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RESILIA - Cyber Resilience Best Practise Solutions

A suite of tools and training designed to help you achieve global best practice in cyber security.

RESILIA - Cyber Resilience Best Practise Solutions

What is RESILIA?

RESILIA provides a management system and framework for organisations to adopt cyber resilience best practice. RESILIA will teach individuals to learn how to effectively prevent, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. Adopted in the private, public and voluntary sectors, it has provided IT professionals with a best practice framework for managing resilience, and other staff members with the skills and behaviours they need to adopt to make the right decisions when faced with a cyber risk.

Built using the ITIL® lifecycle, organizations can fully maximize their existing investment in IT service management and build on a common business language to add Cyber Resilience as a capability layer on top of existing IT and business operations, security, incident management and risk functions.


According the IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index report, 95% of security incidents are down to human error. RESILIA will provide best practice guidance that can be easily adopted and integrated into existing processes that every employee can follow, it will also assist in defining what good cyber resilience looks like and how it will support business strategy.

Key Benefits of RESILIA

RESILIA offers key benefits to professionals in many business functions including IT, security, risk, HR, finance and operations, these include:

Build common language and collaboration: Miscommunication across departments can cause disruption, and if that is an issue in cyber security it can have serious consequences. RESILIA provides the framework to define, act on and embed the right processes for effective, cohesive cyber resilience.

Design and deliver cyber resilience initiatives: Have the depth of knowledge required to design and deliver cyber resilience initiatives across both IT and business services.

Become part of a global community: The global community of cyber resilience professionals is growing. You will become part of this flourishing group as part of the global recognition that RESILIA offers.

Opportunities with a RESILIA qualification

A RESILIA qualification is ideal for anyone who wishes to adopt cyber resilience best practice to effectively prevent, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. This could be in many departments of a business including IT, security, risk, compliance, HR, finance, operations and marketing.

RESILIA Qualification

Job Prospect

Salary Range

RESILIA Foundation

IT Support Technician, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst

£35,000 - £41,000

RESILIA Practitioner

IT Security Architect, Risk Manager, IT Operations Manager

£56,000 - £65,000

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