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IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers)

The IAB is the ONLY dedicated bookkeeping association in the world appointed by the UK Parliament AND Recognised to award Ofqual regulated qualifications. The International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) are focused on supporting start-up businesses and young individuals, in order to help them to advance in the industry, while gaining new skills. The IAB has created new payroll and bookkeeping qualifications and offers apprenticeships. As a member of the Professional Associations Research

IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers)

Who are IAB?

What is the meaning of IAB? The IAB stands for The International Association of Bookkeepers and are one of the most prestigious not-for-profit organisations for bookkeepers in the world. The organisation were founded in 1973 and celebrate over 40 years of success as an awarding and professional body with over 10,000 members across 60 countries.

The IAB work closely with the Government by setting bodies to promote the professional integrity of bookkeepers. In addition, the organisation work with the Qualifications and Credit Framework and the Chartered Institute of Payroll to establish bookkeeping units and pioneering payroll qualifications.

IAB courses are well suited to individuals looking to gain the fundamental skills of bookkeeping and payroll to launch their career in the accounting and finance industry.

We also offer a range of AAT qualifications, including: 


Why IAB?

The IAB are focused on helping young individuals and start-up businesses advance in the industry whilst gaining new skills. In collaboration with the Financial and Legal Skills Partnership, The International Association of Bookkeepers have been able to create new bookkeeping and payroll qualifications, and offer apprenticeships to help individuals kick-start their career paths.

IAB are also members of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN), meaning they are committed to good practice, keeping up-to-date on current research and are part of a network of professional bodies that share and exchange information to aid learning.

Key Benefits of IAB Bookkeeping

Become a highly sought after Sage user: With IAB recognised courses available at e-Careers, enable learners to become highly sought after Sage users. Individuals will learn every aspect of Sage to ensure they’re work-ready upon completion of their IAB certification.

Flexibility: IAB accredited courses are flexible allowing you to study at anytime from anywhere. Whether you enjoy fast-paced learning or prefer a self-paced study, the choice is yours when you study online with e-Careers.

Highly Employable: Sage software is used in many business and large organisations, therefore individuals with Sage skills and knowledge are highly sought after amongst employers. You can expect to have a variety of opportunities open up to you after securing your IAB recognised certification.

User-friendly learner: The online IAB recognised qualification at e-Careers focuses on user-friendly online learning to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Sage software. Learners can expect support and guidance throughout their study to ensure they achieve academic success at the end of their course.

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