NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

National Cyber Security Centre

About NCSC and GCHQ

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a UK organisation that was formed in 2016.  It is a part of GCHQ and it's responsibility is to provide support to the public and private sector in avoiding cyber security threats.

GCHQ’s (Government Communications Headquarters) mission is to keep Britain safe. This organisation brings intelligence and technology together to counter increasingly sophisticated threats. GCHQ intelligence helps keep our forces safe, prevents terrorism and crime, and protects against cyber-attacks.

It takes all sorts of different people in different roles to enable GCHQ to help the UK economy to counter threats. Some are linguists; others are mathematicians. Some work in cryptography; others in project management. Some have PhDs, others have A-levels. Some of them have worked in the field of intelligence before; others have not. What unites those working with GCHQ is a dedication to providing intelligence, protecting information, and informing relevant policy to keep UK society safe, secure, and successful.

The online threats faced everyday are many and varied, and come in the form of cybercriminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs among others - with all using ever more sophisticated technology. As the UK government’s appointed experts in cyber security, GCHQ is constantly developing innovative ways to combat them. This complex, technically challenging work demands a broad mix of dedicated people across the UK industry who enjoy tackling interesting and varied projects. Those with creative intellect and energy to develop unique solutions and a commitment to safeguarding existing systems and protecting against evolving threats are especially in demand.

GCHQ’s origins lie in the naval and military signals intelligence teams during the First World War. Their success led to the establishment of the Government Code & Cypher School (GC&CS) on 1 November 1919. In 1939, with another war on the horizon, GC&CS was renamed GCHQ and moved to Bletchley Park. Here, their teams laid the foundations for modern computing and produced intelligence that saved thousands of allied lives. Since moving to Cheltenham in the 1950s they have continued their ground-breaking work, including discovering Public Key Cryptography, the basis for all secure online transactions, in the 1970s.

After 100 years, GCHQ’s work is still based on teamwork, innovative thinking, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. In an increasingly digital world, they continue to work together with a clear purpose: to protect the UK against a variety of threats.


Gain an internationally recognised qualification - GCHQ is a globally renowned intelligence organisation. Therefore, GCHQ certificate holders hold a qualification that is highly valued and respected by many organisations not only in the UK but across the globe, in any industry.

Attain advanced security and technology skills - GCHQ courses are well suited to those looking to improve their knowledge and skills in areas such as data, intelligence and cybersecurity.

Career development - Whether it be through recognised qualifications or high-quality course materials, GCHQ constantly strives to support the career development of learners.

Career Opportunities

GCHQ certifications are recognised around the world and equip you with skills and knowledge that are sought after in a wide range of careers. Enjoy diverse career prospects thanks to GCHQ’s qualifications. After successfully completing a GCHQ course you can expect to be fully equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to forge a career in intelligence and cybersecurity.

In an increasingly digital world, GCHQ professional certifications ensure that you’re ready to start your career in protecting the country from various security threats, irrespective of which company or industry you work in.

GCHQ certifications are based on rigorous standards and cutting-edge research to meet real-world needs. With a GCHQ certification on your CV, you can open the doors to an exciting and challenging career path.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to advance your knowledge of intelligence and cyber security, there is a wide array of opportunities available meaning that demand for GCHQ-qualified professionals is typically high.

If you are just starting out in your career but want to gain a solid foundation to prove your grounding in this area, GCHQ has a wide range of excellent courses that will surely be of benefit.

Which certification?

e-Careers offers a range of GCHQ/NCSC certifications, here are some of the popular ones.

How to get certified

You are welcome to speak to one of our Course Consultants on +44(0) 20 3198 7700 who will provide impartial guidance on which course and career path would be most suitable for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to build an exciting career journey in cyber security and intelligence with our GCHQ accredited courses.