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4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

Better Business Cases Courses

Effective decision-making is crucial to business operations, especially regarding strategic investments. A robust framework is essential to ensure that projects are selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of benefits, costs, risks, and timelines.

This is where Better Business Cases can play a significant role.

Better Business Cases offers a standardised approach for developing and reviewing business cases, which involves a structured process that guarantees the selection of the best investment decisions. This framework empowers organisations to make well-informed decisions that align with their objectives and produce optimal results.

To learn more about the Better Business Cases framework, we have developed the Better Business Cases guide below, which provides all the necessary information to help you decide on the right Better Business Cases courses for you, and we show you how to get started.

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Career opportunities with a Better Business Cases qualification

Studying Better Business Cases training courses opens various career opportunities across different sectors. Professionals with expertise in developing and evaluating business cases are in high demand due to their ability to ensure that organisations make informed decisions. Here are some career opportunities you can pursue with a Better Business Cases qualification:

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Better Business Cases Course FAQs

What is a Better Business Cases course?

Better Business Cases is a specialised course that aims to help professionals develop their skills in creating successful business cases. It covers various topics, from starting a business case model to more advanced techniques such as creating a programme business case.

By taking a Better Business Cases course, you can ensure you have the tools needed to make informed decisions and maximise the chances of completing a project successfully.

Who should attend a Better Business Cases course?

APMG's Better Business Cases courses are a great place to start if you want to improve your ability to build compelling business cases. These comprehensive training courses are tailored to professionals who regularly produce business cases or work in a related field.

These courses cover everything you need to create compelling business cases that drive business growth, regardless of whether you are an Analyst, Business Manager, or Project Manager. A strong business case is developed from scratch and implemented by practically applying key concepts. This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be a better business decision-maker.

What will I learn in a Better Business Cases course?

Our APMG Better Business Cases courses have been developed for professionals who want to gain the essential skills to create successful business cases. APMG International Better Business Cases Foundation qualification is globally recognised, making it an excellent investment in your career advancement. The APMG Better Business Cases Practitioner level will further support your career development, allowing you to consider more senior roles as you develop and implement the five case models: Strategic, economic, commercial, financial, and management.

You can expect to learn about the different types of business cases, how to conduct adequate analysis, identify stakeholders, and develop compelling narratives to convince decision-makers. Through a mix of interactive content and matter studies, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in business planning and assessment.

Is there a certification for Better Business Cases?

Business cases are essential in today's competitive business environment. Companies want to make informed and well-thought-out decisions, and that's where the Better Business Cases certification comes in.

There are two levels to chose from, but if you are new to this industry or have not already earned your Foundation level certificate, you should start with that one. You will earn a certification per level after you have passed each of the below exams:

  • Business Cases Foundation Exam
  • Business Cases Practitioner Exam

Students must sit for an exam to get the completion certificate for each assessment. The foundation exam helps to develop an understanding of the Better Business Cases model, whereas the practitioner exam equips individuals with the skills to transform that understanding into practical solutions.

How long does a Better Business Cases course typically last?

With e-Careers, we offer online virtual classrooms to help you maximise your time and retain as much knowledge as possible while having the option to speak with your Trainer and ask questions to clear up any areas you're struggling with. Our course completion times are below:

Better Business Cases courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge to develop and present a clear objective for any project management scenario. Plus, once you pass the exam online, you'll be recognised as a certified business case professional, a valuable addition to any CV!

Can I take a Better Business Cases course online?

Enhance your project management skills with e-Careers!

Our Better Business Cases courses provide a clear objective: to enhance and advance your knowledge and understanding of the Better Business Cases methodology through industry-recognised and experienced Trainers and innovative training solutions.

With e-Careers, you can earn your Better Business Cases certification through our virtual classroom sessions, ensuring flexibility and as little disruption to your current work/life balance as possible.

Trust e-Careers to help you unlock your full potential as a Project Manager.

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Strengthen your ability to secure investment with our Better Business Cases Courses. These accredited programmes equip you with the skills to develop robust justifications for projects, using the government's best practice Five Case Model. Increase your chances of securing funding.

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