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5 Key Insights for Mastering CIPD Accreditation & Levels for Professional Qualification

Are you an HR professional looking to advance and develop your career and gain credibility? It would be best to consider pursuing a CIPD professional qualification.

With the ever-changing business and employment landscape, staying updated with the latest knowledge and skills is crucial for success. Completing a CIPD level qualification can help support HR professionals' career progression.

But with so many different points, levels and study options now available, how do you know which of the three levels is right for you? Let's explore five key insights that will guide you in mastering the CIPD levels and unlock the full potential of your professional qualifications.

What is CIPD, and what are its qualifications?

What is CIPD, and what are its qualifications?

First, you need to understand what CIPD is and why their qualifications are relevant in the HR and people profession. CIPD sets the gold standard and professional body for education and training in the Human Resources (HR), Learning & Development (L&D), and people practice fields.

A CIPD qualification enhances your knowledge and demonstrates your commitment to excellence in people practice. Understanding CIPD accreditation and courses is crucial for your success as you pursue this path.

How many CIPD levels are there?

A CIPD qualification is a specific credential or certificate awarded to you if you completed a CIPD-approved course. These CIPD courses are categorised into three levels (Level 3, 5, and 7), each designed to correspond to different stages of progress in a professional's career in HR or L&D.

CIPD Foundation Certificate (Level 3):

This Foundation Certificate course is an entry-level qualification ideal if you are new to HR and L&D, providing a solid foundation for beginners or those with minimal experience. Once completed, you can proudly use the designation 'CIPD Foundation" after your name.

CIPD Associate Diploma (Level 5):

Comparable to an undergraduate HR degree. CIPD Level 5 is ideal for you if you want to progress from CIPD Level 3 or have significant experience and aiming for management roles. It validates expertise with a focus on practical skills in two professions:

After completing either of the Level 5 courses, you can apply for professional membership at this level and use "CIPD Associate" after your name.

CIPD Advanced Diploma (Level 7):

This CIPD level is equivalent to a postgraduate degree, designed for strategic senior experts aiming to influence at a high level.

Once you complete this programme, you can attain the following membership: CIPD Associate Member, with the potential to upgrade to Chartered Member (MCIPD) or Chartered Fellow(FCIPD), depending on your experience.

Why is it important to choose the right CIPD qualifications?

Choosing the right CIPD level is crucial. These qualifications ensure that your organisation and professional skill set is robust, comprehensive and aligned with up-to-date trends and practices in HR and L&D, employment law, people management, employment relations, and talent management.

This strategic alignment with industry standards underscores the importance of choosing the right CIPD qualification level to foster professional learning and advancement within the dynamic realms of HR or L&D.

What is CIPD membership?

What is CIPD membership?

Becoming a CIPD member offers many benefits, including access to the latest industry research, resources, and networking opportunities.

Membership grades reflect your CIPD qualifications and experience. Your CIPD membership should correspond with your present capabilities and CIPD level qualification.

  • Student Membership:Required during study for a CIPD qualification; ensures you're eligible for your assessments to be marked and provides you with additional support and learning resources.

  • Foundation Membership:Granted upon completing the Level 3 Foundation Certificate, which earns you 'Foundation CIPD' status, recognising introductory HR or L&D knowledge. It demonstrates your commitment to ongoing learning and establishes a solid foundation.

  • Associate Membership: 'Associate CIPD' status is awarded upon completing the Level 5 Associate Diploma. It signifies that you’re a skilled HR professional, valued for your expertise and current knowledge.

  • Chartered Membership:Eligible with the Level 7 Advanced Diploma, indicating high professional expertise in HR or L&D jobs. It signifies your ability to lead strategic thinking, drive change, and create value for your organisation.

  • Chartered Fellow:For senior leaders who have significantly contributed to the profession, with at least one year's experience at this level. It grants you a respected voice to advocate for change, develop HR policies, and further immerse yourself in the HR community.

  • Academic Membership: This caters to those engaged in teaching, lecturing, and research within the HR or L&D domain. It showcases proficiency in advancing the field’s intellectual growth and making a tangible impact in the professional world.

  • CIPD Affiliate Member:Open to non-HR and L&D professionals needing access to CIPD resources and networks to support their work and keep your people policies on track. This also connects you with a global network of over 160,000 professionals with whom you can share insights.

  • Chartered Companion: Highest recognition in the HR and people development field, gained through nomination and selection by the CIPD Board. It’s bestowed upon exceptional leaders with a proven track record, significant impact, and outstanding contributions to the profession throughout their careers.

Visit CIPD membership fees online to learn the current rates and how to apply for each membership qualification.

How long does it take to complete the CIPD courses?

How long does it take to complete the CIPD courses?

The duration to complete each CIPD course varies. While you're working full-time, each CIPD level can be completed as follows:

  • CIPD Level 3:This course typically takes learners anywhere from 7 to 9 months.

  • CIPD Level 5:This associate diploma qualification generally takes between 9 and 15 months to complete.

  • CIPD Level 7:This advanced diploma course also typically takes between 18 and 24 months to complete.

Please note that the duration can vary depending on your pace of study and the specific course structure. On average, it’s advisable to allocate approximately 6 weeks per assignment for completion, including your learning time.

For example, a CIPD Level 3 consists of 4 modules, meaning you’ll have 4 assignments to complete. So, 4 assignments x 6 weeks = 24 weeks, which translates to approximately 6 months. Allowing for a week or two before moving on to the next module, you should aim to complete the Level 3 CIPD course from month 7 onwards.

Is it possible to accelerate your CIPD qualification?

Absolutely! With our flexible approach, you can control how quickly you complete your CIPD qualification. We provide 12 months of access for Level 3 courses and 18 months for Level 5, ensuring you have plenty of time to complete your studies comfortably.

Our CIPD courses are entirely self-paced, so the only limitation is how much time you can dedicate to your studies.

And here's the best part: you're not locked into a fixed speed. If your plans change or life gets busy, don't worry! Adjust your pace to fit your lifestyle and commitments.

How can you enhance your career with a CIPD qualification?

How can you enhance your career with a CIPD qualification?

CIPD qualifications provide a formidable foundation for HR/L&D roles and your organisation, ensuring your people management and development skills are current and forward-looking.

  • Gaining recognition as a committed and knowledgeable HR or L&D professional.
  • Qualifying for roles with better compensation packages and improved job security.
  • Connecting with a global community of HR and L&D professionals, fostering connections that can open doors to new opportunities.
  • Enhancing your attractiveness to employers worldwide with a qualification recognised globally.
  • You are enhancing your capability to influence at a strategic level by equipping you with the latest insights and industry practices.
  • Elevating your credibility within the HR and L&D professions positions you as a trusted advisor in your field.

What to look for in a CIPD-accredited provider?

What to look for in a CIPD-accredited provider?

It's essential to select a provider accredited by the CIPD to ensure the reputation and recognition of your certification across the HR and L&D professions. Be cautious, as some training providers might claim to be accredited when, in fact, they are not.

Choose a CIPD-accredited provider that enriches your learning journey with comprehensive support and resources. Here are some things to consider and how we at e-Careers align with these criteria:

  • Industry leader:We have over 10 years of experience delivering online professional qualifications.

  • Accreditation and recognition: We're proud to be one of the top providers of CIPD training courses. Our accredited status ensures that those who complete their course with us receive high-quality qualifications recognised worldwide.

  • Flexibility and accessibility:Our CIPD courses are delivered as a combination of self-paced online learning with live online classes and unlimited support from expert tutors. Our industry-leading platform and engaging materials make studying convenient and accessible, anywhere, anytime.

  • Comprehensive support:The eLearning platform includes videos recorded by your lead tutor, Natalie Swift, who has over 25 years of HR and CIPD teaching experience. These videos guide you through every step of their learning journey, covering topics such as course introduction, assessment submission, and effective study techniques.

  • Rich Learning Materials & Assessment Support:The course includes numerous interactive materials and videos explaining how to study each unit, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. You can also receive guidance on answering assessment questions and referencing within your assignments.

  • Professional networking:Get connected with the CIPD community where HR and L&D professionals can connect, learn, and engage with you.

  • Trusted partner and innovation: We are a trusted training partner to over 50 colleges, unions, organisations, and government bodies. We constantly innovate to ensure every programme is engaging, practical, accessible, and affordable.

  • Affordable Payment Plans: We offer affordable, interest-free options for all budgets. That means we'll work together to find an affordable way for you to get trained and qualified.

  • Other extra advantages:Benefits from a TOTUM PRO Student Discount Card, offering a wide array of discounts on dining, fashion, tech, travel, and daily essentials with over 400 deals on the TOTUM platform. Additionally, you gain access to exclusive Growth Masterclasses, providing expert career coaching to enhance employability in the HR field.


Mastering CIPD and understanding its levels are crucial in advancing your career in HR or L&D. The CIPD qualifications offer a clear pathway to enhance your professional standing, increase earning potential, and open new career opportunities.

Remember, choosing the right CIPD-accredited provider is as important as the qualification. With us at e-Careers, you get the flexibility, accessibility online, the most comprehensive learning and support, and the quality of education needed to succeed...all at the most affordable prices.

So, why wait? Take the next step in your professional journey today. Contact us today to speak with our course advisors or explore our range of CIPD courses. Kickstart your journey towards a rewarding career in HR or L&D with us.

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