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APMG International

APMG International are one of the most reputed global accreditation and examination institutes. They offer a range of solutions and certifications for professionals, including a well received 'Best Management Practice' and important IT skills. APMG also covers a range of general management certifications, which are based on international standards.

APMG International

Who are APMG?

APMG are the world’s leading accreditation and exam institute, providing accreditations in professional training for Project Management and IT sectors. APMG international have a long history of accrediting organisations internationally to deliver training courses and consultancy services. As well as this, APMG continually complete rigorous assessments on their training providers, demonstrating their commitment to delivering an exceptional service and to ensure students are receiving the highest quality of training and support throughout their studies.

The APMG International qualifications cater for a range of individuals looking to embark upon a career in Project Management or IT sectors.



APMG International are the most reputed global accreditation and examination institute. The institute offers a range of certifications and solutions, including a well-recognised Best Management Practice and important IT skills, as well as a range of general management certifications based on international standards. Certifications and solutions provided by APMG International have recognised training providers with a view to achieving the goal of helping professionals develop their skills, knowledge and expertise.

As an APMG qualification holder, you can expect to be taught the latest methodologies and core competencies in the industry to ensure you’re work-ready to launch your career the moment you finish your studies. You have the option to study a variety of solutions including project, business and IT management, cyber-security and public-private partnerships.

Key Benefits of APMG

Globally Recognised Certification: Holders of an AMPG-International certification can be proud of completing a reputable certification, which is accredited by an internationally recognised accreditation and examination institute.

Combine studying with full-time work and/or family commitments: Courses are well suited to individuals with work or family commitments and those looking to achieve a balance with leisure time and a social life. The course flexibility enables individuals to meet commitments outside of studying as well as staying on track to achieve study success.

Achieve academic success: Students completing an APMG-International accredited course can expect to be taught by highly experienced and qualified trainers, receive pre & post-course support as well as continual guidance throughout the duration of your course. Upon completion of official exams, students will receive an eCertificate to demonstrate their APMG-International accredited course.

Diverse careers prospects: Individuals can expect to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to launch a successful career in the project management and IT industry. As well as possessing foundation level skills, individuals will gain advanced techniques which will help them see promotions in their line of work and diverse career opportunities.

Opportunities with APMG qualification

An APMG qualification will prove your knowledge of project management techniques and equip you for roles within the project management and IT industries.

APMG-International Accredited Course

Job Prospect*

*Included but not limited to

Salary Range


Agile Classroom Training

Senior Project Manager, Management Consultant, Senior Project Manager

£62k - £84k

Agile Foundation Classroom Training

Project Manager, Program Manager

£40k - £55k

Agile Practitioner Classroom Training

Project Owners, Product Owners, Business Analysts

£62k - £84k

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