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The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a QCF Level 3 UK-specific qualification for mortgage advisers and is the benchmark qualification in the industry. 80% of UK mortgage advisers hold this CeMAP course qualification and have a licence to practice, as it meets the standards required by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What is CeMAP?

CeMAP, or the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice is a benchmark qualification for those looking to undertake a career in Mortgage Advice, with a licence to practice, recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This QCF Level 3 UK-specific qualification, enables individuals to start working in this sector but also shows your customers and potential clients that have been taught to a high level and have the required understanding and knowledge to carry out specific Mortgage Advisory tasks, such as relating knowledge to realistic scenarios and applying mortgage solutions that adhere to the ethical and regulatory framework. Essentially, this is an Estate Agent course, that will help you embark on a career as a Mortgage Advisor.

Why CeMAP?

Sometimes considered to be the must have Estate Agent course for Mortgage Advisors, the CeMAP qualifications are highly regarded and recognised as one of the best qualifications in the industry. It’s also a qualification that 80% of Mortgage Advisors hold, making it almost a necessity to have, to be able to work successfully within this industry.

Throughout this course you’ll receive all the learning materials you need to be able to successfully complete the course and accompanying exams. With access to learning aids (including interactive simulations, tutorials, exercises and self-assessments) you can be sure to remain engaged with the syllabus.

Opportunities with the CeMAP course qualifications

Having the CeMAP qualification will provide you with the knowledge and techniques required to successfully navigate the world of Mortgage Advice and take on the job role of a Mortgage Advisor. Without this knowledge, it becomes very difficult to interact with potential buyers and offer clear, sound advice.

Next, this qualification provides you with the accreditation to show your potential customers or employers you have been trained to a high level and are a holder of the benchmark qualification and are licenced to work within this sector.

Finally, you’ll take confidence from knowing that you have been highly trained and have up-to-date knowledge, helping you to make the best decisions and provide the highest level of service to your customers.

In summary, holding the CeMAP Course qualifications will help you to provide a better service for your customers, show employers that you are well trained and highly skilled, as well as providing you with the confidence necessary to succeed.

CeMAP Qualifications

Our CeMAP Courses include: 

Cemap Papers 1,2 & 3 - Classroom can be made up by combining the above two course

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