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Certification AWS: Guide to taking your career to the clouds

Are you looking to build a career in cloud computing?

An AWS certification is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise in cloud computing. It showcases to potential employers that you possess the proficiency and abilities necessary to be successful as an AWS professional.

Cloud computing has emerged as the cornerstone of modern businesses, transforming the way industries operate and deliver services. Cloud computing revolutionises the process of service and application creation, distribution, and scalability.

Cloud Computing

AWS is the leading cloud computing platform and is at the forefront of this digital transformation. AWS's comprehensive suite of services and tools has transformed organisations across sectors, making it a game-changer.

AWS training and certifications actively transform your technological knowledge into industry-specific expertise.

Let's explore AWS training and certifications and understand why they are the top choice for professionals seeking enhanced opportunities in cloud computing.

What are AWS certifications & why are they important?

Cloud computing has become a crucial component for businesses across many industries. Businesses have adopted this innovative technology to enhance productivity in the rapidly evolving data-driven environment.

AWS systems are a comprehensive set of tools that enable businesses to develop and manage their IT infrastructure in the cloud. AWS certifications validate an individual's expertise in designing, building and managing AWS systems effectively.

In the fiercely competitive digital era, having strong expertise in AWS becomes a significant differentiator, showcasing your deep knowledge and positioning you as an expert in the field.

Whether you are looking to start a career or change career into this sector, getting trained and gaining an AWS certification is an ideal choice.

Are AWS certifications worth doing?

There are several reasons why studying AWS and gaining certifications are key for anyone looking to pursue a career in cloud computing. Some of them include:

Career Advancement

  • AWS-certified individuals can significantly contribute to business success. With the increasing use of cloud computing platforms in different organisations, individuals who have expertise in key AWS services can gain career success.
  • Moreover, AWS-certified cloud practitioners are acclaimed worldwide, which helps professionals acquire opportunities both internationally and domestically.

Industry Recognition

  • The industry widely recognises and respects AWS certifications. A certification in AWS helps to validate an individual's proficiency and knowledge in the industry.
  • Nowadays, many companies are only hiring cloud engineers who have AWS certification(s). This ensures their alignment with the latest trends and practices in the cloud industry.

Keeping pace with AWS innovations

  • AWS platforms constantly evolve and continuously add services, features, and updates to their cloud platform.
  • By pursuing an official AWS certification, AWS practitioners will remain current with the latest cloud technologies and leverage them to increase efficiency.
  • By staying current with AWS platforms, certified professionals can deliver innovative solutions to their organisations and clients.

Skill validations

  • AWS certifications provide robust validation of a professional's skills and expertise. This helps professionals to validate advanced skills and helps in understanding cloud technologies, architecture principles and operational considerations.
  • By passing an AWS certification, professionals showcase their mastery and competency in leveraging AWS systems effectively, which can boost their confidence and provide validation to employers and clients about their capabilities. 
  • AWS certifications will help you progress your career, obtain market recognition, increase your knowledge, and boost your confidence in your skills in cloud computing. This ultimately leads to better employment prospects and professional success.

What makes AWS certifications unique?

AWS is the undisputed industry leader in cloud computing platforms.

AWS certifications stand out as a unique and highly regarded credential within the cloud computing industry. Therefore, AWS certification will help individuals fast-track their careers in the sector.

AWS Certifications Unique

AWS is established as the go-to platform for multiple industries of all sizes and therefore getting AWS certifications will help individuals in expanding the horizon of their career growth and development.

AWS certifications focus on validating the expertise of skilled professionals in real-time.

The global demand for AWS-certified cloud practitioners continues to grow, which presents abundant job opportunities and career advancement prospects.

What are the benefits of doing an AWS certification?

Individuals who pursue AWS certifications can profit greatly from their efforts.

Working with the top cloud platform, demonstrates substantial knowledge and competence, which is evidenced through AWS certifications.

The certifications are ideal for career starters, career changers or those that wish to upskill within the industry.

Benefits of AWS certifications include:

  • Improved job prospects and higher salaries - with an average salary of £57,000 for an AWS Solutions Architect in the UK (Source: Glassdoor).
  • Increased credibility in the field of cloud computing.
  • A better understanding of how to use AWS services for maximum efficiency.
  • Valuable networking opportunities with other certified professionals.
  • Access to exclusive resources such as practice exams, study materials, and discounts on AWS products and services.

What are the different paths for AWS certifications?

AWS offer multiple paths for learning and accreditation. We have summarised them below.

AWS Certifications

Foundational certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS offers the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. This certification validates the knowledge and comprehension of AWS cloud services amongst individuals who have no prior experience in cloud computing or the IT industry.

This entry-level qualification is essential for professionals in various IT fields as it establishes a solid foundation and creates opportunities for career growth.

This AWS certification provides applicants with a strong foundation in cloud computing by covering crucial areas such as cloud principles, core AWS services, security, compliance, pricing, billing and support.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is valid for three years; after that, candidates must re-certify to keep their status. Moreover, AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a stepping stone for more advanced skills and courses such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is an excellent way to kick-start your cloud computing career.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a valuable certification for individuals in the field of cloud architecture. It demonstrates expertise in designing and deploying scalable, cost-effective, and highly available applications on the AWS platform.

There are two levels of solution architect certification:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, is the entry-level certification offered by AWS. It validates an individual's fundamental understanding of AWS services and architectural best practices.

It exhibits knowledge of critical architectural concepts such as security, scalability and fault tolerance. Earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification validates a professional's expertise in designing and deploying scalable, cost-effective solutions on the AWS platform.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, is the advanced level certification offered by AWS. It demonstrates a higher level of proficiency in creating sophisticated applications and infrastructures on AWS.

Professionals who hold these professional-level certifications demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of AWS services, multi-tier application architectures, data migration methodologies and hybrid architecture deployment. They excel at creating fault-tolerant, scalable, and highly available systems that satisfy specific business objectives.

Professionals who acquire the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications demonstrate their knowledge of AWS services, ability to develop and implement cloud solutions, and comprehension of architectural best practices.

These AWS certifications are well-regarded in the industry and can lead to a lucrative and exciting future in cloud architecture and design.

e-Careers is one of industries leading providers of AWS Cloud Architect courses, with an AWS Academy Programme specifically targeted at career starters and career changers.

Application Architect

AWS offers the Application Architect certification, which focuses on building important areas of application architecture such as user interface, middleware and infrastructure, with the primary goal of developing scalable, dependable and managed enterprise-wide systems. 

Application architects play a crucial role in shaping the overall structure and design of these systems.

Earning a certification as an AWS Application Architect verifies your knowledge, expands your career opportunities, and demonstrates your ability to create high-performance apps on the AWS platform.

Data Analytics

Cloud Data Engineer

The AWS Certified Data Analytics certification is the first step towards becoming a Cloud Data Engineer with a focus on data analytics. The specialty certification provides individuals with a clear path to excel in AWS data analytics.

Professionals with these specialty certifications will be well-positioned to use the platform's capabilities and create innovative solutions through advanced analytics, machine learning and AI-driven insights.

As a Cloud Data Engineer, obtaining the AWS Certified Database - Specialty certification validates your competence in creating and administering secure and efficient database solutions on the AWS platform.

These credentials provide you with a competitive advantage and open up fascinating job prospects in the rapidly developing field of data analytics.


Software Development Engineer

The AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is for individuals looking to become professional software developers within the AWS system. This AWS certification provides a thorough understanding of developing, building and maintaining software for a variety of platforms and devices.

With a growing demand for software development experts, earning the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification offers a world of possibilities. As an associate AWS-certified developer, you will design and deploy software solutions while assuring their efficiency, stability, and scalability.

Software development engineers' responsibilities include understanding business requirements, architecting software components, and delivering clean, maintainable code.

An AWS Certified Developer Associate certification equips you with the knowledge and abilities needed to flourish in the field of software development engineering.


Systems Administrator

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Level certification is a widely respected certification for system administration professionals. 

Individuals who earn AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification learn how to ensure high availability, manage security and compliance, and design scalable architectures on the AWS platform.

The major responsibilities are to install, upgrade and maintain computer components and software. Setting up and configuring virtual machines, monitoring system health and addressing any difficulties that may develop are all part of this.

Individuals who obtain this certification demonstrate their ability to manage and optimise AWS systems.

Cloud Engineer

Developing cloud skills is essential in the world of AWS cloud computing. The AWS cloud specialty level certification is critical for achieving proficiency in AWS cloud computing, allowing cloud engineers to construct and run networked computing infrastructure while prioritising data safety.

The role of a cloud engineer is to implement and maintain an organisation's networked computing infrastructure on the AWS cloud. AWS cloud computing offers a scalable and adaptable platform for hosting applications, managing resources, and improving performance. 

AWS operations specialty level certification is intended to improve your cloud knowledge and match you with AWS cloud computing goals.

With the AWS certified cloud practitioner program's recognition, this certification opens doors to a variety of job prospects in AWS cloud computing.


Test Engineer

Amazon Web Services offers the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer credential. The certification focuses on embedding testing and best practices for quality throughout the product life cycle, from design to release. This certification enables individuals to automate testing processes and seamlessly integrate them into the CI/CD (continuous integration & continuous delivery) pipeline using AWS services.

The DevOps engineer ensures the stability, performance, and security of AWS-based apps by building efficient test strategies and deploying test automation.

Earning the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification showcases your expertise in implementing efficient test strategies and deploying test automation for stable, high-performance and secure AWS-based applications.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification prepares Cloud DevOps Engineers to design, build, and maintain large-scale global hybrid cloud infrastructures. It also equips them to advocate for end-to-end automated CI/CD DevOps pipelines, utilising critical AWS Cloud technologies. 

This certification educates individuals to handle the difficulties of managing such infrastructures and ensures they are knowledgeable about key AWS cloud technologies.

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification empowers professionals to excel in designing and managing hybrid cloud infrastructures.

DevSecOps Engineer

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification is the first step on the path to becoming a DevSecOps Engineer. The certification enables professionals to confidently solve complex cloud security concerns and contribute to the seamless integration of DevSecOps principles in a variety of organisational settings.

Acquiring these certifications boosts your professional credibility and opens up new prospects for career growth and success in the dynamic field of DevSecOps engineering.


Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineers focus on generating detailed cyber security designs and designing computer security architecture. They use their skills to establish a solid basis for security measures and protect vital information and assets.

A Cloud Security Engineer is an AWS Certified Security Specialist who has expertise in safeguarding AWS workloads. They create comprehensive security architectures, choose appropriate AWS services, and security policies to ensure a strong defence against cyber threats.

Cloud Engineers are responsible for creating extensive cybersecurity designs that include threat modelling, safe network settings, access controls, encryption techniques and incident response strategies.

Cloud Security Architect

A Cloud Security Architect focuses on the design and implementation of enterprise cloud solutions with a strong emphasis on governance. They have the expertise to identify, explain, and minimise technical risks associated with cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security Architects work with stakeholders to understand business requirements and build cloud solutions that are in line with organisational objectives. They use security governance concepts to protect cloud resources' confidentiality, integrity and availability. To reduce potential hazards, they undertake risk assessments, vulnerability scans and apply security controls.

This specialty certification verifies that industry-specific rules are followed and that processes and controls are in place to maintain standards.


Network Engineer

AWS Certified Advanced Networking certification is a specialty certification for networking professionals who want to excel in advanced networking solutions.

Individuals gain a complete understanding of advanced networking concepts and practices inside the AWS systems by becoming AWS Certified Advanced Networking specialists, allowing them to maximise network performance and security.

Networking experts can unlock their full potential and become indispensable in the dynamic field of AWS networking by pursuing the AWS Certified Advanced Networking certification path.


Machine Learning Engineer

AWS Certified Machine Learning is a specialty certification offered by AWS. The certification offers a comprehensive program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field of artificial intelligence.

By leveraging AWS services, professionals automate predictive models and create intelligent systems. This specialty certification is designed for individuals who are passionate about machine learning and AI.

With an AWS Certified Machine Learning certification, individuals validate their proficiency in utilising AWS services to build and deploy machine learning models. This ensures that certified professionals possess a holistic understanding of the entire machine-learning process.

Why is AWS certification ideal for your career growth?

An AWS certification is indispensable for advancing your career in cloud computing and is suitable for anyone looking to enter the IT field. Through comprehensive AWS training programs, candidates can showcase their proficiency in cloud computing and acquire a robust foundation in advanced technical skills.

Career Growth

Pursuing an AWS certification deepens your cloud understanding, enhances credibility, broadens your knowledge and makes you highly employable.

The range of AWS certifications offers a clear progression path, allowing you to demonstrate increasing levels of expertise and unlock new career opportunities. AWS's continual advancements have created a dynamic landscape for qualified individuals to thrive in.

AWS provides certifications tailored to different roles and levels of expertise. The foundational certification, AWS Cloud Practitioner, serves as an excellent starting point for beginners on the AWS platform, laying a solid groundwork for further specialisation.

How to prepare for AWS certification?

To successfully prepare for AWS certification exams, you must combine learning with practical experience using AWS services. The most crucial factor to take into account is selecting the appropriate certification, which aligns with your skill set and career aspirations.

Official exam guides and practice exams are available for each certification, listing the subjects covered and suggesting reading material.

Choosing the right training provider, such as e-Careers who is officially approved by AWS.

AWS often releases several FAQs and AWS whitepapers that can aid in earning certifications.

Taking practice tests will also help you pass AWS exams effectively.

Speak to an e-Careers Course Consultant if you wish to learn more.

How much can you earn once you gain an AWS certification?

The earning potential of individuals with AWS certifications can vary based on factors such as location, industry, technical skills, and experience.

Those with AWS certifications often earn considerably higher salaries than those who don't.

Earning Potential
Here are some approximate salary ranges based on different job roles:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: £50,000 - £95,000 per year. [Source: Glassdoor ]

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: £65,000 - £135,000 per year. [Source: Reed ]

AWS Certified Developer: £70,000 - £100,000 per year.[Source: Talent ]

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: £60,000 - £120,000 per year.[Source: Reed ]

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: £85,000 - £130,000 per year.[Source: Reed ]

To gain accurate salary insights we recommend you research specific job roles, industries, and locations. Use salary surveys, job postings and consult professionals in the field to understand earning potential further.

The future of cloud computing: why does AWS certification matter?

The field of cloud computing is evolving and experiencing rapid growth. Professionals with an AWS certification exhibit industry-recognised knowledge in effectively using AWS services; which is critical for organisations who are increasingly relying on cloud services.

AWS systems enable organisations to easily scale their infrastructure to meet dynamic demands, enabling swift adaptation to market trends. The growing demand for cloud computing specialists has made AWS certifications a valuable asset, providing individuals with a competitive advantage.

By obtaining an AWS certification, you gain access to a multitude of employment opportunities and a pathway for career advancement.

An AWS certification helps individuals stay up-to-date on the latest cloud technologies and best practices, enabling them to explore the ever-changing AWS landscape.


An AWS certification is a game-changer for anyone seeking a successful career in cloud computing. It validates your expertise, opens up new job opportunities and positions you as an industry expert. 

By staying certified, you can ensure that you remain at the forefront of cloud technologies, especially given the constant evolution of AWS platforms. Take the next (or your first) step in your cloud computing journey and pursue an AWS certification today. 

Level up your cloud computing skills with e-Careers official AWS online courses.

If you want more information about AWS Certifications, you can contact us at +44 (0) 20 3198 7700 or visit our Cloud Computing page.

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