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CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster)

CIW have trained over 1 million students and web professionals, since their foundation. They have also awarding over 170,000 professional IT certifications through institutions around the world. Some of the world’s largest organisations, including Cisco, HP, BAE Systems, Citibank and the U.S NSA, require their employees to have CIW certifications. CIW... Changing lives and careers one certification at a time.

CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster)

Who are CIW?

CIW stands for Certified Internet Webmaster. CIW are the world’s premier vendor-neutral IT and web technology education and certification program.

CIW have become the educational standard adopted by organisations worldwide for web technology skills, thus when learners have completed a CIW certification it certifies that they are skilled in website development and server administration.

CIW certifications are available for a range of individuals at different levels of ability and standards. Whether you are completely new to the industry or already an industry professional looking to refresh your skills, there is a CIW certification available for you. CIW courses include:


Why CIW?

CIW have trained more than one million students and web professionals, awarding more than 170,000 professional IT certifications in institutions worldwide. Large corporations such as Cisco, HP, BAE Systems, Citibank and even the U.S National Security Administration request CIW certifications from their employees.

You can expect to be taught the key skills necessary to master a technology-driven world. After completing your CIW certification, you will be the holder of a globally recognised and highly regarded qualification that sets you apart from other web professionals.

Key Benefits of CIW

Prosperous Career in IT: As an internationally recognised certification program you can expect to qualify for jobs within market-leading brands and huge organisations. Students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to master a technology-driven world and skills that set them apart in a competitive industry. Some individuals go on to work in web design, internet consultancy, information technology, marketing and web and graphic design to name a few.

Flexible learning opportunity: Whether you prefer working in a fast-paced environment with a view to achieving time sensitive career success or you strive in an environment that is self-paced, you will have the opportunity to work around your commitments and work at your own pace with a CIW qualification.

Learn the necessary skills to succeed: Study success is a priority for most learners when embarking on an academic course. CIW courses only teach individuals the key job skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive work place. Certified CIW professionals are taught skills that set them apart from other Web professionals providing them with a unique advantage.

Opportunities with CIW qualification

A CIW certification marks you out as a professional with the skills required to master a technology-driven role. With web technology skills in high demand among employers, there are a vast range of job opportunities available.

CIW Course

Job Prospects*

*Included but not limited to

Average Salary Range


CIW Database Design Specialist

CIW JavaScript Specialist

CIW Perl Specialist

Web Developers, Software Developers, Application Programmers, Client/Server Developers, e-Commerce Site Developers, Creative/Art Directors, e-Commerce Site Developers/Administrators, Web Development Consultants

£25k - £57k

CIW E-Commerce Specialist

CIW Web Design Specialist

Webmasters, Web and Graphic Designers, Software Applications Developers, Web Entrepreneurs, Internet Consultants, Creative/Art Directors, e-Commerce Site Developers/Administrators, Web Development Consultants

£22k - £55k

CIW Internet Business Associate

CIW Network Technology Associate

CIW Site Development Associate

CIW Web Foundations Associate

IT Professionals, Web and Graphic Artists, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, IT and Help Desk Professionals, Computer Technology Consultants, Legal Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Business Professionals

£23k - £65k

CIW Web Security Associate

Network Server Administrators, Firewall Administrators, Systems Administrators, Application Developers, IT Security Officers

£29k - £45k

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