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The digital business education programmes from LEADr were established to bring a range of business and personal skills courses to individuals. This helps to remove the old barriers of business stereotypes, while helping individuals to achieve their goals. Over 50,000 professionals have undertaken a LEADr course, or a tailored programme, developed by successful business people. LEADr... The ultimate in business education.


Who are LEADr?

LEADr are the gold standard in digital business education. They look to provide leaders of the future with the platform they need to build key skills that are crucial in the business world. LEADr provide a foundation for driven individuals to gain the skills and experience needed to succeed, setting the standards in business and commerciality education.

Over 50,000 professionals have undertaken a LEADr course, or a tailored programme incorporating key course components which have been developed by successful business people, also capitalising on research and application by leading academic practitioners at the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Cambridge.

Why LEADr?

LEADr and their digital business education programmes were established to bring business and personal skills education to you, breaking down barriers of business stereotypes and helping you to achieve your goals through nurturing your success through enjoyable, structured experiential learning.

Key Benefits of LEADr

Experiential Learning: A unique, leading experiential learning format that allows you to learn by experience and real world cases.

Leading Expert Knowledge: Courses developed by industry experts who have built a solution to meet your needs.

Impact: Enter with potential and finish with a developed skillset. Over 90% of people significantly improve their commerciality and understanding of business after completing a LEADr programme.

Tried and Tested: Be safe in the knowledge that your course comes with high recommendations having been taken by over 50,000 people.

Opportunities with a LEADr qualification

A qualification with LEADr will boost your knowledge and understanding of business, making you a hot prospect for any growing organisation, or to start your own business.

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