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4.8/5 from 14007 Reviews

PMP Certification Courses

Are you considering a career as a Project Manager or Project Management Professional? Advance your career progression and boost your employability by earning a PMP certification.

The Project Management Professional certification (PMP) is your key to demonstrating exceptional competence in project management. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, a PMP certification can drive your career forward, open doors to more senior career opportunities, and establish your global standing as a certified Project Manager.

Below, we explore the PMP certification pathway, covering eligibility, exam preparation, and valuable insights. Discover a comprehensive curriculum designed to sharpen your project management skills, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise demanded by today's dynamic business landscape.

Secure your future success by enrolling with us today and embark on a transformative journey in project management excellence.

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  • PMI - Project Management Institute

    This project management training course will help you work towards becoming a licenced Project Manager, by earning your PMP certificate. 

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    This project management training course will help you work towards becoming a licenced Project Manager, by earning your PMP certificate. 

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  • PMI - Project Management Institute

    Certified Associate in Project Management, or CAPM® for short, is the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) introductory certificate in project management. It is designed around the PMP standard and is intended for those who want to stand out in the job market, with a recognised qualification to enhance your credibility.

    Virtual Classroom

    Certified Associate in Project Management, or CAPM® for short, is the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) introductory certificate in project management. It is designed around the PMP standard and is intended for those who want to stand out in the job market, with a recognised qualification to enhance your credibility.

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Career opportunities with a PMP certification

Getting a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can bring you various career prospects and rewards in different fields. Below, we highlight some of the most popular project management career paths and positions you can explore as a PMP-certified professional.

Project Manager

With a project management training certification, you'll gain the skills to manage projects, regardless of size or complexity. You can work in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, construction, or IT, and be responsible for planning, executing, and delivering projects.

Programme Manager

PMP-certified professionals often move into programme management positions that oversee corresponding projects and ensure they align with the organisation's goals. This involves coordinating work across different project teams, monitoring progress, providing necessary resources and ensuring they're used efficiently. Programme Managers need strong communication and leadership skills to ensure everyone involved in the projects understands their role and works effectively towards the common goal.

Project Consultant

Your job would involve providing expert guidance and solutions to organisations that want to enhance their project management methods and systems, making you a specialist in advising and assisting companies in optimising their project management processes. By working with clients to identify their needs and recommending customised solutions, you help organisations achieve their objectives and maximise their returns on investment.

Portfolio Manager

You would ensure an organisation's projects are aligned with strategic objectives and prioritised appropriately while overseeing the implementation of those projects to meet business goals. This involves carefully selecting and managing projects, considering feasibility and potential impact. Portfolio managers are crucial in helping organisations allocate resources and achieve success.

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About Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is an organisation that helps project management professionals gain the latest industry skills and knowledge required to navigate common project management pitfalls successfully. This, in turn, helps organisations improve their project performance and often boosts general organisational success through refined project management.

PMI is recognised and respected worldwide and has a large community of project management professionals who use their skills to change companies and communities positively.

PMI offers advocacy, networking, research, education, and collaboration resources to help individuals and organisations work smarter. They work in almost every country and have been around since 1969. PMI is a non-profit organisation that aims to advance careers, strengthen organisational success, and enable PMP certification training to maximise their impact.

Some of the resources PMI offers are globally recognised standards, certifications, online courses, thought leadership, tools, digital publications, and communities. PMI is passionate about helping people realise their ideas and drive success in a constantly changing world.

PMP certification FAQs

What does PMP stand for?

PMP stands for "Project Management Professional." It is a globally recognised project management certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that demonstrates an individual's expertise and competence in project management.

What is the PMP certification?

If you want a career in the project management industry, especially as a Project Manager, project management education and career development is an essential process you must consider. The PMP credential demonstrates your dedication and expertise in project management. It showcases that you have acquired the skills and knowledge to lead and manage projects successfully. With the PMP certification, you'll stand out in the competitive project management job market and increase your chances of being successfully selected for senior project management roles.

Who offers the PMP certification?

At e-Careers, we're proud to offer PMP Certification training at a competitive price and through an innovative training platform to those looking to undertake this excellent project management training course and earn this prestigious qualification.

The PMP certification is the most reputable credential for Project Managers, as it teaches you how to lead and direct projects effectively while validating your knowledge, skills, and experience. After gaining this certification, there are many exciting career opportunities in project management, but it requires rigorous preparation and passing all PMP certification exams.

Why should I pursue the PMP certification?

One way to stand out against your competition in a competitive job market is to undertake PMP certification training and earn your PMP qualification. As a globally recognised certification, the PMP exam demonstrates to potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a Project Manager in today's busy marketplace.

Organisations now require their project management professionals (especially Project Managers) to have a PMP certification. Additionally, studying for and taking the PMP exam enhances your project management experience and provides new insights and strategies for tackling complex projects.

What are the prerequisites for the PMP certification?

Before you consider taking the PMP exam, there are several prerequisites that you must meet, including:

  • A minimum of three years of project management experience.
  • 35 hours of project management training.
  • A four-year degree or equivalent.

Meeting these PMP certification requirements will enable you to sit your Project Management Professional certification exam. It's also important to note that the project management professional exam is challenging, so thorough preparation is necessary to successfully pass your exam.

What is the PMP certification exam format?

The PMP certification exam, administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is crucial in obtaining your PMP certification.

The exam comprises 200 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have four hours to complete the PMP certification exam. These questions cover essential topics such as project planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Successful exam preparation necessitates students to understand critical project management concepts clearly.

How much does the PMP exam cost?

The cost of the PMP exam varies depending on your PMI membership status, as PMI members receive a discount on exam fees.

The cost of the PMP exam for PMI members is around £400, and for non-members, it increases to around £465.

Is PMP certification valid globally?

Often considered among the top project management certifications, the PMP certification is an internationally recognised qualification that will boost any project management professional's CV.

The PMP certification is accepted in over 200 countries and has become a universal standard for project management professionals. PMP certification training covers many topics and equips candidates with the skills they need to manage projects successfully, regardless of their location or the industry they are working in.

How long is the PMP certification valid for?

The PMP certification is valid for three years. To maintain your project management certification, you must earn several professional development units (PDUs) through continuing education and professional activities.