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Careers in Mortgage Advice and Real Estate

What is CeMAP and what is it equivalent to?

CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) is the UK’s most prestigious Mortgage Advisor qualification, with over 80% of professionals holding the certificate. More specifically, CeMAP is a QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) Level 3 UK specific qualification offered by The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).
The Level 3 CeMAP qualification comprises of 7 units broken down into three modules.
Module One
Unit 1 – Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation
Module Two
Unit 3 – Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets
Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications
Unit 5 – Mortgage Payment Methods and Products
Unit 6 – Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Issues
Module Three
Unit 7 – Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge

Opportunities in Mortgage Advice

After securing your CeMAP qualification, the LIBF offers CeMAP certification holders the opportunity to complete a higher level CeMAP Diploma and existing mortgage advisors' certificates in:
  • Regulated Equity Release (CeRER)
  • Regulated Complaints Handling (CeRCH)
  • Regulated General Insurance (CeRGI)
By securing these advanced qualifications, CeMAP holders are able to differentiate themselves from other professionals in their sector and gain industry-recognised skills that are a mark of excellence and professionalism in the minds of employers and organisations.

How to start a career in Mortgage Advice

Professionals that study CeMAP qualifications have a view to becoming a Mortgage Advisor and the first key steps to achieving this goal involve acquiring the relevant qualifications. CeMAP is the industry benchmark in mortgage advice and is accredited by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA). You will need to have passed the CeMAP qualification that is recognised and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in order to legally provide mortgage advice. Find out how you can become a Mortgage AdvisorTo successfully complete the CeMAP certification, you will need to have passed the three modules comprising of 7 units. The CeMAP qualification can take you from 6 months to 2 years to complete, depending on your timeline for career success or the speed in which you choose to work. You can take the final CeMAP test in over 150 test centres situated around the UK, at any time that suits you. After you have completed your CeMAP certification and passed, you’re fully qualified to become a Mortgage Advisor. Some CeMAP holders go on to study the CeMAP Diploma or complete qualifications in CeRER, CeRCH and CeRGI. As well as securing a CeMAP qualification, there are a number of key personal characteristics and attributes that contribute to career success as a Mortgage Advisor, these include:
Mortgage Advisors need to have a passion for their job, which in turn, helps to provide reliable and expert advice to customers.
Attention to detail
It is important as a Mortgage Advisor to have cared for attention to detail. You will be responsible for accurately calculating how much a customer can be lent based on income, mortgage duration and the deposit amount, for example.
It is important to provide relevant advice to a client that is suitable to their needs. As a result, it is necessary to have the skills to adapt your advice to accommodate for specific needs.
Strong communication skills
Verbal, written and listening communication skills are essential as a mortgage advisor. You will be responsible for listening customers’ needs and expectations, and communicating mortgage advice as clearly and coherently as you can to ensure the customer fully understands.
Organisation skills
Mortgage Advisors deal with more than one customer at any one time, therefore it is helpful to be organised and professional in both email communications and confidential documents to be prepared at all times.
Awarding Bodies
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