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Code Institute

Who are Code Institute?

The Code Institute are the industry leaders for creating world-class coding qualifications in classroom and eLearning formats. Their courses have been developed in collaboration with the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), including the likes of PayPal and Mastercard, to ensure their programmes are aligned with technological advances and employer demand. The IAC are responsible for reviewing, validating and recommending improvements to the Code Institute syllabus, ensuring students receive the highest quality student and latest industry requirements.

Code Institute courses teach students the most relevant industry approved coding skills using world-class support and guidance from a personal mentor and support team. Even if you have no experience or skills in web development or coding, but are passionate about technology and have the dedication and willingness to learn, these courses will be well suited to you. You can study the following with e-Careers:

Why Code Institute?

The organisation's courses are well suited to individuals that are complete novices in the coding and web development industry, who are looking to embark upon a career in web development as a result of their passion for technology. At the end of each course you can expect to be ready to enter the industry as an entry level developer.

Code Institute offer the only credit rated Diploma in Software Development in Europe and is credit rated by the Napier University in Edinburgh Scotland, at Level 8 diploma on the Scottish Credit & Qualification Framework (SCQF). Students can be assured that they will learn industry leading technology and key skills with this coding certification.

Key Benefits of the Code Institute

Entry Level Qualification: Code Institute courses provide a great entry level route into the coding and web development industry. If you’re a complete novice or have picked up basic skills in coding, you’ll be able to learn the latest coding skills.

Prosperous Career Opportunities: completion of a Code Institute course will provide learners with a globally recognised Diploma in coding and web development. This coding certification will open doors to many opportunities for careers in IT, Marketing, Finance and Project Management to name a few.

Flexible learning for a remote environment: the advantage of completing an online coding course is that it can be completed at your own speed, during your own time and in your chosen environment. The flexibility of the course means you’re able to manage work and family commitments, as well as leisure and social activities.

Achieve Study Success: learners can expect to achieve study success by receiving world-class support throughout the duration of their studying in the form of a dedicated student support team and ongoing guidance from an industry expert personal mentor.

Opportunities with Code Institute qualification

The Code Institute focus on the skills most relevant to industry, as well as providing guidance from expert mentors. In fact, an impressive 80% of Code Institute graduates secured a job within 6 months of completing their course.

Code Institute Course

Job Prospect*

*Included but not limited to

Salary Range


Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

Software Project Manager, Team Leader, Project Lead

£30k - £40k

Diploma in Software Development

Full Stack Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Developer, App Developer, Javascript Developer, Python Developer

£40k - £70k

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