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Agile PM - Foundation & Practitioner - Training & Foundation Exam


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What is the Agile Project Management Foundation course?

The Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner course enables future or current Project Managers to manage projects efficiently and effectively. This online Agile Project Management training is perfect for those looking to embark upon a career as a Project Manager who understands Agile concepts. This course will take you through both Foundation & Practitioner levels to springboard you into your desired career.

This Agile Foundation & Practitioner course will teach you everything you need to know in order to pass your Agile Foundation & Practitioner exams, but this package only includes your Agile Foundation exam.

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Group booking

Group booking

Key features of the course

  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Exam: Included
  • Tutor Support Available
  • Course Access: 12 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
  • Accredited by APMG
Agile PM - Foundation & Practitioner - Training & Foundation Exam
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The Agile Project Management Foundation course enables future Project Managers to manage projects efficiently and effectively, boosting success rates using an iterative methodology.

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Is the Agile Project Management Foundation course right for me?

The Agile Project Management Foundation course enables future Project Managers to manage projects efficiently and effectively. It also helps current Project Managers to cross-train into Agile disciplines to manage projects in iterations which are more flexible to changes in target or scope.

This Agile Project Management online course is better suited to:

  •    New Project Managers who work in an organisation that uses Agile and who need to improve their knowledge.
  •    An Agile project team member who wants to better understand their role.
  •    Project Managers who need to cross-train from another management methodology.
  •    People who need documented proof of their Agile experience.
  •    Individuals who are cross-training for a role in project management and need a qualification to open new employment options.

This course has been designed with engineering, IT and new product or service development industries in mind, so if you fall within one of these categories this Agile Project Management course will be perfectly suited to you. The course aims to show you the key concepts of the Agile framework and demonstrate how they can be applied to real-world projects to boost success rates and increase efficiency.

What job could I get with an Agile Project Management Foundation qualification?

After completing this course and the exams, you will improve your employment prospects with either internal promotion or a project management role elsewhere.

Why study Agile Project Management Foundation Training with e-Careers?

  •    Upon completion of the Agile Project Management course, you will become a registered AgilePM Practitioner.
  •    You will improve their performance either working as part of, or leading Agile project teams.
  •    Employers and customers can expect improved project outcomes.
  •    As a AgilePM Practitioner you can expect to look forward to improved employment prospects.

What are the Agile Project Management online course modules?

Units of study to be completed to achieve your Agile Project Management certification:

  •    Introduction to Agile
  •    Agile Project Management – The Basics
  •    Roles and Responsibilities
  •    Preparing for Agile Project Management
  •    Pre-Project and Foundation Phases and Products
  •    Evolutionary Development Deployment and Post-Project Phases
  •    Techniques and Practices
  •    Agile Control
  •    Agile Planning
  •    Exam Preparation

Agile Project Management Exams

Once content of the project management foundation course is complete, you will be able to sit the Agile Foundation qualification. Upon scoring at least 30 marks, you will receive instant confirmation of your Agile Foundation qualification and be fully prepared to move onto the advanced topics covered in the Agile Project Management Practitioner course.

What does the Agile Project Management Foundation Training cover?

The Agile Project Management Foundation course covers:

  •    The concepts, benefits and risks of Agile development.
  •    The philosophy, approach and principles of Agile Project Management.
  •    Understanding the DSDM Atern lifecycle and products.
  •    Recruiting or assembling appropriate project teams.
  •    Learning how to plan and run a facilitated workshop.
  •    Understand how to model and prototype aspects of the solution to ensure that the correct development path is being followed.
  •    Learn how to elicit, analyse, prioritise and manage requirements for deliverables.
  •    Creating a time boxed plan that keeps the project on track.
  •    Understanding the importance of negotiation and collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure continued progress.
  •    Learning how to set up and manage an Agile project using the framework.

The Agile Project Management Practitioner course covers:

  •    Overseeing products and deliverables and properly assigning responsibility to management, business and technical departments.
  •    Structuring and empowering project teams for maximum success and efficiency.
  •    Using MoSCoW prioritisation to ensure deliverables are completed in the correct order.
  •    Advanced estimating, measurement and configuration considerations for successful Agile management.
  •    Defining functional and non-functional requirements for deliverables.
  •    Implementing quality control to maintain standards.
  •    Preparing for the future by considering maintainability and scalability during planning.

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