Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 Training Course
CEPAS - Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 Training Course

Course Overview

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course has been developed for those working in a Continuous Improvement job role and for senior leaders, responsible for business strategy and improvement.

Lean Six Sigma offers the best of both the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, helping to standardise work, eliminate waste and defects, improve customer satisfaction, and help the business become more profitable.

Our CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Certification for Black Belt is an online training course, which will prepare you to sit and pass your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam, which is included in this package.

As our Black Belt training course includes the Yellow Belt and Green Belt training, you will get to learn the Yellow and Green Belt principles and methodologies, including the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma, SPC Tools & Techniques, Improvement Mythologies, and Lean & Risk Management, before moving onto the advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt principles and methodologies. You’ll cover the DMAIC methodology, Root Cause Analysis, Pareto Charts, Kano Analysis, Response Surface Methods and more!

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification includes comprehensive training materials, exams, your certificate, and your registration on the CEPAS international public register of Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

You will learn:

  •    Analytical and graphical tools associated with Six Sigma at Black Belt level.
  •    How to correctly select, utilise, and interpret results from several core analytical tools.
  •    The correct usage of objective data in improvement projects.
  •    The competencies required by ISO 18404:2015 through knowledge and practice of a series of technical tools.

This globally recognised certification meets the strict ISO 18404:2015 standard. 

Start your journey to becoming Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified by enrolling today!

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exams: Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Fully accredited courseware
  • ISO 18404 Standard
  • Tutor Support Available
  • Fully Accredited Qualifications
£1,695Inc. VAT
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exams: Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Fully accredited courseware
  • ISO 18404 Standard
  • Tutor Support Available
  • Fully Accredited Qualifications

Why work with

"e-Careers came out top of our list of companies we looked at for having an efficient and cost effective delivery programme supported by their promise of a high pass rate. Their knowledgeable and calm approach during the discussions gave us confidence in their ability to take this training on. We have now put over 60 people through their Lean programme and their engagement, support and understanding of the subject has been unsurpassed. Feedback on the course content and their trainers has been excellent from participants and e-Careers continue to provide revision and exam support to our colleagues after the training."

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Course Details

Why study the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course with e-Careers?

We have developed an expert team over the last 10 years since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 600,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training, and we have earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, from over 10,000 students. 

Other benefits of this course:

  •    We have the only Lean Six Sigma Certification that meets the global ISO 18404:2015 standard that is certified by an independent third party.
  •    Study via our online platform, enabling you to study whenever and wherever suits you best.
  •    6 months course access to your online materials.
  •    Earn an average salary of £78k*.
  •    As a certified professional you will be published on the CEPAS public register.
  •    Support, mentor and manage Yellow and Green Belts.
  •    ISO 18404:2015 made both simple and affordable.
  •    Like for like price match guarantee.
  •    Interest-free payment plans available.
  •    Everything included in the price including examinations (Yellow, Green & Black) and certificates. 

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma 

Having a solid understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt principles and methodologies will help you and your organisation improve customer satisfaction, increase organisational productivity, and reduce overall costs throughout the business.

Lean principles will help you reduce areas of process waste within the business and maximise customer value. Six Sigma principles help you reduce the variation of your processes and products.

When you combine the two methodologies, you will be able to direct your organisation towards making significant improvements, such as improved business retention and a reduction in costs.

Being trained to the ISO 18404:2015 standard in Lean Six Sigma will show employers that you meet the highest standard in Lean Six Sigma. As a Black Belt, you will take on support and leadership roles, supporting your team of Yellow and Green Belts in your organisation.

With an internationally recognised certification, you can consider a much wider choice of employment opportunities.

Discover 3 ways Lean Six Sigma will improve your life.

Is this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course right for me?

If you have already taken your Yellow Belt or Green Belt training certificate, this course would make an excellent addition to move onto more senior responsibilities and managerial jobs roles.

For delegates who are just starting but who want to gain the full knowledge range from Yellow, Green and Black Belt, this course would also be the ideal place to start.

This course would be suitable if you are a:

  •    Career Changer looking to move into a Project Team.
  •    Process team member wanting a ISO 18404:2015 standard, internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma certificate.
  •    Project team member wanting to upskill and learn process improvement skills.
  •    Process Improvement Consultant requiring certification to support your abilities and skills.
  •    Project Managers and Process Improvement team members looking for effective methods of improving operational efficiency, and raising standards.


There are no prerequisites for this course except a willingness to participate and an open mind.

What jobs can I apply for after my Black Belt training? 

When you have completed your online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and exam, you can start working in senior job roles. Typically, you will lead, motivate, and influence project teams, to implement the Six Sigma vision as instructed by Master Black Belts. You must be comfortable managing and driving change, as this makes up a large part of your job role. You will also need to be a clear and effective communicator, as you will be responsible for communicating with employees at all levels of the business, from the C-suite down to the shop floor.

Job titles and salaries include: 

  •    Process Improvement Manager - £39k
  •    Quality Manager - £41k
  •    Continuous Improvement Manager - £44k
  •    Six Sigma Black Belt Manager - £63k
  •    Quality Assurance (QA) Director - £70k
  •    Operations Director - £88k
  •    Lean Six Sigma Consultant – Up to £96k

(Source: Glassdoor)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Syllabus

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you'll be able to improve your organisation from a senior level and take on managerial responsibilities over other project team members, such as Yellow and Green Belts. You will demonstrate and teach Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies, to improve your organisation's project processes and reduce waste. You will act as a Change Agent and Leader, who champions the use of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

What are the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training online course modules?

Module 1- The Black Belt Role

  •    Black Belt Role
  •    Other Belts
  •    Black Belt Responsibilities
  •    Black Belt Qualities

Module 2- Organisational Planning

  •    Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals
  •    Lean Specifics
  •    Six Sigma Specifics
  •    6 Improvement Methods
  •    Business Systems
  •    Strategic Planning Tools

Module 3- Organisational Management

  •    Leadership
  •    Team Development
  •    Team Roles
  •    Motivations
  •    Coaching
  •    Communication
  •    Personal Development

Module 4- Organisational Measures

  •    Business Performance VS Process Performance
  •    Business Financial Measures
  •    Business Benefits
  •    Benchmarking

Module 5- Organisational Change

  •    Change and Learning
  •    Learning Styles
  •    Organisational Culture
  •    Stakeholder Engagement
  •    Communication Planning

Module 6- Organisational Deployment

  •    Strategic Deployment
  •    Impact Analysis
  •    Project Tracking

Module 7- DMAIC for Black Belts

  •    Deliverables of a Lean Six Sigma Project
  •    Advanced Lean Tools
  •    Advanced Six Sigma Tools
  •    Understanding KPI’s
  •    Advanced Data Collection
  •    Probability and Analysis
  •    Generating Solutions
  •    Risk Management
  •    Sustaining Change
  •    Design for Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Details

Through the Yellow, Green and Black Belt exams, you will have your knowledge of this syllabus and key competencies tested and verified, as set out by the ISO 18404:2015:2015. Your exam fee is included in the cost of this course. 

Yellow Belt Exam format

  •    Online, proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    32 questions
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    50 minute duration
  •    65% pass mark

Green Belt Exam format

  •    Online, proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    40 questions
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    50 minute duration
  •    65% pass mark

Black Belt Exam format

  •    Online, proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    60 questions
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    60 minute duration
  •    65% pass mark

Exam Requirements

  •    Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence)
  •    Laptop or PC with an internet connection, Webcam and Microphone
  •    You must be alone and not have any study materials around you (This will be checked by the examiner, before your exam starts)
  •    Exams can be taken 24/7, depending on available time slots

Scheduling for your exam can be booked up to 3 days after registering with ProctorU. Full instructions will be provided upon redeeming your exam voucher.

We recommend taking the CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Certification Exams within the first 6 weeks after your course completion date.

Please note there is a Black Belt Annual Maintenance and Recertification cost. For those in the UK, the Annual Maintenance cost is £42, and the Recertification cost is £119, paid every 5 years. Fees vary by country.

About ISO 18404:2015 

Since its inception in 2015, ISO 18404:2015 has provided an internationally recognised benchmark for Lean Six Sigma methodologies. 

ISO 18404:2015 defines the approaches organisations are required to have employed to meet the required standards, and very few training organisations around the world are independently accredited to deliver Lean Six Sigma Certifications aligned to ISO18404:2015. 

e-Careers is the official training provider nominated by CEPAS, A Bureau Veritas Company to deliver ISO18404:2015 Lean Six Sigma Certifications to individuals across the globe. 

Why is there a need for an ISO standard for Lean Six Sigma? 

With no universal standard for Lean Six Sigma, training results varied widely between delegates, making it hard for employers to see the true value of an individual and their experience. As many training courses were either uncertified or not certified to a high enough standard, ISO 18404:2015 was introduced to become a strict Lean Six Sigma standard. 

What does an ISO 18404:2015 certification mean for me? 

Being trained to the strict ISO 18404:2015 standard enables you to confidently explain to others that you meet the single standard of Lean Six Sigma, making you a valuable, highly trained Lean Six Sigma team member. ISO 18404:2015 certification holders are highly sought after, and your certificates will showcase your knowledge and skills to future employers. ISO 18404:2015 certificates are internationally recognised, and your credentials will be published on an online public register, accessible by employers and clients. 

Originally, ISO 18404:2015 was a complex and hard standard to achieve. CEPAS, Bureau Veritas and e-Careers has made it both simple and affordable now. 

By meeting the ISO 18404:2015 competencies help to make you valuable and employable throughout a wide range of managerial roles in this industry. 

About CEPAS, a Bureau Veritas company 

Bureau Veritas has been an international leader in testing, inspection, and certification services for almost 200 years! 

  •    They generate over €5 billion in revenue a year
  •    In 2016, Bureau Veritas acquired CEPAS to be able to focus on the people certification market
  •    As an organisation, Bureau Veritas has over 74,000 employees, in 1,400 offices and laboratories
  •    They are recognised in over 140 countries

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