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Digital Marketing Institute

About Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is responsible for setting the global standard in digital marketing certifications. As an awarding body, DMI has certified over 55,000 graduates globally through its expert and expansive marketing and selling qualification portfolio.

The Digital Marketing Institute is proud to be responsible for certifying the highest number of professionals trained to a single digital education standard across 115 countries. Not only does DMI help novice individuals to become digitally certified, but it also works with businesses to up-skill their employees.

DMI aims to transform organisations and equip them with digitally skilled employees whilst simultaneously improving staff retention. Businesses can benefit from:

  • Learning from a digital leader
  • Industry-leading training content reviewed by the DMI's Industry Advisory Council
  • Working with DMI to undergo digital transformation
  • Gain internal marketing support

The organisation accredits an array of digital marketing qualifications which accommodates for individuals or professionals at varying levels of abilities.


As a student, you can expect to enjoy several key benefits when you study a Digital Marketing Institute course. These include:

Accessing the global standard for digital marketing - The DMI is responsible for setting the gold standard in digital marketing qualifications globally. Digital Marketing Institute courses are taught in over 80 countries worldwide and have been responsible for certifying over 18,000 individuals.

Flexible study options - DMI certified courses offer flexible study options, meaning that learners have full control over their academic success. You can study when you want to and from any location suitable for you. With e-Careers you will also benefit from 24/7 access to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, and interactive quizzes.

Industry-validated syllabus - All Digital Marketing Institute courses have been reviewed by the Syllabus Advisory Council and their content is designed and developed around key industry stakeholders. You can be assured you will complete your course with valuable digital marketing knowledge and skills.

Internationally recognised accreditation - As an accredited qualification holder you can expect to receive an industry-recognised and globally respected qualification, which will help you excel in your chosen career path.

Tap into the knowledge of leading digital experts - DMI courses are designed and delivered by expert experienced practitioners who work within core digital specialisms. Benefit from their expertise with DMI.

What's new

  •    8 New soft skills including “The Art of Persuasion”
  •    Improved UX and supporting content library
  •    Interactive practical exercises to test your new skills
  •    All the latest digital platforms covered, including Tik-Tok
  •    Added platform walkthroughs
  •    Additional B2B marketing content learning
  •    Included in your member subscription is all future upgrades of the course once you’ve passed
  •    Plus much, much more!

Career opportunities

Digital Marketing Institute qualifications are globally recognised by professionals within the marketing sector. A DMI qualification holder is considered to have received thorough training to the industry’s highest standard.

The DMI only accredits courses which are fully up to date with key skills and industry relevant knowledge. Students and holders of these certifications are well equipped with the knowledge and skills required to embark upon a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing knowledge is highly valued by employers. After successfully completing a DMI course you can expect to be equipped with the skills and knowledge you require to forge a successful career in digital marketing.

Arguably, there is no better time to cut your teeth in the world of digital marketing. There are ample opportunities within a variety of sectors and a DMI course will undoubtedly give you the edge on other job applicants. With advances in technology driving the demand for experienced digital professionals, there has never been a better time to kickstart your digital marketing career.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to advance your knowledge of digital marketing areas, a DMI certification on your CV will certainly open opportunities for career advancement. There are opportunities for digital marketing professionals across every industry meaning that demand for DMI-qualified professionals is typically very high.

Applying yourself to learning new skills or building on your existing skillset can be hugely beneficial for your career in marketing. With a DMI qualification, you'll be able to develop your knowledge of digital marketing which will undoubtedly serve you well in your career. Whether you want to specialise in an area like digital strategy or gain a knowledge of fields like social media marketing, DMI will get you where you want to be.

If you are already employed within a digital marketing role, there are a wide variety of DMI courses that will help you to find a upskill, find a new job or gain the specialist knowledge required for promotion.

Which certification?

As a DMI qualification holder, you can expect to be taught the latest digital know-how to ensure you’re fully ready to launch your digital marketing career the moment you finish your studies.

Here are the Digital Marketing Institute certifications currently offered via e-Careers:

How to get certified

Please speak to one of our Course Consultants on +44(0) 20 3198 7700, who will be happy to provide impartial guidance on which course, career path would be most suitable for you.

We look forward to welcoming you as you build an exciting career in Digital Marketing, our Digital Marketing Institute courses!