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ITIL® Lifecycle Suite Manual Series

What is the ITIL® Lifecycle Publication Suite set of manuals?

ITIL® is the most recognised framework for IT service management in the world and this set of five core ITIL® publications guides the Service Lifecycle set of Intermediate level courses. Purchasing the full package of manuals sets a significant saving over purchasing them individually, in a similar fashion to our ITIL® Service Lifecycle course package if you’re looking to head to ITIL® Expert status using Service Lifecycle.

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Is the ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite set of manuals right for me?

If you are taking the Service Lifecycle set of courses to help manage IT services, then the Service Lifecycle Publication Suite of manuals is the perfect accompaniment.

How can I advance my career with the ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite?

The ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite goes hand-in-hand with the ITIL® Intermediate Service Lifecycle courses which will put you on your way to becoming a service management expert, utilising the world’s number one framework.

Why purchase the ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite?

  • Huge savings compared to buying all manuals separately
  • A complete understanding of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • Available in English, German and Japanese
  • The perfect supplementary material to the ITIL® Service Lifecycle courses
  • Quality assured and endorsed by itSMF International
  • Manual can be used for reference throughout training and to refresh your memory
  • Books are exempt from VAT.

What books are included in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite?

  • ITIL® Service Design
  • ITIL® Service Operation
  • ITIL® Service Transition
  • ITIL® Service Strategy
  • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement

What does the ITIL® Service Lifecycle Publication Suite cover?

  • Service Strategy - sits at the heart of the IT service lifecycle, providing guidance for a service strategy that delivers results and achieves business goals.
  • Service Design - presents the knowledge and skills needed to turn a service strategy into a plan and design robust IT services that will stand the test of time.
  • Service Transition - helps introduce new and changed services, ensuring that their value is maintained and minimizing disruption to operations, customers, users and the business.
  • Service Operation - covers critical aspects for delivering agreed IT service levels day-to-day for both business users and customers.
  • Continual Service Improvement - identifies a cycle of service management improvements at every stage, ensuring IT services keep pace with changing business needs.

All ITIL® online courses are offered by AFFILIATE of AXELOS Limited. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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