhanced credibility and exclusive resources to invaluable networking and career guidance, CIPD empowers you to excel in the dynamic world of HR.

Ready to take your HR expertise to the next level and unlock your full earning potential? At e-Careers, we offer a comprehensive selection of CIPD courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills employers seek. Explore our course offerings today and discover how we can help you achieve your HR career goals!

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